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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spring Luncheon {Stage and Table Decoration Ideas}

A few weeks ago the Women's Ministry at my church organized our annual Spring Luncheon.  The theme was "Wildflowers and Whimsy" and I was asked to head up the decorations for the stage.  This is the first year that we have held the luncheon in our gym, so we had lots of room to move around, but aesthetically,'s a gym!  We did the best we could with what we had to work with.

The committee offered me a bit of money for decorations, and I spent it on the ferns and hanging flower baskets, which we gave away as door prizes.  The black urns filled with geraniums were brought from my house to use for the day (I wasn't giving those away!)   :)  

If you've been around this blog for long, you'll start to catch on to some of my tricks!  I like to use what I already have and transfer many items from my home into whatever event I'm decorating for.  You'll recognize my patio table,  some of the place settings and flower pom picks from one of my Easter tables, and hanging pom poms made just like those in my daughter's room. I pulled the pillows out of my living room to add a pop to the chairs, which were really just blending in to the black background curtain.

The stage was already set up for one of our worship services that would be held in here the next morning, so I had to work around a bit of equipment and the drum set.  Hence, the wildflower mural!  I taped several sheets of butcher paper together and painted away.  I was going for a semi-impressionist wildflower look, but eh, well, it is what it is.  It served it's purpose of disguising the drums.

Ladies volunteer to decorate and host a table for the event, and this year I believe we had close to 30 tables.  The variety was amazing!  You're about to get an overload of photos, but I wanted to share lots of ideas with you if you're ever needing tablescape inspiration.  Actually, I'm only sharing about half of them.  Just couldn't get them all in!  I'll keep the comments to a minimum and just let you observe for yourself.

My favorite thing of the day-The mirrored centerpiece is actually a wall mirror from Hobby Lobby!  I think I really need one of those!  And how cute are the balloon flowers?

Each hostess is to include place cards and a favor for each guest.  I loved this one, a metal bucket filled with Pottery Barn ceramic flower measuring spoons and a dip mix.  Oh, and those napkin rings are to die for!  I'm not sure if she purchased those, but they would be a very simple DIY. 

Each seat at this table had it's own set of butterfly wings!

The fun!

Oops!  How'd that get in there?

I like the mix of the natural mats and the burlap placemats here.  The floral runner and centerpiece are sweet too!

My friend that did this table actually had help with her color scheme and selections from Mary Carol Garrity of Kansas City's Nell Hill's fame.  Do you know Nell Hills?  Oh my.  All of that goodness is a post for another day.

My friend that did this table is a MASTER seamstress!  Her sewing machine probably cost more than a car :).  She made these adorable slipcovers for the chair backs, and I believe those are quilted placemats in the photo above.  And heart shaped biscuits.  Bet those were good. 

I forgot to photograph this table until after the luncheon, so you're missing the full scene, but isn't the milk glass and black and yellow stunning?  She's been collecting for a while from thrift stores and garage sales.    

Whew!  You win the gold star!  You made it to the end!  I love the women of our church so much.  It's so interesting to see a little of each one's personality reflected in their table setting.  

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Wow! Judging from all of those gorgeous tables I'd bet you have a church full of creative and fun women. You did a wonderful job on your set too, especially since you had so many things you had to leave in place and work around. It's beautiful!

  2. Love, love, love when you post your church event ideas and hope you can post more of the tablescapes! Everyone did a beautiful job. I really like that everything is not matchy, matchy and it allows everyone's creative juices to flow!

  3. Wow, what an amazing even! I would have never known it was a gym, fabulous job disguising it! What creative ladies, love the inspiring collection of table ideas!

  4. What inspiring tablescapes and such a great event! I love that different people did the tables and provided a favor - how fun. I want to run an event like this! So many lovely ideas - thanks for sharing!

  5. What a bunch of great inspiration. It's always a challenge to try to work with the church backdrops, whether it's a gym or not! I love the flowers you painted! they are gorgeous. I think I'm going to have to borrow that idea for future events held at our church!

  6. Well, I'm still drooling from the desserts! :-) This looks like such a beautiful and fun event. You certainly are talented as far as thinking outside the box...covering the drums, etc. I love all the different looks ~ fun to see!


  7. So much creativity in one post...from you AND the hostesses of the tables that you featured! Thanks so much for sharing those fun pictures.

  8. That had to have been a lot of post all those pics! Lol. Oh, yeah..and to decorate to begin with so you could post them for our viewing pleasure. That was so miuch fun to look at! Our church does something similar (but I think your ladies topped ours. I should show them these pics...hahaha.)

    You are a trooper for lending 1/2 your house every time (ha!), but a great way to be a good steward. I love that you bought the ferns/hanging baskets and then gave them away. So nice and great idea...again, great stewardship. 2-in-1 purpose.

    Thanks for sharing! And yes, I "need" one of those Hobby Lobby mirrors, too. If only I had one near me. :(

  9. Oh...I laughed at that dessert pic. "How'd that get in there?" LOL. You're funny.

  10. Love all these photos. We do the same thing for our annual Christmas banquet at church and it's so much fun to see everyone's styles come out in decorating a table.

  11. I totally enjoyed the pictures. I am looking of ways to decorate for Mother's Day and you have given me some ideas to use. I appreciate you taking the time to share these with us.


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