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It's one of my favorite weeks of the year... another round of Blogger Stylin' Home Tours!  Many thanks to Lindsay at The White Buffalo Styling Co. for hosting this tour.  If you're coming over from Britt Kingery, welcome!



We arrived in NYC yesterday and are already having the best time!  I'd love to see you over on Instagram for some peeks at what we're up to.   Today I'm thrilled to have Rhoda from Southern Hospitality here to share her Favorite 5 with you.

I finally met Rhoda in person last month, and what you see is what you get!  She is the kindest, most down to earth, encouraging person and I'm privileged to call her my friend.   I've been following Rhoda for 7-8 years probably, and am always inspired by her projects, her journey, and her wisdom as a seasoned blogger.  She has had some challenges as well as triumphs in her life, and she has weathered it all with courage and grace and heart.  Enjoy getting to know Rhoda today!

* * * * * * *  

I'm so happy to be here with Jennifer today! I've been a big fan of Jennifer's style (and her heart) ever since I found her blog several years ago. In case you don't know me, let me tell you a little about me. I've been blogging at Southern Hospitality for almost 10 years now (yep, I'm a pioneer in this blogging niche) and still love talking about decorating and house stuff. It's just in my blood. I love seeing a house transformed into something beautiful.

 In fact, my own house has gone through a major transformation in the last 4 years. I'm a single lady, for now anyway, and 4 years ago bought my fixer-upper 1979 home that was in dire need of updating. It had never been touched. My 85 (at the time) year old dad helped me bring this house up to the 21st century with lots of paint, sweat, and elbow grease. It's been a very fun journey watching this ugly duckling house turn into a beautiful swan. She has come a long way, baby!

 So, I'm very excited to share with you my favorite 5 rooms and projects at my home. Keep in mind, my home is not big and fancy, but I've made it over to its fullest capacity with a lot of paint, DIY projects, and hard work! So, if you happen to have a fixer upper house, you may get some ideas from my house journey. Probably my first favorite transformation is my kitchen. I was definitely on a budget redoing this kitchen and I didn't have unlimited resources to spend, so I went with Ikea cabinets in here and still love them to this day. I'd do it all over again if I was doing another kitchen with a tight budget.

These rustic shelves are a fave of mine in the kitchen and you can see all the Before and After pics on that link above.

  fall tablescape026

My latest project just completed this summer is the gutting of my master bath. From one of those dated one piece tubs to a fully tiled shower, it's a dream bath for me now. Even though it's small, I feel like I'm on vacation now, in a fancy bathroom!

  black and white bathroom014

 One of the biggest transformations in my house was this dark and dank laundry room/mudroom space. On a concrete slab, it was the dreariest room in my house. I couldn't imagine doing laundry in here, but once we finished with it, it's one of my favorite renovations ever! And most of this was done with paint! I painted the concrete floor with porch and floor paint in gray and white stripes and it looks and feels wonderful now. That link has all the horrid before and the pretty after pics!


 My outdoor spaces are two fold for my #4 pick! A screened porch has always been on my wish list and I have one in this house. It was a wreck when I moved in here, but we fixed it up as good as new and it's where I spend a ton of time in the summer.

  screened porch 025_20150515

 Right outside, the newly finished patio space is extra special too!

  outdoor patio space with umbrella006

And rounding out #5, one of my favorite projects we've done in my house is building in these Ikea Billy bookcases. It made such a difference in my den space and added so much architectural appeal. I have several posts on how we finished these off to make them look built in.

  ballard chair and bookcases

So, that's a wrap on my favorite spaces and projects at my house! Thanks again, Jennifer, for having me over today, it's been a joy to guest post for you and I hope you'll all come over and visit me at Southern Hospitality! I talk about everything from decorating, DIY projects, recipes, fashion over 50, travel, and more. I believe in enjoying life to the fullest and being grateful for everything I have. God has blessed me so much and I love sharing that hope with others!

* * * * * * * * 

Oh my goodness, if I could just snap my fingers and transport that little corner with the pink chair to my house, I would do it in a heartbeat!  Thank you, Rhoda, for being here today!

Be sure to hop over and say hi to Rhoda at Southern Hospitality, and check out more of her fantastic DIY projects!

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Don't forget to check out the Blogger Stylin' Home Tours going on this week, I'll see you here tomorrow with part 2 of my tour!

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Hi friends, I hop you all enjoyed your weekend!  We were scrambling to clean house and do laundry and stock the pantry and write out kid instructions and pack and go to church and finish blog posts, because as this post goes live we're on our way to NYC!!!

I'll be attending the Better Homes and Gardens Stylemaker workshop on Thursday, but we're headed in early for several days to ourselves to enjoy the city.  While I'm gone I'm so happy to have a few friends visiting to participate in My Favorite Five this week.

Today I'd like for you to meet my friend Stephanie from Casa Watkins Living.  I've fallen in love with Stephanie's colorful, eclectic style, and I think you will too!  I was thrilled to meet Stephanie in person at a conference this summer, and spent a nice evening visiting with her over dinner.  Enjoy getting to know her today and reading about her smart DIY ideas and gorgeous styling.

* * * * * * * 

Hola! I'm Stephanie of Casa Watkins Living and I am so thrilled to be here at Dimples and Tangles today! I'm so honored to be invited to share my 5 Favorite posts with you all. I'm a firm believer of living a global, eclectic life as a whole. What does that mean? Well, I incorporate several worldly and cultural influences in my home, DIY projects, cooking, and other factors of life. When it comes to home decorating, Jennifer and I can't avoid incorporating lots of colors. So, here are my 5 Favorite post that also show my love of global flair and color. Enjoy and hope to see you around my casa!   

One of my biggest pleasures is remaking or repurposing items into something new. One of my favorite repurposing projects are these easy DIY copper wire wall mirrors and you're not going to believe what I used to make them! You probably already have this in your home or boxed up in your garage.
 Have you ever seen the different assortments of vase fillers? Would you believe that you can come up with several projects using just one box of vase filler? I came across a box of sea urchin vase filler at Target and made these adorable mini sea urchin succulent vases. I made two other different projects from them too!

   Make small sea urchin vases for airplants and faux succulents   

Sometimes the easiest projects can make the most impact. One of my favorite global patterns is African mudcloth. Most commonly seen in black and white, the patterns have jumped off textiles onto all sorts of decor accents. However, my DIY mudcloth lamp was a first of its kind and only requires this one item!

  DIY mud cloth lamp, plants, and global textiles   

When it comes to decorating for the season, I take the more non-traditional approach. I love mixing and matching cool colors with the traditional fall colors. Sometimes, I just like to create a unique mix of decor as a statement piece. I really love this medley of small speckled pumpkins and vintage napkin rings I recently shared for my fall home tour. It's pretty neutral colored, so I decided to make the centerpiece more colorful.


If I had to pick my ultimate favorite post, I would have to say it was my DIY Moroccan dessert plates. These plates were not just easy to make, but have held up to use so well! My guests just adore them and they are such a fun addition to my tablescapes.


Thanks again Jennifer for allowing me to share my favorite 5 posts! I hope you have all enjoyed them and to see you around my casa.  

* * * * * * * 

I always get lost in Stephanie's photos, they are so beautiful!  I know you'll want to see more, so be sure and hop over to Casa Watkins Living and tell Stephanie hi!  Thank you for being here today, Stephanie!

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Also, a quick note:  This Fall's Blogger Stylin' Home tours begin today over at The White Buffalo Styling Company.  Be sure to check out each day's tours, and I'll be sharing mine on Wednesday!

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Did you see Sarah's bathroom renovation?  Wowzers!!  Sarah, would you and David please come re-design my master bathroom???  And do all of the work?  ;)   (Please pin from original source.)

I've had fun working as part of the At Home Stores Inspiration Team for the past few months, and my friend Vel finally made her way to her local store.  She was surprised to see some of her favorite designer inspired mirrors that can be found for a fraction of the cost of the real deal!  See her mirror Look for Less pics at Life & Home at 2102.

Pretty instant art downloads from Cuckoo 4 Design's Etsy Shop-

Isn't this DIY pouf great?  Maggie was inspired by a pricier West Elm version.  You won't believe what she made it with! (Please pin from original source.)

Speaking of DIY, last night I just finished up my "new" bamboo hall table and stools. The covers on the caster wheels were so dark, I wasn't sure what color they originally were, but I thought I'd try polishing them and see what happened.  I used a scratch-free scrubbing pad, my favorite cleaner for brass, Bar Keeper's Friend (liquid or powder), and LOTS of elbow grease, and was happy to find shiny metal under there.  I'm not sure if it's brass, the color seems a little off for it to be, but I much prefer the polished wheels.   I've moved some things around in the living room and am anxious to show it to you this week.

Shiplap shiplap shiplap is all the buzz, but what if you don't care for shiplap?  A group of super creative bloggers posted loads of ideas for beautiful wall treatments that aren't shiplap this week.  If you're looking for something different, check out these posts!  Start at Rain on a Tin Roof, then Jenna has links to all 20 blogs participating at the bottom of her post.  (Please pin from original source.)

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!  I am scrambling like crazy to prepare to leave for NYC in less than 48 hours.  Thank you all for your great suggestions you left last week on what to do and where to eat.  Now, we may just be arranging our first ever Uber when we get there!  I have some new friends for you to meet while I'm gone, and I'll pop in on Wednesday with the part 2 of my Fall home tour.  See you soon, and you can follow along with our fun on Instagram and Instastories!

Some affiliate links used.  I may receive a small commission for products recommended at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting Dimples and Tangles to keep great content coming!

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I have partnered with At Home as a member of the At Home Inspiration Team for this sponsored post and am happy to share some of my favorite products with you!  All opinions are mine alone.

Now that we have a great outdoor dining area on our new patio, I thought it would be so fun to set up a Fall harvest tablescape outside.  I headed to my local At Home store for some seasonal inspiration, and I wasn't disappointed!



I'm noticing a trend lately that I can totally get on board with... green cabinetry.  I know that sage green and more muted tones have likely been popular for years, but I'm talking GREEN green.  My green.  Bold green.

While looking through this month's HGTV magazine, this kitchen stopped me in my tracks! I studied each detail and was SO drawn to that gorgeous green island.  Right then and there I got up and looked at my kitchen and wondered if I could do the same.

Sadly, I don't think it would work with my current kitchen countertops, but I've tucked this idea away for the future for sure.  I've been looking to replace my barstools, though, and those are certainly inspiring me!

Here's a peek of one corner of the kitchen via Style Me Pretty (photographed by Alyssa Rosenheck)- see the post for more photos and information on the design.

But, that's not the only place I'm seeing pretty green cabinets turn up.  My friend Emily has done a complete kitchen remodel, and do you see those green cabinets peeking out in the corner?  She hasn't posted a full reveal of the space yet, but I'm waiting with baited breath... hurry up, Emily!  :)

via Elle Decor (Cameron Diaz's Manhattan Apartment)

via Vogue

Kitchens aren't the only place green cabinets are turning up.  How gorgeous is this bathroom?  I give this color combo two thumbs up.

A variation that I'm also loving is a deep, rich, moody toned green.

Lindsay from The White Buffalo Styling Company just revealed her gorgeous new kitchen, full of lovely green/blue/gray cabinets, metallic and wood accents, and that stunning vintage runner.

Afraid of color on your cabinets?  I think the key in most of these photos is lots of light/white mixed in with a saturated dose of color.  An island is always a "safe" play to experiment with color, or like the photo above a bold color on a bathroom vanity could be a good jumping off point.

What do you think?  Would you/have you used a bold color (maybe green!) on any cabinets?

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Hi Friends!  Thank you all so much for your kind comments on the first part of my Fall Home Tour.  If you missed it, check it out here, and then go back to the beginning of the blog hop party for 29 more beautiful homes to be inspired by.

15 Secrets to Decorating Like a Pro- good tips to remember!  (Please pin from the original source.)

Planning to watch any football this weekend?  Or browse Pinterest while your people watch football?  Whip up this gooey, warm, yummy cream cheese dip to snack on and you'll be voted the MVP!!

We are meeting with a landscape consultant today and I'm so excited!  I got tired of planting and moving and re-planting when things didn't grow well, so I'm calling in an expert to give us some advice.  Other than keeping the lawn mowed, we have completely let the back yard go while we worked on the patio for the past year, so I'm ready to get things looking good!  I'll keep you posted on the plans, but I've had this image tucked away in my head as a jumping off point...  

via paigeminear on Instagram, I'd love the original source if anyone knows it!

Pretty sure this is going to be my weekend uniform once it cools off just a touch more!  (Hoodie looks like a slim fit in link photo, but is more of a regular cut.  I still sized up one for a loose, comfy weekend fit but my regular size would have been fine had I wanted a normal fit.)

(affiliate links)

This is probably my all time favorite girl's bedroom.  You must click over to see the incredible bathroom, closet, dressing room and vanity area that accompanies this room!  (Please pin from the original source.)

If you have 1 minute and a few common supplies, you can make these darling Mason jar organizers!  (Please pin from the original source.)

We are very close to heading to NYC for a week!  The only other time I've been was when this photo was taken 7 years ago, when we went to celebrate our 15th anniversary.  We did a lot of the tourist-y things then, but this time, other than seeing the 9/11 Memorial for sure, we're hoping to just wander and enjoy the city.   If you have any other recommendations for fun things to do or yummy restaurants, or even your favorite pizza joint, I'd love to hear them!  We're staying close to Union Station but will wander all over town, of course.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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Hello friends, I'm so glad you're here today!  I'm delighted to be a part of the 2016 Fall Home Tours hosted by Marty at A Stroll Thru Life.  If you're visiting from Setting for Four, welcome!  Didn't you enjoy Heather's tour?

If you're visiting for the first time today, let me introduce myself.  I'm Jennifer and I live in Edmond, Oklahoma, where my husband is a Baptist minister, and we have two teenagers, a son (dimples) and a daughter (tangles).  I adore bold color and mixing patterns, get excited about a great Craigslist score, and am not afraid to get my hands dirty with a DIY project.

It is still a bit early to be fully decked out for Fall, but I added some small touches around the house to usher in the season.  I wanted to keep things very simple yet interesting, so I focused on bringing in some cozy colors, accessories found in nature, texture, and mixed metals.

fall home tour



The litter box has been the thorn in my decorating side for years, and I can't believe I didn't come up with this idea to hide it sooner!  I told you about it a few weeks ago when I shared our freshly organized laundry room, but I today I wanted to share just how simple this little design challenge solution was.  

litter box cover, cat, hidden litter box, cat cave,

For this project, you only need a few supplies.  A small table that will fit over the litter box while still allowing room for the cat to move around, some fabric, hot glue, and depending on the finish you want, possibly paint.  

I have always admired this Moroccan style table that I found at At Home, and when this idea dawned on me I knew it would be the perfect piece for this project.  However, the colors available in the size I needed weren't right for the room, so I spray painted the table.  

Here's a quick run down of that process.  I always start by wiping down the piece I want to paint.  Believe it or not, baby wipes work well for this task!  Just let the piece dry for about 5 minutes after you've wiped it.  The original finish was very smooth and slick, so I used a primer this time to help the spray paint adhere well.  A couple of light coats are best, then when it's completely dry sand lightly with a fine grit (220 or higher) sand paper or sanding sponge, just to remove any grit the primer might have left.  Then, spray several light coats of your color.  It won't look good after your first coat... keep them light to avoid runs and drips.  I propped by table up a little so I could spray the top straight on rather than angling the paint down.  I feel like that gave a little more even coverage since sometimes it can be tricky for spray paint not to look blotchy.
 Primer  ||  Sanding Sponge  ||  Spray Paint  (affiliate links)

While that dried, I worked on the skirting for the table.  I only skirted 3 sides since the back would be against the wall, but on the front side I left an opening down the middle, so I cut 4 pieces to size.  I allowed a little extra on the top, bottom, and sides to hem the fabric, and I added some extra width because I wanted to put a few pleats in.

After hemming all four sides of each piece (you could use fusible hem tape if you don't sew), I added a couple of pleats and stitched those in across the top, which will be hidden by the apron on the table.

Then, I just hot glued each piece to the back side of the apron.  I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to attach the fabric because I thought I might need to wash is at some point, but I went ahead and glued for now.  If I find that I might need to wash it regularly, I thought about just hot gluing a few pieces of Velcro so the pieces can be removed easily.  So far so good, though, it's staying clean.

So, the sides are covered and there's a split down this front piece for the cats to come in and out of.  As I mentioned in the other post, they are in and out from under our bed through the bedskirt all the time, so I wasn't worried about them navigating their way through the fabric or it being "dark" inside... they have night vision!  I did clip the side panel back for the first few days we used it just so they could see how they were supposed to get in there, and they caught on like champs!

Side note- found this photo in the middle of the ones I was editing for this post and thought I'd share!  Visitors on our patio one night chowing down on bird seed... eek!

Have you ever tried to get a cat to pose in a certain spot?  You should have seen both kids and me behind the camera trying to get a decent shot... now THAT would have been a funny instagram story!

I know a litter box isn't the most glamorous topic and project to be blogging about, but this one sure has made me happy!

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