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I recently came across this article where Better Homes and Gardens lists what they think will be the biggest design trends in 2020.  Of the 8 trends that made their list, I already have 6 in my home!  I don't think that puts me in the "trend setter" category at all, rather I think all of these "trends" are actually design elements that have stood the test of time and are actually quite classic and timeless.  So I'd dare to say they're just coming to the forefront once again but in a new and fresh way. 

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Velvet furniture is SO classic and although it might seem fussy, it's actually quite durable.  Today's velvets especially are made with fabric blends meant to stand up to family life full of snacks, pets, and lounging.  I couldn't be happier with the velvet I chose for our second hand chairs that I had recovered last Fall.   Those leopard pillows just happen to be velvet as well, so you get a 2-for-1 example here!


Definitely not a new design, caned furniture has been around for centuries. With it's most recent mass popularity likely in the 1970's, it's coming back in more modern furniture designs with lighter wood tones.   I've chosen to update most of my vintage pieces with bold, glossy color.

cane furniture

blue and white curtains, gingham furniture, breakfast nook, cow hide rug

I'll step out and say that caned furniture won't be the only trend, we'll see lots of caning on accessories as well.  I made some simple DIY cane covered vases several years ago, such as easy way to try the trend without committing to a large piece of furniture.


We've definitely got the statement headboards covered around here, and both of them in our house just happen to be green!  Even years after I made my headboard, I am still so happy that I went with a bold color.  I shared a tutorial here on how to make these upholstered headboards, they're really not that difficult!

I made a statement headboard for my daughter's room as well in a slightly different shape-

more details on this room here


Again, botanicals are definitely a classic design element, but I think we'll see more bold, botanical art rather than just the leafy green collections, and see more oversized statement pieces.  I shared here how I made my botanical collection wall for less than $100 (although the price of the book I used for the artwork fluctuates).  There are lots of sites online where you can also print off free botanical artwork if you'd like to try this trend in your home.

This wall has since changed, but several years ago I also had a bird/botanical art wall in the Dining Room.  Such a great way to fill a large wall with cohesive artwork.


I think the article was referring to wallpaper treatments like grasscloth, embossed or even flocked velvet papers,  but surely textured walls like the planked wall in my son's room would fit this category as well.  Wallpaper of all kinds is definitely back! 


I'm already a huge fan.  There are so many plug in sconce options available now as well that they're super easy to add to a room without requiring hard-wiring or an electrician.  Even if you come across a hard-wired style that you love, with a few extra supplies this trick makes it super easy to use one even without breaking into the wiring in your wall (I used it for the sconces in the Dining Room)!

I love the sconces we added in our bedroom, they're perfect for creating an evening glow where there was no room to add traditional lamps.  These are just plug in too, I used a cord cover that sticks on the wall and painted it to match the sconce.  

What do you think about these predicted design "trends"?  Do you already have any of them in your home?  Check out the article here to see what BHG named as their last two hottest design trends for the year.

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The Christmas decorations are officially packed away... I'm super late this year but it feels great to have that not-so-fun task done!  Cleaning up and getting everything fluffed back up today.  Do you go straight to Valentine's Day decor or wait until it's a bit closer?  We're celebrating a birthday boy this weekend so I'll put up some party decorations, but then I think I'll work on the mantel and porch for Valentine's Day.  It will be here before we know it!  Here are my Five Friday Favorites for the week, you all seemed to read and enjoy these posts last year so I'll keep them coming this year!  (*This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my full disclosure policy here.)

Martha Stewart Organizing was just released this week and it's such a beautiful book!  But more importantly, helpful!  I've said it before here, but organizing is not my strong suit so I'll take all the help I can get.  This book covers it all, from organizing your calendar to your routine to your home to your life.  And if the tips are coming from Martha, they must be worth considering, right?

The first section suggests ways to organize your life and activities by calendar month.  It includes a monthly calendar with daily suggestions of some type of activity that I remember enjoying seeing in her magazine.

Then it delves into organizing each aspect of your life, going beyond just organizing your "stuff" in order to make your schedule and routine more streamlined and effective.   Very nice book!

This relaxed turtleneck sweater is my latest Amazon purchase.  Mine is a deep forest green and was perfect to wear on Christmas Day to the grandparents' house.  It comes in several colors, is relaxed without being bulky, and I like the side slits so I can tuck the front a little if I want to.  Great reviews too!

I shared a quick DIY on my Instagram stories this week.  I got this planner to use this year but didn't like the little "2020" label that was on the front, so I dressed it up with some scrapbook paper and monogram stickers (there's a clear protective cover and I added my monogram on the cover paper under it).  I picked up the monogram stickers several years ago at Hobby Lobby and am not sure they have them any more, but these custom vinyl monogram decals would do the same job and they're pretty inexpensive.  Also, I used this paper trimmer  that I've had since my scrapbooking days.  Even though those are woefully behind, I still use the trimmer all the time and my kids do too for various projects.  It's a handy tool to have!

I bought this oversized cozy sweatshirt just after Christmas, as well as the pink one (there are tons of colors) and have been living in one or the other just about every day, the ultimate "leisure" wear!  There's a split hem and the back is slightly longer than the front, just long enough to wear with leggings.  The fabric is super soft and I love the oversized fit (but it's not sloppy).  I'm wearing a Medium which is my regular size.  Also tried on the Small which since it's relaxed totally would have worked too.  I also picked up the same style in this leopard version and know it will be on heavy repeat too!

Lastly, Gap is offering 50% off of markdowns and I couldn't resist these pink wide leg crops. They are high waisted (which is taking some getting used to after wearing mid-rise for so long) but I've wanted to try out the wide leg crop trend and what better way to do it than with these pink cuties??  Sizes are getting slim but there are other colors available with more variety.    Lots of great deals in the Men's sale too!  Side note- I was overdue a new one and this is the best chambray shirt that I just found, the fabric is the perfect weight and color.  On sale for $15 today!

A few other markdowns that caught my eye, and I actually own and love several of these things...  I bought the denim crops too and really like them, my daughter is loving the tunic length split hem sweatshirts that we got, and that creamy funnel neck sweatshirt is this year's version of my favorite jacquard funnel neck sweatshirts that I wear often (although mine from previous years are a little more heavy-weight, I still like the style and the size zippers are cute on this one).  The dark blue one is a slightly shorter version with a hood, it's good too!

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Hello everyone, and Happy 2020!  Are you enjoying the start of the new decade?  Or are you in the camp that believes the new decade doesn't start until 2021?  We were a little flabbergasted over all of the debate- ha!  Before we kick off a new year of projects around here, I thought we'd take a look back at your favorite posts from last year with my top 10 posts from 2019.  One thing is for sure, you all love a home tour and posts about the holidays!  (Pssst... please don't miss a question I have for you at the end of the post!)

#10- Layered Frame Abstract Art Canvas

This project kicked off 2019 just about this time last January, and is still one of my favorite little corners. 

#9- Blue and White Drapery Source Guide

I have blue and white drapes in 4 rooms of my home now, and get questions about them often.  This guide has lots of great options for fabric or ready made drapes if you're shopping for something similar.

#8- Colorful Fall Mantel

Probably my favorite Fall Mantel that I've ever done.  What in the world will I do this year?  Good thing I have 8 months to think about it!

#7- Blue and White Banquet Centerpieces

You all know that I like to share economical table ideas for various activities that I help decorate for, and y'all particularly enjoyed this one where I lugged all of my blue and white pieces across town to decorate 15 tables! 

#6- Spring Entertaining Ideas

This was such a fun post highlighting some things from one of my favorite sponsors to work with, At Home Stores.  They truly have something for everyone's style!

#5- Summer Home Tour

Looking back on this one is making me wish for sunny days and blue skies!

 #4- Christmas Home Tour

Everyone's favorite posts for the most wonderful time of the year.

#3- Two Christmas Trees

You all loved the two trees I decorated this year, the super colorful one in the Living Room above and the "sweet" merry and bright tree in my daughter's room.  This post had all of the details for both trees.

 #2- Dining Room Refresh

This was definitely my biggest makeover project of the year... completed, that is!  We *almost* finished the kids' bath in 2019 but are still tying up a few loose ends, that reveal will be coming by the end of January!

#1- Spring Home Tour

Wow, I wouldn't have guessed this tour to be my most popular of the year.  I guess when Spring draws near we all get the itch to freshen things up!

I didn't include it because it's random, but you all seem to enjoy my Five Friday Favorites posts as well, so thanks for following along with those and I'll plan to continue those this year.

Speaking of content for this year, is there anything in particular you'd like to see more of here?  I'll continue to naturally share whatever I'm doing, but what else would you like to see me address here or blog about more regularly?  I'd love your feedback, that would help me so much!  Leave a comment here with suggestions,  email me, or message me on my Facebook page.  Thanks a million!

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