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Thursday, September 21, 2023


I have a quick house update to share with you today that I haven't shared yet- this post draft has been started since March!  We have a lot to catch up on... earlier this year we got new sofas in the Living Room! We had been wanting something different that our previous sofa and loveseat for a while. I was surprised when I looked back to see that we had those for over 7 years, it doesn't seem like that long! It was a nice set, the size just wasn't super comfortable for us anymore.  So, I spent some time last Fall looking and bringing fabric samples home and ended up buying 2 custom matching sofas from Rowe.

We've had a Rowe sofa for over 20 years (this one) and it's still going strong, so I focused on what that brand had to offer.  They are a solid mid-price range brand that offered the custom options and sizes I was looking for.  I decided on their "My Style II" line because it has a few size options and you can choose from several options of frame, arm, and cushion styles as well as finishing details like leg style and nailhead trim if desired.  And the fabric of course, there were hundreds to choose from! I still wanted a light solid color like my previous set, so I chose a kid-friendly stain resistant woven fabric. I also selected the knife-edge back cushions, english roll arm, and turned wood legs on the regular size 3 seater sofa frame.  

I have always prefered two pieces rather than a sectional so I would have some flexibility for different furniture arrangements.  I also have always LOVED the look of two identical sofas flanking a fireplace but thought that wasn't possible with our room dimensions.  My good friend is great at figuring out furniture placement, and when talking with her about options she thought we could do it depending on the type of sofas we bought.  She was right! 

Our previous sofa and loveseat were really deep and the sofa was extra long.  By considering options that were a bit more traditionally sized we were able to make 2 sofas fit going across the living room.  We were fine with losing the extra deep seating from our previous set, it really wasn't comfortable for us anymore for whatever reason.  And, although this style that I was considering was a smaller scale than our previous set, it was still plenty big.  We can still fit 3-4 people seated if needed, and they are long enough that an adult can fully stretch out on them.  AND,  my original wish of having two matching sofas facing one another worked in the space!!  

Overall, I'm almost pleased with how they turned out with a few exceptions when they first arrived... we ordered the standard cushion filling (high density foam cushions wrapped with batting) which is what was on our old Rowe sofa and has worn well over the years.  However, when these arrived they were VERY firm.  I really wondered if they had made a mistake.  I was aware that they would start firm then relax and break in/soften up over time, but they were still much more firm and stiff to start off with than I expected.  Now, we've had them for almost 8 months and they are relaxing a bit but it's taken quite a while. 

The other thing I wasn't happy with was I thought they did a terrible job wrapping the cushions.  They were uneven and misshapen as you can see in the next photo, and I didn't like how the cushions didn't settle in on the bottom side (the bottom didn't rest well against the frame) .  I probably should have contacted the store/company and discussed it but expected them to settle in and soften up over time, and also just didn't want to deal with that (this was right around the time my Dad's health started declining and ER/hospital visits were beginning so this was the least of my worries).

After a while I eventually pulled the covers off and manipulated the foam and batting wrapped around it myself to even it out and that did help, but it's annoying that they weren't perfect from the start. So there you get a little glimpse of my personality too- sometimes I'd rather figure out a problem myself than mess with going through the salesman/company to fix it- which is what I totally should have done.   I'm happy with the fabric choice, other than something about the weave and texture makes it difficult to brush off cat hair (this is still the best tool ever though!).  I've already had to clean a couple of minor stains and they've come out easily. 

So to summarize, I'm pleased with the size and style, I just wasn't completely satisfied with my finished product.  All of these photos were taken back in the Spring not long after the sofas arrived, so the cushions have improved somewhat since then.  I'm in the process of making a few new pillows for Fall so I'll share some current photos in the next few weeks when those are finished.  I also have another update in this room to share with you, so keep an eye out for that.  

Overall, I'm so glad I ended up pivoting to 2 matching sofas rather than a larger sofa/loveseat combo again.  Now I have the option to arrange the sofas as shown here, or still put them in more of an "L" shape with the chairs on one side of the room or another.  I like options!  😄  

Bonus points to anyone who spotted something off with my styling that I didn't realize until much later after I had photographed... 😩  Hint- you'll have to look in the full room horizontal photo where you can see both sofas together.  Happy hunting! 

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  1. Love the 2 sofas! I also love all of your use of color! Such a wonderful room.

  2. Are the pillows not in the same order on both sofas? They look perfectly fine just as they are in the photo!!

  3. Where is your rug from?

    1. Hi, it’s linked under one of the photos.

    2. I love your house, and your blog is one of my favorites. I see that above your book shelves and fire place you have empty space- shelf to ceiling- that is golden real estate!
      keep sharing with us, love the colors and photos!

    3. Would love to know about the rug too!!

  4. Love your blogs and so glad u are back.

  5. I also have the flanking neutral sofas and love them! But not without effort. When I moved into this house my previous sofas were just too big, had huge arms, were too deep. I had to search for sofas by size and love what I got. Very small narrow arms, but plenty of seat space (not too deep) for 3-4. It works and looks so lovely and classic.

  6. If you hadn’t called attention to it, I wouldn’t have noticed. But I sure would have had it been a photo of my home! 🤣 Enjoy the new sofas!


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