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Monday, January 23, 2012

Life's A Trip! {Church and Stage Decorating Ideas}

Our annual Women's Retreat took place over the weekend and I was responsible for coordinating the decorations.  The theme was "Life's A Trip!"  I was thankful for lots of help to pull everything together and here are some photos of how everything turned out.  

We met in the Fellowship Hall for our meals (yum!) and we had 32 (!) round tables set with centerpieces of maps, globes, and travel cases stuffed with travel brochures.  

A friend was responsible for the dessert bar we had on Friday evening, and I wanted to show you how cute it turned out.

Gracia Burnham was our speaker.  You may remember her in the news about 10 years ago.  She and her husband, Martin, were American missionaries in the Philippines.  While celebrating their 18th anniversary at a resort, they were captured and taken hostage by the Abu Sayyaf Group, who were a militant group of Muslims.  They were constantly on the move, endured many gun battles, and after a year of being held her husband was killed in a gun battle in which she was injured but freed.  Her story is an amazing testimony of encouragement, hope, trust in the Lord, and truly understanding what it means to love your enemies.

I am thankful for a wonderful church who cares about fostering spiritual growth for women and the talented, hard working group of ladies who organized this event.  
Fantastic job, ladies!

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  1. SO FUN!!! I bet they about died when they walked in and saw everything! Where did you get all the old suitcases? The bike looks awfully shiny!:) You definitely have a gift, girl!

  2. It looks great Jennifer. It was clever how you not only used the neat vintage luggage, but different articles that one might take on their trip. I know you were doubled blessed by creating this scene for the ladies. May God continue to use you and inspire you for His honor and glory. I would love to take a trip with you anytime. I love you. Mom

  3. Your decorating is amazing! I love everything from the balloons to the hairdyer coming out of the suitcase! Awesome awesome!

  4. This is amazing! What a great set-up...and even better the reason it was set up! I think our church needs to spice things up a little. Some great ideas here! Thanks for sharing!

    (The fruit on the luggage was adorable!)

    (And yes, I'm playing blog-catch-up. Lol.)


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