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Thursday, December 8, 2022


I'm hoping this is better late than never.... maybe you already have all of your gifts wrapped and under the tree, but if you're like me you've barely started shopping!  I enjoy polling my family to think of some of their favorite, most used things from the past year.  Here's what we came up with this year to share with you, and there are a few things that are on our personal wish lists for this Christmas, too.  Some of these have shipping deadlines within the next few days in order to arrive in time for Christmas, so don't delay (I'm speaking to myself here...ha!).  Hope you find some helpful suggestions in the year's favorites Christmas Gift Guide if you still need ideas for someone on your list!  

Christmas gift ideas for Her, Him, Teen Girls, Teen Guys, Anyone


Gift Ideas for Ladies

Heart Necklace- this is at the top of my personal wish list. I love it and think I'll wear it with almost everything!  Check out the pics on the model to get a good idea of its size. 

Stanley Tumbler-  I resisted for a long time, but finally caved and tried one and now it's all I want to use! Love the 40 oz. capacity so I don't have to refill as often and my drink lasts longer when I'm out through the day running errands. Lots of cute colors here, I have the hot pink Azalea and goldish Rose Glow.  

Raycon Earbuds-  I needed some new earbuds earlier this year and didn't want to spring for the Apple earbuds.  I tried these and they are absolutely perfect.  Most earbuds are too large for me or hurt my ears, but I have zero complaints about these.  They come with a variety of sizes of tips for the perfect fit, stay in your ears, and are available in several colors. 18K+ nearly perfect ratings! 

Portable Rechargeable Magnifying Makeup Mirror- I've had a different travel mirror for the past few years but recently got this one and love it so much more!  Key features for me- the angle of the tilt is totally adjustable, full magnifying mirror on one side, 3 light modes, folds flat and light weight for packing!  

Gingham Tissue Box Cover-  How cute! I also love this little blue and white bathroom set from the same seller. 

Lounge Set-  I've shared this with you in the past including here because I like it so much.  Comes in tons of colors, I'd recommend sizing up one.  

Blue and White Pillow Covers- these are fabulous quality and remind me of something I'd see in a Serena & Lily catalog at a fraction of the price.  If the recipient needs some inserts for the covers as well I highly recommend these (use the 22" inserts for a 20" pillow cover to get a nice, full pillow). 

Toaster Oven Air Fryer Combo- We bought this over the Summer and remark how much we love it every time we use it!  We previously used a toaster oven often, so I liked the idea of this combo so I could get rid of the toaster oven and use this instead as well as use it for everything we want to air fry. 

UGG Slippers-  These are by far by favorite slippers and totally worth the money in my opinion!  Two colors available in this cute style, on sale and sizes seem to be well stocked!

Rattan Display Box Set-  I have this set, bought one for a gift, and many of you bought it earlier this year when I shared it... safe to say it's a good one!  They remind me of something from Serena & Lily.  The measurements are surprisingly generous and these are so pretty stacked or split up and used in different places.  It's perfect for accessorizing shelves or a coffee table, or for keeping special mementos tucked away.  This set is almost identical except they have latches, but the price is much lower!


Gift Ideas for Men

Propane Torch- just the name sells this for any guy- ha!  My son bought this for my husband last year and it's been one of his favorite things.  It makes lighting the fireplaces and chiminea a snap and we have several friends who use it for burning brush piles on their land- everyone loves it!  

Zero Gravity Chair- I was introduced to these chairs when my friend brought hers on a beach trip we took, they are awesome!  I knew my husband would love them too so I bought a pair of these for his birthday and he absolutely loves using them on our patio and out in the backyard.  They sit upright or can recline and lock in place in various positions. We will absolutely take them on any kind of camping trip or outdoor activity as well. (Lots of these are listed different places on Amazon, I'd recommended sticking to this specific one.  I tried another brand first and the quality wasn't as good and they were a bit smaller than these, honestly too small for us and we're pretty average height!)
nike running gloves

Columbia Mesh Hat- My husband, son, nephew... they all have at least one and are fans! More styles here or here

2 in 1 Garment/Duffel Travel Bag- Ray saw a similar bag a while back and sent it to me.  This is such a smart design, would be the perfect carry on bag and slides over the handle of a suitcase.   

Classic Casio Quartz Watch- The guys in our family will forever be fans of a good ol' Casio watch.  Ray has this exact one and wears it often. If you need a $30 gift for a guy this is a winner!

Fly Fishing Combo Starter Kit- My husband has picked up fly fishing just for fun over the past several years and has really been enjoying it.  He said this kit is great and has everything needed.

Ceramic Quick Clay Car Cleaning Kit- For the guy that likes cars, this is a deep cleaning product that my husband uses when he washes the cars at home.  

Extension Cord Winder-  forget gifts for Him... I want one of these for the garage!  😂


Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

Hoka Running Shoes-  my daughter and son's fiance have a pair and love them, can't miss with these! 

Teddy Slide Slippers- so cute and cozy!

Engraved Coordinates Bracelet-  I gave this for a college graduation gift earlier this year and think it's the sweetest thing!  Use coordinates for their hometown, favorite vacation spot, school, or just a special place to them. (Just Google "Coordinates for _____" and enter the place you choose to get the latitude/longitude to include when ordering."

Crossbody Bag-  I think this is the cutest little bag! Available in several colors and it has plenty of room for essentials and lots of pockets. I like it as is but if you want to take it up a notch further throw a striped strap in too. 

Belt Bag- handiest little Lulu dupe, comes in lots of colors.  I have one of these myself, my daughter has the name brand and we both love them! 

Portable Phone Charger-  teen girl + cell phone... no explanation needed why this is a great gift!  😂

Cropped Puffer Vest-  SUPER popular right now, variety of colors, this gift will be a hit! 

Mini Perfume Sampler Set- Perfect for trying out a variety of scents or for travel! This would also be great to split the set and tuck a few in several different stockings. 

Hoop Heart Huggie Earrings- 14K gold, great reviews!


Gift Ideas for Teen Guys

Carhartt Knit Beanie- lots of colors, the kids love 'em! 

Ticket to Ride - if you don't have this game, get it!  It's one of our faves and currently has a great sale price.  We'd like to add Ticket to Ride Europe to our game stash next!

Car Power Inverter with USB Ports- Both of my kids' cars are too old to have built in USB ports, so this is super handy to keep tucked in the console! The standard power outlets are an extra bonus.  

Death Wish Coffee-  Ground dark roast, my son's fave! 

Sport Apple Watch Band- always nice to have a different watch band to trade out, several colors. 

Yeti 36 oz. Insulated Water Bottle-  My son received this as a gift a few years ago and he has used it every day since and carries it with him everywhere he goes.  It's large capacity helps keep him hydrated through long days of class and work.  

Nespresso Coffee and Espresso Maker- this could be on my young adult girl's list or anyone's list for that matter... it's definitely on the wish list of someone in our family!  Easy and convenient, large capacity water tank, makes a variety of sizes.  

Car Ice Scraper-  My son has one and suggested adding this to the list because he sees (and helps) friends on his college campus all the time that don't have one!  I like the smart design of this one- you can detach the scraper from the brush for easier handling if needed.  

Bose Wireless Headphones-  My son prefers headphones to earbuds and would love to upgrade to these.  There are good options at lower price points also- check out these, these, and these if you're in the market. 


Gift Ideas for Anyone

BHG 100th Anniversary Cookbook- this updated version is perfect for anyone on your list who loves to cook, or needs to learn- ha!  Love the gingham cover! 

Clear Easel Stand- I have this and use it in the kitchen to hold my iPad for recipes or watching a show.  It would also be really cute holding an art print or loose photograph, or framed photo.  

Personalized State Artwork-  This shop also offers a variety or famous landmark and stadium prints, as well as customized pet, family, and home artwork.  

2-pack Rechargeable Lighters- Have them, love them!  Wrap one up with a good candle and you have a perfect gift for the person you don't know what to get, or a sweet hostess gift.

Back Massager- We still love this neck and back massager that we've had for several years, but this is a great one as well to just tuck on your lower back while watching tv, working on the computer, you can even use it in the car!  Also great for under your neck while lying down.

Foldable Shopping Bag Tote/Bin- I've shared these before and have a few friends that bought them, they completely agree with me that they are awesome!  They collapse in a flash for easy storage, stand sturdy in your car, and have short handles on the ends or longer shoulder straps for easy carrying.  

Abalone Marble Strategy Game-  I had never heard of this game before we went to Poland this Summer, but the kids there taught it to us and it's so fun!  It's a 2 player game so if you know someone that's a fan of Chess, Pente (anyone remember that one? Loved it!), Mancala,  or any other similar strategic best-your-opponent game I'm sure they would enjoy this one too. 

Small Copper Finish Watering Cans-  These little cans are so cute, perfect for watering all of those smaller plants around the house.  Great under $20 gift- or split them and tie on a cute bow for a couple of cute hostess gifts!  

Pet Hair Remover Roller- if there's a pet owner in your life, I guarantee they will love this! 

Grabber Tool- A few different people in our family have one of these and love them!  Great for picking up debris in the yard, things in hard to reach places... there's a magnet on the end which is a super helpful feature too! 

The Peace Index Book- If all of the chaos in today's world is affecting the peace level in your life (or someone you know), this book is for you!  It helps give families, individuals, and coworkers ways to increase their level of peace in practical ways.  My husband and I have been fans of the tools and ideas found in this book for a while!

But God Book- We know this family personally and followed their journey through tragedy. Anyone who reads their story of grief, doubt, hardship, grace, and hope will be encouraged!

If you need even more ideas, check out my gift guide from last year too.  It's packed for of more things we all use and love! 

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  1. You always have great gift guides with items that are different from what you see on other guides. Thank you!

    1. That makes me so happy- I work hard on them and put a lot of thought into them, thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Gosh, I have all adult (like 32 yrs old and up) kids, and I just send checks, lol. For my one and only grand girl, age 3 and a half, there are these instant, polaroid like cameras, except they print on paper, in black and white, and then the child can color them if they want to. And tons of books, of course.

    1. I think sending checks is a GREAT idea... ha! And the other gifts sound fun!

  3. Wonderful guide, Jennifer. Thank you. I truly appreciate you mentioning the But God book. We have had a tragedy in our family recently, so I am downloading this book today and recommending it to my family. Merry Christmas!

  4. Thank you Jen ... I may have finished my Christmas shopping buying off of your Favorites. I always love your suggestions and you have never steered me wrong. Thank you so very much!


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