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Thursday, November 9, 2023


I know many of you wait to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but if you wait until after Thanksgiving to shop for decor (or until I get around to decorating and sharing this year's tour with you),  you'll likely find most of the best stuff sold out!  My tree isn't out yet, but that doesn't mean I don't have a stash of new things in the garage ready and waiting to decorate with!  Today I've rounded up some of my favorite Christmas decorations that I'm frequently asked to source.  Often the same seasonal things aren't readily available from year to year, but I was pleased to find many things that I've bought and used in the past few years available once again this year, so I thought you might appreciate me sharing those with you!   

Some of my favorite pieces in recent years have come from the Packed Party for Walmart line, and I was pleased to see that many pieces I have are available once again this year.  They might be be a slightly different shape or color, but in general are very similar to pieces that have sold out from previous years.   

I was so happy to see the pink nutcrackers, vintage style colorful ornaments, string lights, and garlands available again, as we as my incredible large clear confetti ornaments... and look at the DARLING clear confetti presents that are new this year!  They have a hanger on top to be used as an oversized ornament, but I think I'm planning to incorporate the 2 I got into my dining table centerpiece.  This line might not be stocked in your local store yet but most pieces are readily available online. 

*This collage is interactive- click on the photo of each product for more details

These are more decorations that caught my eye at Walmart this year, I've added the vintage looking ornaments (here and here), felt poinsettia picks, and a new flocked wreath to use in my decorating this year.  A few things here might show out of stock for shipping, but I've seen them in every store I've been in so it's super easy to order online with the "pickup" button and pick up at the store!  

I ordered some of the starburst lights shown below that I'm going to try hanging on my porch, I think they are so cool!  I also got the honeycomb light garland and a few of the cute bell shaped ornaments, mulling over makeover ideas for those!

*This collage is interactive- click on the photo of each product for more details

I have a small box of vintage Shiny Brite ornaments that I found at a yard sale years ago, but they company still makes them today and I love to add a few boxes to my collection every year.  Some day these new ones will be vintage too- ha!  Even the new sets can be quite pricey, but I've found a few that I think are quite reasonable! 

*Click on each photo to shop-

Here are some of this year's offerings of my favorite pieces that I've used from Target.  I have some larger and also smaller ornament size paper houses and the sweetest little deer displayed here on the mantel, really nice quality reusable gift boxes mixed in under the tree (lifesavers to wrap a pretty gift in a flash!), and I also love the spriggy tabletop trees shown in the graphic that I have a few of too. 

*This collage is interactive- click on the photo of each product for more details

I'm always asked about my large 3D stars, shop what's currently available here.  I have both the 28" inch size and a few of the 35" size.  The light cords are sold separately, sometimes I use one, sometimes I don't. They are hanging here with these super affordable bulk satin table runners, available in almost any color and such a bang for your buck!  Last year I used them as star sashes, bows on the tree and mantle, and they even make awesome gift wrap bows! 

I hope some of these ideas help if you've looked for similar things like what I use to decorate for Christmas. Have you started this year yet?  The good news is that Thanksgiving is early this year, so if you are one who waits until after there's a few more days to work with. Fa La La!

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  1. Would you be willing to do a demo on how you created your mantel garland and bows?

    1. Ooh good idea, I'll get that together when I put mine up this year!

  2. Thank you, Jennifer. I love Packed Party. Those houses are adorable and available at my stores. I'll be heading out shortly. I just adore your little vintage choir boys and angels. Have a great weekend.

  3. So many beautiful decorations. I am in awe at your creativity!

  4. I love that you share all the links and give us lots of ideas!! I had a good laugh when I was searching the picture of your mantel for all the members of the deer family! It looks like one of the parents on the left side is falling off the mantel. Made me chuckle! Happy weekend!

  5. I love your style and have copied you often🥰. I was wondering how you attached the stars to the mirror. Would you share? Can’t wait to see what you do with the large confetti presents. I purchased two


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