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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Y'all.  I have so many things to post about and no time!  So, today you get something quick (although quick in blogger terms still means over an hour of writing, photographing, and editing!).

Literally for almost 2 years I've been looking on Craig's List for a matching set of nightstands.  But not just nightstands, I wanted a bit more bulk of something like a small dresser.  I've told you before that something like this would be my dream find, but to find those on Craig's List in Oklahoma would be a miracle.  

Last night around 8 my sister texted me "Check your e-mail...matching dressers on CL." So I immediately did and made a call to the seller to inquire.  Everything sounded good, so by 8:30 I was in the truck headed 30 minutes across town to check them out.  Ray stayed home to get the kids to bed, and especially since it was night I was a little unsure of going by myself.  Thankfully my sister was home and agreed to go with me.  And as usual, we had nothing to worry about, they were the nicest people!

Here's what we came home with (x2)-

(Ha!  Just noticed in the pic that one pull is upside down.  Wonder if it's always been like that?)

I know...they're dated....Early American...not a pretty finish...but they'll be REALLY good with paint, new hardware, and maybe a little bit of re-styling the shape.  Not sure what the plan will be yet, but I just know they'll be good!  If you've done or seen any great facelifts on a piece like these, please feel free to link away in the comments!

They're right at 30" tall and 30" wide, so the size will be perfect, and there's lots of great storage.  The ironic thing is that I just saw pretty much this EXACT pair two weeks ago, very cheap but not in the best condition, once again late on a Sunday night and 45 minutes on the total opposite side of town, and by the time I could schedule a showing they were sold.  So unusual that these hardly ever are listed and there were 2 identical pairs in two weeks!  It was a blessing that I missed out on those, though.  The ones I purchased were a little more expensive, but in much better condition.

I'm itching to start working on my bedroom (haven't I been saying that for months?) but am determined to finish up some other projects first.  

Here's my Craig's List tip for the day...

If you go to look at something, always ask if they're selling anything else!  My chests were in a huge storage type garage full of stuff, so we asked and they proceeded to show us lots of other things.  My sister bought something for her boyfriend and I dug through a box of old pictures that were fantastic.  Want to see what I got for $5 each?

There was a pair of these-

I love the frames and the mat is almost a straw like texture.  They're a great size-about 2 feet tall.  Although pretty, the needlepoint will probably go and the color of the frame will get an update.

I debated about this one but the colors are bright and it was just way too sweet to pass up-

It says "His Guardian Angel" on the bottom with a copyright date of 1943 and will be added to my collection in the laundry room.

I almost didn't take this but am glad I did-

It's begging to be a fun color. The opening is 9x11" and we think maybe it had a clock face in it at one time.  I'm thinking maybe it needs a mirror?

Anyway, my project list just got a little bit longer, but I've been looking for this furniture for so long and I'm thrilled!  Although it's not exactly what I wanted, the price was right and if I ever come across something better I don't think I'll have any problem re-selling.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Great finds! Can't wait to see what you do!

  2. Nice score, Jennifer! The nightstands will be great for storage and I can only imagine how fabulous they will be after you are done with them!

  3. SCORE!!! Can't wait to see what beautiful things you do with them. I am COMPLETELY wishing I had half hazardly come across that "mirror"...that's what I thought it should be upon first seeing it too. Guess that's what it needs to be also! ;)Cheers!

  4. ooh yes with some paint and love those little dressers will be perfect! can't wait to see the transformation!

  5. Can't wait to see you work your magic. Great finds!

  6. I love the tables...they are going to be fabulous! Great idea to ask about if they are selling other things. :)

  7. Twins of anything are always a score. Such fun to work on!

  8. You don't even know how long I have been looking for matching dressers, not nightstands, for our bedroom as end tables. I want to get as lucky as you. It drives me insane when people sell stuff as a set too. I once found beautiful matching baker dressers at an auction and someone outbid me. I was so mad ;)
    Can't wait to see what you'll do with them.

  9. Jennifer, we always buy a Batchelor's Chest instead of a night stand for our children's rooms. We bought Stanley brand furniture for each of them years ago (before I wised up to the savings and fun of recycling/repainting second hand furniture!). But anyhoooo, when we furnished our 3 children's bedrooms, we found that the price of the matching Batchelor's Chest was usually only nominally more the price of the traditional night stand, yet the chest has 3 good-sized drawers, so it provides so much more storage. We use them beside the bed with a lamp and clock atop them, and they take up only marginally more space than a regular nightstand.

    I love doing using the chest in place of a nightstand! You are so talented and I love your sense of style! Also, google around for ways people have made over those 3-drawer pine chests from Ikea. You might find some looks that you would want to adopt for your 2 new chests

  10. You really lucked out! I would prefer something like that too...more bulk and more storage. :)

    They will be gorgeous when you finish them ~ can't wait for the reveal!


  11. Yay! I know how long you've been waiting and these will be perfect! You owe your sister a Starbucks! All the detail on that last piece is so unique! FUN!!

  12. Nice haul. I'm a Craig's List wanna-be ;) I look around but can't muster up the courage to buy or sell. Same with ebay ...never done it. SMH


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