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Wednesday, May 12, 2021


I wrote a Graduation Gift Guide last year full of the gifts we gave or things that my son found useful throughout his first year in the dorm that would make great gifts.  However, with my daughter now graduating this year and a long gift list to celebrate all of her friends, my wheels have been turning for more gift ideas so I thought I'd put together another guide.  I believe all of the links are still current in last year's post and it has different ideas for the most part from what I'm sharing today, so be sure to check that out too if nothing in this guide catches your eye.  

This is from Graduate Sunday at our church, we haven't had her "real" graduation yet!
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Cash and Gift Cards are always very much appreciated, especially if the student has some bigger ticket items they need to save up for. There are always needs that arise as they are getting set up in their new living space that they might not have anticipated, so it sure is nice to have a stash of gift cards to use for those items. My son's most useful cards were:

Aldi (or local store) Gift Card- he loves having a grocery store gift card so he doesn't have to use his spending money for snacks! 

However, if you're looking for a gift that's a bit more personal, here are some things that my kids and I think would always be used and appreciated.  (Be sure to Pin this graphic for future reference!)

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Lap Desk- SO very helpful when a student might choose to work on their bed as a change of pace from sitting at their desk. 

Makeup Train Case Organizer- This bag holds a ton of products and would be perfect to store makeup in for daily use so that it's easy to tuck away when space is tight, not just for travel! 

Handheld Garment Steamer-  Maybe they'll be slightly more likely to steam their clothes than pull out an iron... ha!  

Monogrammed Towel Set- This is a beautiful set with several design and color options, they'll never have to question which towel is theirs. 

Computer Memory Stick- can't have too many of these around!  

Emergency Weather Radio with Flashlight and Power Bank- For many parts of the country, lots of us can say that we lived through hours or days without power this past winter (or storm season).  When tv's and cell phones don't work due to no electricity, this would be extremely helpful to keep students informed, and they can use the crank feature to power their devices! 

Colored Rainbow Metal or Rose Gold Acrylic Tape and Stapler Set- I ordered several of both of these colors to give as girl gifts this year.  Super pleased with the weight and quality, I'll include a roll of tape with it as well so they're all ready to set up their desk.  

LED Tap Lights- Most dorm rooms have dark nooks and crannies that could benefit from some extra light- think closets, wardrobe cabinets, under beds... these battery operated tap lights could be used so many places. 

Outdoor Blanket with Waterproof Backing- Visit most any college campus on a nice day and you're sure to see students out everywhere studying or just hanging out and getting some fresh air.  This blanket would be perfect to lay on the grass for a comfy outdoor study spot!  

Flat Plug Power Strip with USB ports- the flat plug is nice for tight spots, and the standard outlet/USB port combo makes this little strip mighty useful.  We have one stashed under the sofa for plugging in chargers when needed, love it! 

Personalized Stainless Steel Water Bottle-  Many sizes, colors, and designs available, these are super cute and I like the handle which would allow them to clip it to their backpack if desired.  

Portable Hammock with Straps- Hammocking is totally a thing with students!  We've owned a couple of these hammocks for years and have been extremely pleased with them.

Color Changing LED Strip Lights- I recommended these on my Christmas Gift Guide, but since then we've installed them in my daughter's room and she absolutely loves them!  She can control the color and features with an app on her phone and sync them up with her music or make them voice activated, super cool for any dorm room! Such a great price, I might need to get her a set for her dorm room too! 

Acacia Valet Tray- This is beautiful if you're looking for an extra special gift.  

Layered Initial Link Necklace-  I just gave this to my daughter for her birthday, she's been wearing it daily ever since and said it's her current favorite necklace.  

Small First Aid Kit-  My son is Mr. Prepared and always has something similar to this with him.  One of those things that you might not think about a college student needing... until they need it!  

Portable Device Charger- Not only for their phone but also works for tablets, wireless earbuds, smart watches... would be super handy to have around.  

Wireless Earbuds- These are at a phenomenal price point, and there are 213K+ nearly perfect reviews!  My husband has a pair of these and he can't say enough good things about them- great sound, long battery life, and the noise canceling feature is legit!  Seriously, if he's wearing them around the house I have to get in front of him and flag him down to tell him something!  All great features for a college student as well I suspect!

Bracelet ID Keychain- We have a couple of these and I think they're an inexpensive little useful gift, especially if you want to tuck a gift card in the ID pouch with it! 

Curtain String Lights-  I don't know any girl that wouldn't love these in her dorm room!  

Remote Control Outlet Set- It's a pretty sure bet that most outlets in a dorm room are in an inconvenient spot, behind where a piece of furniture ends up and difficult to get to.  These remote control outlets would be useful, I have a set and absolutely love them!

Cozy Throw Blanket- It seems like dorm rooms are either roasting or freezing, this will keep them cozy on the cold days!  Available in a wide variety of colors. 

P.S.- If you have a graduate and would like your own custom announcements, Minted has some great options and their site is really user friendly to create the perfect card for your graduate.  I was running behind this year with my daughter's announcements and didn't get my order in until last Wednesday, and they were delivered to my porch on Saturday with no extra rush shipping!  Excellent service and we're so happy with how they turned out! 

 Don't forget to check out last year's gift guide for even more ideas!

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  1. Great ideas, not just for grad gifts! I see a few items that I can use, myself. Thanks,

    1. I might have added a few things to my cart as I compiled this, too. Ha! :)

  2. OMG this was so helpful as I was invited to twin girls graduation and it was easy to select useful items x's TWO! Thank you!


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