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Thursday, January 19, 2012

1 Down, 3 To Go

I have TONS of storage in this house, and every bit of it is bulging.  It's ridiculous!  I'm on a mission to clean up and clean out-starting with this closet:

I can't believe I'm showing you this.  Once at a party a guest opened this door by mistake thinking it was the powder room.  Horror of horrors!

It's the dumping ground...the place everything gets shoved when I don't have a spot for it.  I usually have to clean it out twice a year just to remember what's in there.  

And...after working only a little over an hour.  The anticipation and dread with these kinds of jobs is always so much worse than just doing it!

It's not a perfectly staged beauty shot with matching storage baskets labeled with chalkboard tags, but it's clean. And organized.

For now.  Here's hoping it will stay that way for a while.  

These tubs work beautifully for deep shelving.  They are easy to slide in and out so I'm not having to dig around at the back when I'm searching for something.  

Oversized boxes from IKEA used to corral all of the "special" school papers.

I also wanted to show you this ribbon rack that my dad made for me years ago.  
It hangs behind the door and is SO handy!

Close-up: Just some dowels drilled in at the top and notches in the side to hold more dowels.  This would be fairly simple to DIY (but I'm so glad my dad did it for me!).

The best thing is all of the empty space.  I feel smothered when every space is crammed full and there is not an inch to spare.  Now there's room for those extra kleenex boxes, paper towels, and my purse! 

Have a great weekend-I'm out until Monday.  I'm spending today and tomorrow decorating at the church for our big Women's Retreat this weekend.  Will show photos next week!

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  1. Your closet story made me laugh. My husband has taken guests to the 'dumping room' in our basement before, I about died! Great job, and I'm envying the ribbon rack!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. It looks great, I can't imagine how good it fel to get it all organized. I love standing back and looking at an area that looks fabulous due to some new organization!

  3. Looks great! Good job. I think everyone has some sort of dumping ground...

  4. Oh that cracked me up! Years ago, somebody asked to go upstairs at a party and I asked them to please not, it was a mess. He said "maybe you should clean up when you have a party". Wow, totally convicted. So I hear least it was just a closet. :-) Looking good! Love an organized closet.

  5. It all looks so great!
    I love organizing things!
    Well not the process but the end result! ;)


  6. It looks great and perfectly organized. I love the piece your dad made.

  7. Seriously. Come to my house (in all your spare time). I have a few too many unorganized areas in my house, too. I really wish I were organized...or had time to be organized. REALLY organized. It's stressful not finding what you need when you "know it's in there somewhere!" Haha.

    I think you are awesome for sharing your embarassing pictures. Lol. (I laughed outloud when you said a guest opened the door.) Be embarassed no more! :)


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