October 2012 - Dimples and Tangles


Like most Pinterest addicts users, I have more things pinned than I will ever cook or make or do.  Still, it's fun to look through such great images and glean ideas here and there.  I'm so happy to be participating in the Pinterest Challenge Project today. 

I've had the following image pinned for a while. 

                                                                          Source: athoughtfulplaceblog.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

I pinned from A Thoughtful Place, but I believe the original source is an Etsy shop.  I liked the idea of using an oversized backing to bulk up a regular sized picture.  My thought when pinning was that I could use a canvas or board, paint a fun pattern on it, and affix another framed picture on the front of it.

I've also long admired the large silhouettes in this dining room that I showed you yesterday:

                                                             Source: hollymathisinteriors.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

So, my plan was to combine these two into my own custom artwork.

I've had the supplies and the idea for this project for about two months, so I was happy for the Pinterest Challenge to get on it and get it done!  I considered using a canvas, but wanted a specific size for my backing board and of course the canvas didn't come in the size I needed.  While shopping in Dallas with my sister, we ducked into a Habitat for Humanity and they had stacks of plywood squares, just larger than the size I wanted, for $3 each.  Score!  They trimmed them to size for me at Home Depot (for free).  I wanted to use a 16x20" frame for my top picture with a symmetrical border all the way around, so I had my boards cut to 26x30".

Here's the run-down of how I put them together.

I planned to do a lattice print stencil like my pinned image, but after the first round...yuck!  It did not come out well and I didn't have the patience to re-do.  So, on with plan B (made up as I went along!)

I decided to go with a bold black and white stripe pattern.  If I had planned that from the beginning, I probably would have taped off the stripes and painted them.  But, since I was already at this point I ran to Hobby Lobby and picked up some 2" wide grosgrain ribbon to make the stripes. Quick and easy.

To make the silhouette, I took photographs of the kids in front of a window, and then played with the contrast until they were dark.  After cutting out, I traced the head onto black posterboard.  After I decided which way I wanted the heads to point, I actually flipped them over and traced them backwards.  This helped avoid any stray pencil marks on the finished head. Then, turn them back over so they are facing the direction you want.  I mounted the heads with scrapbooking photo splits on a piece of white posterboard cut to size. 

I purchased basic metal portrait frames with glass on sale at Hobby Lobby, and spray painted the frame gold.  The frame had these handy little brackets on the back, so I put a nail right into the plywood and hung the silhouette.  By the way, I used a sawtooth hanger in the top corners of each piece of plywood to hang it to the wall.

Total cost for supplies: about $34 ($17 each)
It's difficult to tell in the photos, but these are quite large so I think that's a pretty good deal for custom artwork.

I will eventually hang these in the hallway leading to my Wall of Mirrors, but since I have a big blank wall in the dining room, I hung them there for now until I find a china cabinet to place in that spot.

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Two years ago I realized I had never had a silhouette of my kids made.  I admired Nester's and followed her link to the silhouette artist that she used and recommended.  

After visiting with her through her website (she's not local for me), I sent  Lena Bengtson a couple of profile photos of my kids with a few special instructions that I wanted included in the silhouette.  A short time later I received my silhouettes, framed them, and have enjoyed them every day since.  They are not super cheap, but I think are a very fair investment considering the effort and artistry that go into making them, and I'm considering mine an heirloom!

Her precision cuts and attention to detail are remarkable.  I love the eyelashes and details with the hair.

Maybe if you had an eagle eye you've noticed them in my home:

I wish I had done this when my kids were little bitty, those baby silhouettes are precious!

I'm working to finish up a project for the Pinterest Challenge Link Party tomorrow, and I've had silhouettes on my mind.  Here are some fun images of silhouettes incorporated into the decor:

Nesting Place

Holly Mathis Interiors

Holly Mathis Interiors

                                                                                    Source: dreamdesignlive.com via Limor on Pinterest

Gibson Lane Studio

Country Living

Traditional Home

And, appropriate for the season-


Alright, I'm off to the dentist and then finishing up my project!



I did it!

Well, almost!


They've come together well so far, but the back is the part I've been the most nervous about.  It will be a panel that will cover edge to edge, with cording around it.  I'm working away, and off to find a few tutorials to help me with this part.  Anyone reading have any advice?

(If you need a reminder, here is the plan for the dining room.  I'll update you on where I am as soon as the chairs are finished!)

And, I wanted to wish a very Happy Birthday to my Dad today!

Almost everything I've learned about anything DIY related I've learned from him.  He is the perfect example of a life lived with kindness, discipline, patience, a calm spirit, hard work, and a solid devotion to the Lord. 

Happy Birthday, Dad. I love you.  We're ready to party tonight!


Yesterday I finally got around to making our porch a bit more ready for Fall. 

A few nights ago my sister came over and we had a pumpkin painting party.  Are you surprised that mine are black and white?

I kept one pumpkin orange for a shot of color, and added a fun monogram.


Using the same method I showed you last year, I used woodens skewers and crab apples to ring a pot of mums.


My side porch got a few mums and painted pumpkins, also.  The kids made the small ones at Kids' Safety Day at Home Depot a few weeks ago.

This pumpkin was super quick...spray painted gold then I used straight pins to stick on large paillette sequins.

So that's it!  Simple this year, but enough to feel festive!  I hope you have such a happy weekend.  We don't have many definite plans, but I'm working on a big project I can't wait to finish.  Here's hoping it's smooth sailing!



A few weeks ago when I put out my fall decorations, I didn't have a spot for all of the succulents that I planted earlier in the summer.  Then, I came across this project:


Ashley of Sugar & Cloth used copper pipe caps for these darling little planters.  Well, you can bet I wanted to do that too, especially with the colors working so well for fall.

After searching around town a bit, I discovered I needed to revise my plan for 2 reasons:
1. I couldn't find them!  I didn't see anything at Lowe's, and Home Depot had a copper cap but it was only about 1" in diameter...way too small for the size of my plants.  And for one that size,
2. Copper is expensive! I wanted 5-6, and for the larger sizes it would really add up.  The tiny one was around $4 at Home Depot.  The HD associate suggested checking at a local specialty plumbing store, but I knew that would really be getting into the big bucks! 

So, while walking around Lowe's, I thought I would just get some pvc plastic caps and use copper Rub & Buff or spray paint on them.  Then, I thought if I was going to do that, then I probably had things around the house that I could use.

After a quick hunt, here's what I came up with:
2 thrifted silver cup/bowls?--probably less than $1
Cans from mixed nuts, mushrooms, and corn

I liked the mushroom can the best because it didn't have the ridges along the sides that shout "I'm a spray painted can!".  I used the corn can anyway because I liked the size...and the ridges did end up adding an interesting little bit of texture. (Be careful of sharp edges if you are working with cans!) 

With my 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon, this came out to around $4, and I have most of the can left for another project.  So, for around a dollar or two, I got 5 little faux copper planters...less than what it would have cost for a teeny-tiny real copper one. 

And here's how the little cuties turned out...

Just right for adding a bit of fall to my kitchen table!

These would also be so cute filled with little pansies, or if you use some larger containers mums or cabbage.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Infinitely more important than anything I'll ever write about here, please say a little prayer for this precious boy today, and whenever he comes to your mind in the future.

His name is Xander and he's been heroically fighting cancer since he was a baby.  He is beginning yet another round of countless treatments today, where he will have a bone marrow biopsy before later undergoing a stem cell transplant with cells harvested from his mother.  These sweet people are long time friends and I'm amazed at their unwavering faith and courage in the face of mind-numbing fear all of these years.  There are lots more details that I'll never understand, but I'm asking our Father for wisdom for the family and doctors, courage, His will to be done with regards to Xander's healing, and stability for the family and brothers and sisters as Xander is out of town and family is back and forth for an extended time for this treatment.   Thank you for joining me in lifting up this precious, brave boy!

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You all know that  bedrooms are on my brain right now. Yesterday I linked up a couple of projects at Cottage and Vine, and in the process got totally distracted by this gorgeous guest bedroom at Dixie Delights:

Dixie Delights
And while I was there, my distraction continued as I toured this site for a while looking at her lovely home.  

Although we're not big celebrators when it comes to Halloween, I do like to do a few fun things for the kids.  I came across these festive and easy eats while I was perusing Dixie Delights:

Spooky Worm Supper
Dixie Delights

Ghost Pizza
Dixie Delights

After searching the web for a bit, here are a few more things that would be fun to make together:

Ghost Pancakes
Gourmet Mom on the Go

My kids love deviled eggs and olives, so I suspect they would gobble these up!

                                                                      Source: google.nl via ♥♥♥ Y.O.L.O.!! ♥♥♥ Remember! ♥♥♥ on Pinterest

Spooky Eyeball Tacos

 Tentacle Pot Pies (could easily adapt into a spider)

Mummy Crescents are a classic...
Our Best Bites

Spooky Spider Crackers

And, my sweet teaching partner that I worked with for 4 years sent me this on my FB page-Thanks Joyce!
Hun...What's for Dinner?

I think these will be right up my kids' alley this month!  What are your favorite spooky treats?

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