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Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Commoner's Castle and DIY Balloon Weights

I am so honored to be guest posting today at Lauren's fabulous blog, A Commoner's Castle.  She is celebrating one year of blogging and has completed some awesome projects.  Check out this adorable monogrammed cornice box that she made for her daughter's room. 

I'm sharing a cheap, easy fix for tired lamp shades over at Lauren's place today.  Go visit her and look around a bit, I know you'll find something you like.  Thank you Lauren for inviting me to share my very first guest post, and I looking forward to seeing many more great projects from you in the future!

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I had a post *almost* all ready to go Tuesday evening and then had computer difficulties...grrr!  Then, Wednesday was a blur of last day of school activities.  Oh well, I'll save that post for another day.  Today I just wanted to tag on a quick little project.

First of all, this is why I had this little project:
We have a graduate of fifth grade!

And guess who was responsible for decorating for the ceremony?

I decided to go simple and fun, just right for an elementary graduation.  I recruited 2 friends who are pros at making these fabulous balloon arches and then filled the rest of the space with balloon bouquets.   

 All 185(ish) graduates!

I had 2 long lengths of this geometric fabric that I brought up last minute to cover that background board.  It was with the remnants at Hancock's, and I found two pieces at two different stores to make a little over 6 yards.  Don't be surprised if you see this somewhere else in the future!  (hint, hint!)

Here's where my quick little project comes in.  (Picture quality isn't great, I was doing this late at night in the garage.)  Trying to keep costs down, I made some weights to anchor the helium balloons.  You can purchase these for $1.29 each at Hobby Lobby or even at Dollar Tree, but I wanted a bunch and that one dollar each would have added up fast. 

Supplies:  1 small bag quikrete concrete mix ($1.80)
1 box jumbo paperclips ($1.00-Dollar Tree)
Plastic (solo-type) cups ($1.00-Dollar Tree) Paper cups work well also.
old mixing tub, stir stick, and water

Follow directions on the package to mix.  Insert paper clips so that you have a good portion of an end sticking out the top, you will secure your balloon ribbon to this.  

After dry, tear cups away.

I used some scrap burlap to wrap around them, and secured it with small hair rubber-bands (you want to still be able to easily get down in to the fabric to reach the paper clip hook).  One batch of mine ended up a bit too dry and crumbly, you want it pretty wet when you mix it.  But, they turned out fine when they dried. 

I ended up with 24 weights for under $4, and now I'll have them on hand for future events.

We also put together our end of the year teacher gifts, which you may have seen floating around on Pinterest.  The teachers loved them!

Bundle includes MS Living Magazine, insulated cup (I bought the 6-pack from Sam's and we have a few to keep for ourselves) filled with instant lemonade packs , a new beach towel, chocolate, a small tube of sunscreen, a thank you note from each child, and instructions to relax this summer!

Whew!  We had a huge race to the finish line for the end of the school year.  
The kids have requested a pj/movie day today for the first day of summer vacation, and I happily obliged.  

Head on over to visit Lauren here.

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  1. The teacher gifts look great! I was thinking about doing something with the insulated cups too, but I just ended up with that I am so fortunate to have had you as my teacher in a cute take out box with fortune cookies. I suppose I procrastinated on that one. Thanks so much for sharing your great post today! I think today's schedule may just have to include painting lampshades! hugs! lauren

  2. You are a rockstar mom...and I'm really not even sure how that expression got started...just know I totally mean you're amazing. :)

    What don't you do? I hope your children appreciate all you do for them. And I think you should have made one of those cute "relax packs" for yourself. Lol. Those are such a fun idea!

    Off to check your guest post...and I think I need you over at my blog sometime...when you're done relaxing. Lol.
    My kids get out June 8th...but I've had so many of them home so much due to illness that I'm seriously running out of "ME" days. They all finally went back today. So much to do, so little time! Know what I mean? I think you do. ;)

  3. Genius idea to make your own and you know you'll get a LOT more use out of them! :) Whew, you have been a busy girl, I'm sure the kids loved the festive decor! Hope you're still lounging in your pjs, too!

  4. You are so creative! I love the lampshades...always love black accents. You did a fabulous job with the graduation decor and who would ever think to make those weights the way you did? Your mind must be in overdrive ~ :-) I know your kids are so appreciative too.

    I hope you've enjoyed your PJ day and resting ~ always good for the soul.
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


  5. Cute decorations, & I love the teacher gifts! I'm sure they greatly appreciated them.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get the PW Cookbook!

  6. amazing idea, just made mine, using the birthday theme cups and they look amazing.

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