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Saturday, September 24, 2016


Did you see Sarah's bathroom renovation?  Wowzers!!  Sarah, would you and David please come re-design my master bathroom???  And do all of the work?  ;)   (Please pin from original source.)

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I've had fun working as part of the At Home Stores Inspiration Team for the past few months, and my friend Vel finally made her way to her local store.  She was surprised to see some of her favorite designer inspired mirrors that can be found for a fraction of the cost of the real deal!  See her mirror Look for Less pics at Life & Home at 2102.

Pretty instant art downloads from Cuckoo 4 Design's Etsy Shop-

Isn't this DIY pouf great?  Maggie was inspired by a pricier West Elm version.  You won't believe what she made it with! (Please pin from original source.)

Speaking of DIY, last night I just finished up my "new" bamboo hall table and stools. The covers on the caster wheels were so dark, I wasn't sure what color they originally were, but I thought I'd try polishing them and see what happened.  I used a scratch-free scrubbing pad, my favorite cleaner for brass, Bar Keeper's Friend (liquid or powder), and LOTS of elbow grease, and was happy to find shiny metal under there.  I'm not sure if it's brass, the color seems a little off for it to be, but I much prefer the polished wheels.   I've moved some things around in the living room and am anxious to show it to you this week.

Shiplap shiplap shiplap is all the buzz, but what if you don't care for shiplap?  A group of super creative bloggers posted loads of ideas for beautiful wall treatments that aren't shiplap this week.  If you're looking for something different, check out these posts!  Start at Rain on a Tin Roof, then Jenna has links to all 20 blogs participating at the bottom of her post.  (Please pin from original source.)

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!  I am scrambling like crazy to prepare to leave for NYC in less than 48 hours.  Thank you all for your great suggestions you left last week on what to do and where to eat.  Now, we may just be arranging our first ever Uber when we get there!  I have some new friends for you to meet while I'm gone, and I'll pop in on Wednesday with the part 2 of my Fall home tour.  See you soon, and you can follow along with our fun on Instagram and Instastories!

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