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Friday, November 17, 2017


In keeping with my untraditional Fall color scheme this year, my Thanksgiving table followed suit!  I focused on hot pink, orange, blue and white and did some pattern mixing along the way.  If you read yesterday's post, I'm glad I put this table on hold for one more day because other than adding the glassware that I forgot, I made some other tweaks too and love it so much more now.

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I found a new blue and white bowl at Homegoods last weekend, so I think that kicked off the entire plan.  A simple fruit centerpiece stays low and keeps from obstructing the view of friends across the table, and the ginger jars with Trader Joe's eucalyptus (thank you Amy!) can easily be moved aside if they are obtrusive during the meal.  We serve all of the meal buffet style in the kitchen, so there's no need to leave a lot of space on the table for food dishes.  I do usually add salt and pepper shakers and butter to the table during the meal.

Following my usual pattern, the "runners" are pieces of fabric with the edges ironed under to keep them neat.  I only had a few scraps left of the pink and orange fabric left over from pillows I've made with it so I had to piece it together. And we will never use this much flatware in a meal  ;)  it just all came with a set I found on eBay and all of the pieces are too pretty not to put out!

Using a piece of scrapbook paper, I cut a simple flag and glued the end around a piece of a wooden skewer, tied a bow, and then stuck it in an orange to make personalized place markers.

These lovely napkins are my current favorites, and I use them every chance I can!

Sometimes I only have 4 of something I love for the table so I have to mix it up a bit.  I bought these spiky napkin rings years ago on clearance after Christmas at Target.  I searched but could only find 4, so I use simple beaded gold rings at the places on the end of the table.  I also only have 4 tea saucers that the oranges are sitting on (a million saucers!) so I just left those off on the end places.

I spray painted these candles a few years ago for another project.  Can't find striped candles you like?  Tape them off, choose your color, and spray!  I've also used a brush and acrylic paint too which also works fine.  (I did just notice that Hobby Lobby has started carrying striped candles though, woo hoo! They have black/white and gold/white right now.)

I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

(For more information on the Dining Room and room sources, click here.)


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  1. So pretty! Question: Can you light/burn the candles after once they have been spray painted?

    1. Thanks Kate! I've been burning them, and they generally have done fine. Occasionally the flame will grow big on one and I'll just trim the wick and re-light, that seems to take care of it.

  2. I bought a set like it too on Etsy and there are so many pieces! Debating using this one or my Grandmothers silver for this year.

    1. That's a tough call! I have a vintage set of silver that's fun to use too. I generally choose between the two depending on what the colors are I'm using on the table. I'm sure either will be beautiful!

  3. gorgeous! and you are right.. the glasses DO make a difference :-)

  4. Your colors are always AMAZING, Jennifer! I always look forward to your tablescapes! I’m sad I didn’t get around to doing something this Thanksgiving, so I’ll live vicariously through yours!!!


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