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Thursday, May 2, 2024


This DIY colorful tassel fringe streamer photo booth backdrop was so fun to put together and turned out as such a festive photo booth op!  

Colorful Tassel Fringe Photo Booth Backdrop with Black and White Geometric Rug

I actually made it two years ago around this time of year for a Mother's Day photo spot at our church but it seems like this was just yesterday!

It's so versatile and can be customized to include any color scheme you choose- would be so fun with school colors for a Graduation party, color palette selections for a wedding, or a variety of colors for a whatever holiday party you might be hosting. This was such a fun and relatively simple DIY project and other than a few hours of time the monetary investment is pretty small for such a big impact!  I always want to make sure that I give credit where credit is due-  I originally saw a similar idea from Kara at A Kalio Chic Life, but made some changes and adapted the method she used to better suit my needs and budget.  Today I'm sharing with you how I made mine.  

Here are the supplies I used:

Plastic Tablecloths in your colors of choice (I got mine at Hobby Lobby but some available online here)
Roll of safety fencing (much bigger roll than you'll need, maybe share with friends?)

Various supplies for signs we used:
Foam Board
Wrapping Paper of Choice
Die Cut Letters
Mylar Oversized Number Balloons - Silver or Gold

I experimented with the fastest, most efficient way to cut the tablecloths and made a video of the method I landed on.  It's a little long but easier to explain this way than writing out.  

Here's how they look after cutting on the left- the folded edge is along the top, and on the right I've separated the layers and fluffed the fringe. 

Each tablecloth yielded 9 strips for this size I wanted, each strip was about 12" wide. The amount you need will depend on the size of the backdrop you are making.  I believe I prepared 2 tablecloths in each of the 10 colors we used, so that gave me about 180 strips to work with (we covered a fairly large wall).

On the wall we were using, I needed two lengths of the fencing cut to size, then stacked on top of one another to cover the wall.  Its so easy to work with and trim wherever needed.  If desired you can tape the sections together before attaching it to the wall, then put the fencing up in one big piece.  That's what we did on a second photo booth spot that assembled but it doesn't really matter either way.  (*On second thought, as I mention at the end of the post- if you think you might want to reuse this go ahead and tape the sections that you need together before hanging on the wall so the fence is one big piece.  More at the bottom of post!)

Of course we wanted to avoid damaging the walls, so that's how we came up with this method of attaching the fencing with painter's tape.  We secured it every foot or so, and I only taped on the vertical lines so the tape wouldn't interfere with inserting the tassels on the horizontal lines.  

To attach the tassels, I simply gathered the ends together on one side, threaded it up and behind a horizontal line, then folded the top down to the front.  I didn't tie or otherwise secure them at all, just basically draped them over the horizontal spot where I wanted it.  

I wanted the colors to be random and staggered, so there wasn't really a rhyme or reason to attaching them other than standing back and making sure the same color wasn't too close together anywhere.  It was definitely best to start at the bottom and work towards the top.  

After the fact, we realized that although all of the materials are very light weight, the painter's tape alone wasn't enough to keep it in place (one day a whole corner came loose from the top down). So, I added a small command hook about every 2-3 feet to ensure that even if the tape started coming loose in spots, everything would stay secure and in place along the top.

We finished it off by threading the tassels evenly along the top edge so it would look uniform and finished.  

And here it is all finished!  

I brought in my black and white rugs to cover the carpet and give a more cohesive, complete look.  It is discontinued from Ikea but I've found a few good alternatives- click on a product photo if you want more info. 

That's the basic backdrop, but as mentioned it was for Mother's Day and we wanted some signs signifying that.  I started with a large piece of foam board and wanted a larger circle than anything I had on hand to trace.  So, I used the old super technical stand-by trick 😉 of tying a string around a pen then securing it to the middle point of the foam board, then using it to make a perfect circle.  

I used some spray adhesive and covered the foam board with patterned wrapping paper, then played around with die-cut letters and butcher paper to add a "Happy Mother's Day" message.  We actually repeated this entire photo booth at 2 locations in the church, so that's why you see 2 slightly different signs here.  I taped some fishing line the back of the signs and hooked it on the command hooks at the top of the backdrop to hang them. 

Had to grab a pic when we were finished with my sweet super creative friend and our Youth Pastor's wife that helped make these!  (We added another rug here too after this photo was taken.)

It was such a hit that we kept it up for 2 weeks, made a few simple changes, and used it for Graduate Sunday and our Preschool end of the year programs as well.  

'Tis the season for all of the end of year and Grad parties, I hope this is helpful if you're looking for some fun party decorating ideas!  Oh, and by the way... this is totally reusable!  We've used it for several events in several places since I made these in '22.  I just carefully loosened it all from the wall, removed the tape, and unhooked it from the command hooks at top then laid it flat on the ground.  

Then, I grabbed a partner and folded it up like a blanket and stashed it in a large trash bag.  When you take it out and unfold it, it's easy to hang by starting with command hooks across the top, then you'll probably want to secure it a bit more with periodic painter's tape.  You'll likely need to fluff and adjust the tassels a bit as well but it should be in pretty good shape! 

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  1. LOVE THIS!!! What a great DIY and it’s so colorful!!!

  2. So bright and colorful -- just like all the things you do!! Great that it can be used again and again.

    1. Thank you. Yes, getting some good mileage out of this one!


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