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Friday, January 29, 2021


Happy Friday!  Here are some things that I've been loving lately and think you might too! 

I'm super late to the Kindle e-reader game (I like turning pages!) but I bought one on Prime Day and had my husband tuck it away for my Christmas gift.  We took a little break at the beach last week and it was my first opportunity to pull it out, it's a game changer!  I love, love, love it especially in an outdoor setting where the light is super bright.  It's the paperwhite version so there is absolutely no glare and the screen is super bright in daylight, and it's waterproof so no worries there at the beach, pool, or in the tub!  It's also been great at night so I don't have to leave my lamp on while I read when he is asleep.  I haven't purchased one book- I check them all out through my library and load them up to Kindle.  I'm still sticking with paper books most of the time, but there are definitely situations where this has become a fave!  

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As much as I love my light weight gold leaf bangles (many of you do too!) and wear them almost daily, they are just too bright for a few more muted gold pieces of jewelry and earrings that I have.  I came across these gold bead stretch bracelets that were perfectly toned down! They're still super lightweight and comfortable, with a pretty close fit on your wrist.  

(Here's my sweatshirt but it's just about gone)

I really liked the worn gold (style 19 in the listing), so reordered a set in the brighter gold too (style 3 in the listing).  You can see the slight color difference here- muted is on the top and shiny is on the bottom.  I like each one depending on the other jewelry I'm wearing, or they're great stacked together! 

As much as I'd like to look at pretty drinking glasses out all day long, my kids drink out of some version of these plastic cups every single day.  Which is fine, but full of ice and water they sweat everywhere!  I got tired of puddles of water on my regular marble and ceramic coasters, so I ordered a set of these absorbent marble-look ones.   They have been super- drops of water literally disappear before your eyes!  There's a coupon attached to them right now so a set of 6 is $11, quite a bargain! 

Ok, couldn't resist.  Here they are with a pretty cup!  Ha!

OK, I like to be your resident bargain sharer, so my last two favorites today are 2 good sales!  Take an extra 50% off of a selection of clearance items at Gap.  I purchased some things a few weeks ago that I'm loving- The mock neck fleece sweatshirts are super soft and cozy and I'm hanging on to the striped popover top until it warms up a bit! I also just ordered the super cute pink cropped khakis (tons of colors available) for a steal and think they will be fun to wear in warmer weather. I also bought the green sweater (several colors there too) and felt more comfortable sizing up in that one. (The prices on some of these have been fluctuating somewhat, when I chose these everything was an extra 50% off with code BIGSALE but I'm not sure about the discounts today.)

Y'all may know I'm a huge Dillards shopper, but only when they're offering extra % off of the clearance items!  There is SO much to choose from, but here are some things that caught my eye, most everything I chose is more than half off.  I've about worn out my leopard heels so I bought a new pair, this brand and calf hair design is my fave.  Also, the popular Kate Spade studs (multi color sparkly shown but more colors available) are $15!  GREAT gift idea to stock up on. I really have my eye on those pink suede booties too....  ;)  

Hope you all have a marvelous weekend! 

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  1. I told my husband the other day, we have really saved money during this pandemic. No travel, staying home mostly so a tank of gas lasts me for weeks, etc. I haven't had an interest in clothes shopping as I go very few places, and no place to "dress up" for. I have things in my closet that still have tags!! I'm not one who has to be buying all the time and I really don't like shopping, other than antiquing! Oh well, I guess I'm saving money for those antiques or trips when things are better! LOL

    1. The perfect goal to be saving for! :) We can't wait for travel to fully resume!

  2. There are tons of websites that have FREE Kindle books. They send you an email every day with what books are free that day. I have literally thousands of books on my Kindle and have only paid for a few. Faithful Reads has religious books and is a great site. Others are Freebooksy, ereadercafe, Bookbub, and many others. You might want to check them out.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Cindy! I wasn't familiar with those but will definitely check them out!


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