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Monday, May 13, 2013


Last Monday I showed you the easiest way ever to clean your stove, and today I have another quick cleaning tip for you.  I've had my kitchen rugs for about 6 months now, and although they're easy to vacuum to keep the crumbs at bay, there were drips and spills here and there that needed some attention.

So, I loaded up the rugs and headed to the car wash!  And yes, I felt ridiculous standing in the wash bay taking photos of my rugs...all for you guys! 

After a few minutes and $1 in quarters, the rugs were all clean.  I rolled them up and put them in a large leaf trash bag so they wouldn't drip all over my car, then threw them over the fence for the afternoon to dry out.  I'm sure I could have just hung them on the fence in the first place and used the hose, but I liked the thought of the high-pressure sprayer at the car wash.

All ready to go again!

I hope you had a great weekend.  We are down to 8 days of school left and racing towards the finish line with loads of activities along the way, and more projects than ever to work on!

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  1. Only 8 days of school left??? Oh my gosh. We go until the end of June thanks to all the snow days that added on to the end of the year!
    I still love your rugs, made even better by the fact that they can be sprayed down to clean! Perfect for a kitchen!

  2. Your rugs look great! I actually have indoor/outdoor rugs in my family room and dining room. I love with pets and kids they can be easily cleaned, and you can definitely get a super large rug for half the price of a normal indoor rug. :)

  3. Great tip. I have a couple that need cleaning. Hugs, Marty

  4. Great tip! We have a power washer and my jute rug in the family room was on the spring cleaning list. :) We're not far behind for the end of school...yay!

  5. I love it! Smart taking them to the car wash. Great advice :) xo Kristin

  6. Great idea! I really do love those rugs ~ :)


  7. LOL, I love it! This is perfect for me because I have indoor outdoor rugs everywhere in my house. I don't know if you saw that I have those exact rugs as my living room area rug ;)

  8. Love the idea of the rugs and cleaning! That song "carwash" comes to mind.

  9. I have an outdoor rug in my laundry as this is the walkway out to the backyard so tends to get a bit grubby from everyones shoes. Like you I love that you can wash them clean again! Nice kitchen by the way :)

  10. Thanks for sharing your tip - I will have to try it out! Found you at 52 Mantels :)


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