Tuesday, March 31, 2015


If you've been around for a while you know that I enjoy putting together holiday tablescapes.  I've been thinking about my Easter table for a while, and was thrilled when Mikasa offered to send me a few pieces to make it even more beautiful.

With my semi-new found love for blue and white pieces, I knew these cobalt Cadence salad plates would be the perfect pattern to layer in a variety of place settings.  I think the modern lines of the criss-cross pattern mixes nicely with more traditional pieces.

I also knew I wanted to add some fun monogrammed napkins. When I saw these green napkins at Homegoods a while back, there's no way I could leave them there.  I've been using my *embroidery sewing machine more and more all the time.  It's one of the best birthday gifts my husband's ever given me... I think it's paid for itself with all of the money I've saved on monogramming (not that I had many things monogrammed before, but now I can monogram 'til my heart's content!).

DIY Gold Scalloped Vase

Store bought sugar cookies and pink Peep bunnies add some color (and a treat) to each place setting.  Boy, do my kids love those cookies (and I admit, I do too).  It was torture trying not to eat the props, but I resisted!

I think lots of layers make tables much prettier and more interesting.  I began with a few strips of fabric (I've become an expert fabric folder for table runners!), and built up the place settings with a placemat as well as a charger to add some bulk and texture.

These lovely Serenity Gold flutes are so fancy!  Even though they look great in photos, I was pleasantly surprised at how they are even prettier in real life. They complement the Mikasa Arctic Lights crystal that I've had for years nicely.  Even though we don't do alcoholic drinks, everyone will feel extra fancy drinking their sparking cider from these beauties! 

Lastly, I added one more special Easter touch.  When we were in Poland last fall, I bought several brightly colored hand painted eggs.  I couldn't wait to display them for Easter and remember what a wonderful trip we had.  (I wrote about buying meaningful souvenirs here.)

Check out my previous Easter tables for even more inspiration...

Clockwise from top left  1  /  2  /  3  /  4  /  5  /  6

You can find Mikasa on Facebook or Pinterest for more beautiful ideas and table inspiration.  They would love for you to visit their page and share what you think!  And, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Mikasa dinnerware, the table, or your plans for Easter!

Especially for you, the kind folks at Mikasa are giving away some of their gorgeous pieces to one Dimples and Tangles reader!  Use the Rafflecopter below to enter to win both 4 Cadence salad plates and 4 Serenity flute glasses.  Everyone gets an automatic entry, just click the drop arrow beside "Invent Your Own Option" and leave your email address in the box.  Additional options are available for bonus entries!  Giveaway will close Saturday at midnight (12 am CST).

*Many thanks to Mikasa for sending the Cadence plates and Serenity flutes to me!  Thanks for being supportive of the companies that partner with Dimples and Tangles.
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Monday, March 30, 2015


In my last Friday Favorites post, I mentioned my intent to participate in the next round of the One Room Challenge this Spring.

The challenge begins this Thursday, so my mind is jumbled with all of the inspiration I've tucked away for years.  Today I thought I'd share a few of those images with you.  Some are specific design elements I want to include in the room, some are for furniture inspiration, and some are just general color or mood inspiration.  I'll get more specific on Thursday when I share my inspiration board for the room with you!

*If you would like to pin any of these images, please make one click on the link under each photo, and pin from the original source.  Thanks!

Decor Demon via Little Green Notebook

Shea McGee via Style Me Pretty

Sarah Richardson Design via Pinterest

Inspiration is everywhere...  when I saw this pop up in my Instagram feed I finally confirmed my color palette.  

What do you think?  Can you make any sense of all of those photos?  See you Thursday for the plan!

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Friday, March 27, 2015


Happy Friday everyone!  Welcome to Best of the Nest for this month.  We're excited to see what great projects you've been working on.

This month our guest host is my friend Julia from Cuckoo 4 Design.   Julia's sharing her newly painted kitchen, which she recently brightened up with some fresh white paint.  There are so many things I love about Julia's home.  She has some really creative ideas and a beautiful balance of calm and color.  I hope you'll go over and check out her home tour, her hallway is one of my favorites ever!

Julia @ Cuckoo 4 Design 

I didn't have anything huge going on this month, but I really love how this cutting board turned serving tray turned out.  I've already used it 3 or 4 different ways and it's currently on the kitchen counter holding my sugar and flour canisters.

Inspired by a high dollar designer candelabra, Pam showed us how to make our own version for a fraction of the cost.  And, it's virtually identical to the original.  This piece really makes a statement and could be used in so many different ways.  I love it so much I'm collecting parts and pieces to make my own.

Pam @ Simple Details

Can you believe that Easter is just over a week away?  Kris shared some darling table decorations if you're looking for some new ideas.  I folded bunny ear napkins last year, too, and they're just adorable!

Kris @ Driven by D├ęcor

Unhappy with the textured finish that came on her new artwork, Lisa set out to give her new artwork a more polished finish.  Check out how she improved the terrible textured finish that this canvas originally had, and then built a frame from scratch to finish it off. 

Lisa @ Shine your Light 

And don't forget, even if you aren't a blogger you can still participate.  Just post a photo on Instagram and be sure to tag at least one of the hosts and use the hashtag #bestofthenestparty.
Kris (@drivenbydecor)
Pam (@pamsimpledetails)
Lisa (@lisa_shineyourlight)
Jennifer (@jenniferdimplesandtangles)

There are just a few guidelines to remember...
*Link to your specific post, not your home page.
*Please make sure that your project is from MARCH.
*Only ONE link per person! If more than one link is added, all but your first link will be deleted.
*Please link back to one of the hosts in your post.  
*Spread some comment love - please visit and comment on at least two other links in the party.

Feel free to grab a button for your post!

So, what have you been up to this month?

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I don't even remember what I was looking for, but recently I found myself on Walmart's website, and could not believe the stylish lamps that they had available.  And, I really couldn't believe the fantastic prices!  Many are from the Better Homes & Gardens line, I think that partnership was such a smart move on WM's part.  I picked out a few of my favorites, many of which are very similar to high dollar designer lamps.  

left to right 1 / 2 / 3 (you can bet I'd paint that base gold!) / 4

Even though a few of those are the lamp base only, there are plenty of very reasonable shades available separately.  This one looks like a winner for $12!

clockwise from top left  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

These 10 selections just scratch the surface, if you look around on their site a little bit there are many more pretty ones.  Several of these are available in different colors as well, so have fun looking around!  

Has a great find surprised you at Walmart lately?

P.S. -  If you're on Instagram, @whoawaitwalmart (Whoa, wait. Walmart?) is a fun account to follow.  They find great stuff from Wallyworld and post it.
P.P.S.  Nothing was sponsored here today, I just wanted to pass along these stylish finds!

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Monday, March 23, 2015


Hello my friends!  One of my blogging goals lately has been to show you not only more involved makeovers and room reveals, but super simple projects that anyone could do.  What I'm sharing today definitely falls into the "anyone can do this" category.  

In more than one store that I've been in lately, I've noticed many vases and pots with gold detail trim.  What a great way to dress up a plain old vase!  With a recent garage sale find vase that I had on hand, I set out to create my own.

I've spray painted a few glass projects in the past, but this time I wanted to try using the Martha Stewart liquid gold gilding paint that I used on the hardware for my daughter's nightstands.  It covers so well and really has a warmer, richer color than regular gold spray paint.

Rather than making just a wide gold band of gold, I decided a scalloped line would be fun.  Now, I'm pretty sure that the FrogTape shape tapes come in a scallop which would make this project even easier.  However, I didn't have any on hand, so I improvised.

Using a bottle cap about the size that I wanted the curve of my scallop to be, I traced the edge along a strip of frogtape.  I went almost to the edge so the depth of the scallop would be larger.  Then, I carefully cut it out, being careful not to tear the thin parts.  I should have started with wider tape, but I didn't think that far ahead.  

After it was cut out, I applied it to the clean glass, making sure that it was even.  Then, I did add another piece of tape just to give me a little more of a safety margin when applying the paint.  One coat of the liquid gilding did the trick.  It dries very evenly and quickly.  Be sure to peel the tape off right when you finish painting so that the paint doesn't dry and peel off with the tape.

Obviously, I will only hand wash this vase, and probably avoid getting the outside wet as much as possible even at that.  And, you certainly could make this with spray paint.  Even a glossy bold color, or glossy white would look fabulous.

This vase fits in everywhere, I might need to make another!  I'm still loving the pom pom coasters that my daughter made me for Christmas, and I just picked up an acrylic tray at West Elm that has been a fun new accessory.  Everything looks better on a tray!

So, with just a few supplies and about 10 minutes, this pretty project is easily within anyone's reach.  Just perfect for a fresh bunch of spring color! 

Here's a few related posts to check out if you missed them the first time around...

Gold Glitter Spray Painted Vases

Red Bamboo Nightstand Makeover

* * * * * * * * * * 

Local friends, don't forget... there are just a few days left to take advantage of the special discount available to my readers for the OKC Venture Pass, good for 12 months of family fun at various local attractions.  Read all about it here, the discount code expires at the end of March!

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Friday, March 20, 2015


Aren't Fridays just the best?  I hope you'll enjoy some weekend reading!

Jennifer shared a  tutorial and video on how to paint kitchen cabinets.  I never got around to posting about painting my cabinets yet, so go check out Jennifer's tutorial at The Chronicles of Home.  It's fantastic.  As much as I love black paint, this white wall of cabinets is just too good.  Can you believe this before and after?

I tried my hand at a colorful cake for Emily's 10th birthday, but how cute is this rainbow cupcake from Pink Peppermint design?  Such a fun party treat bursting with a surprise inside!

Bethany shared a book of gallery prints that she came across at Hobby Lobby.  There are several varieties, full of coordinating ready to frame artwork (some even gold foil), all for less than $10 with a sale or coupon.  I've already purchased one myself and used a print in a recent gallery wall.

I'm mustering up all of my courage and making plans to participate in the One Room Challenge Linking Event this Spring.  This round will begin on April 2, and participants will have 6 weeks to transform a space.  I'm serious about tackling my Master Bedroom, so I thought this challenge would be the perfect opportunity to get it done.  But, 6 weeks?!?  When I've had the stuff sitting around for 2 years to get it done?!?  I'm scared!  Obviously, I need a deadline to get 'er done.  But, anxious to complete it and see the vision in my head come to life.  You can see all of the reveals from last Fall's edition here.  Pretty good stuff!  If you're a blogger you should join in on the fun, too!  If you're not, I'll need all of the moral support I can get!  ;)

I'll leave you laughing for your Friday... I saw this adorable baby elephant video on a friend's Facebook page last week.  Watch it (skip to about 35 seconds to start).  That's the hardest I've laughed in a long time.

Happy Weekend!

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