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Thursday, March 19, 2015


Today we're going on a little field trip!  My friend Shannon from Burlap and Lace is away on a dream Parisian vacay, and she's invited me and a few fellow bloggers to fill in with a little Q&A while she's gone.

Not long ago, Shannon and her husband up and moved to an apartment in Washington, D.C.  She's been working hard to transform it into one chic, stylish little home!  These are a few of my favorite peeks at Shannon's work.  I mean really, how fabulous are her spaces?

(I KNOW you'll want to pin these photos, but please click the link below the photo to pin directly from Shannon's blog.  Thanks!)

I love reading quick little Q&A posts like this from other bloggers, so make sure to hop over and check out my answers (did you learn anything about me you didn't already know?) along with the rest of the series. Thanks for inviting me over, today, Shannon!  I'm loving following along with your trip on Instagram, what a dream!

We've done a little dream traveling this week also... to Texas! (ha!)  We enjoyed a quick road trip to visit my husband's sister and help her get settled into a new home.  But, we did get to make a fun stop on the way home!

The store was adorable, of course, but teeny tiny and packed full of adoring tourist fans (I didn't even snap any photos inside, sorry!).  Now we've been there and done that! 

We're wrapping up Spring Break and counting the hours until our boy returns home tonight from a mission trip to Colorado, and, after a much needed haircut, I'm planning to have some fun girl time with that cutie with me in the photo this afternoon.  Enjoy your Thursday, friends!  

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  1. Where did you get your bag in the bottom picture? I LOVE it and have been looking for something similar.

  2. Jennifer,
    How special that you were able to visit the Magnolia shop! I live in the Houston area and this shop is on my list of places to visit. Even if it is busy and small! Chip and Joanna Gaines do wonderful magic on their HGTV show, Fixer Upper. Good people helping others achieve their dream home. An HGTV decorating program, real estate business, construction company, a blog and more! Good things really do happen to good people!


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