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Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Early last year I shared some Ikea Favorites with you, and after realizing that there were so many things that I didn't include on that list I thought it was time for another round!

Some of these are things that I consider to be Ikea "staples"... what I purchase time and time again, what I'm glad I purchased, and things that I use in my home.  If you don't get to Ikea often, the store can be VERY overwhelming, and it's easy to end up wandering around aimlessly caught up in a sea of choices in each department.  So, I'm highlighting some things to keep an eye out for when you go. The in-store photos are phone pics and the lighting is bad, but they should give you an idea of what things look like on the shelf.   I did try to include the label in the photo so you could see the price, too.

IKEA, stockholm pillow, eivor blanket, ribba frame, poppig tray, gurli pillow, lappljung ruta pillow

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I love the Jara shades at Ikea.  They're actually made to be a hanging pendant light, but I used an easy fix to adapt them to fit on a standard table lamp.   The large size was the perfect fit for my thrift store lamps.

These little plants look so convincingly real, they're perfect to scatter around the house.

I used two in the little blue and white planter on the elephant side table in my breakfast nook, no worries about light or water or keeping it alive!

This pillow has been popular for years, and I think it's a classic!

This lightweight comforter is still warm and cozy.  We've come to realize that down comforters are too warm for us, so I've switched to these for all of our beds to slip inside our duvet covers.  Sometimes in the Summer we even use it with no duvet cover- just as-is!  It's so easy to toss in the wash if needed.

It's not visible in these photos, but it's tucked inside our duvet covers!  :)

Another long time favorite... this classic black and white striped blanket.

Ikea has a great selection of door mats.  This is the one I used to make my monogrammed mat, and they're great for gifts, too!  

The Ribba Frames come in so many different colors and sizes and it's so nice that a white mat is included.  I picked up some larger ones for our family photos.  They do not come in gold, but I knew I'd be painting mine so I found some gray ones that were on clearance and sprayed them when I got home.  FYI, I should have primed them first.  Mine turned out ok but the spray paint would have adhered to the plastic frame much better if I had primed first.  Didn't think about it for that project but live and learn!

Even though I don't own it (I might need to remedy that!), this pillow caught my eye.  The embroidered stitching is very nice and looks way more expensive than the price tag reflects!

I DO own four of these.  They're velvet with the black and white design and are perfect for layering in with other designs and patterns.

The Gurli pillow covers are a steal.  They are 20x20 and come in tons of colors.  For $4, I always pick up a few even if I don't have a specific project in mind, they come in handy sooner or later.  I used the red ones to DIY some fur trimmed pillows several years ago.

Several years ago I came across tons of fun cookie cutters for a steal at Target, and snatched them all up for my gift stash. With a rolling pin from Ikea and some cute monogrammed kitchen towels, they've been great wedding shower gifts.

I couldn't resist the little striped melamine tray on the left, it's so cheery and great for outdoors or carrying cookies or treats to various functions.

Straws!  They're a steal and I always pick up a few packages when we go.

Same thing with batteries, we stock up!

Lastly, I love these little fleece blankets.  They're another thing that I buy several of for my gift stash.  With a little monogram added to the corner they're as cute as could be, and great gifts for my kids' friends or to tuck in with a shower gift.

Be sure to check out my first round of Ikea Favorites that I shared here, and we talked Ikea for My Five Favorites several months ago too.

Our nearest Ikea is three hours away, but we're planning a quick Fall Break getaway next month so I'm ready for another visit!  I know they've added lots of new things since I've been last time and I'm anxious to see what I can't live without.  ;)

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  1. I love the black and withe blanket! Adding to my list! Great picks!

    1. It is SUCH a great piece! I've had mine for several years and they still look brand new.

  2. Love many of your picks! Heading there to help decorate a cute downtown loft we just rented for weekend getaways in downtown Memphis, TN!

  3. Great idea, Jennifer. My house in Houston was flooded with a foot of water. I am going for low cost replacements, as those Henredon couches were tossed. IKEA will be my new best friend shopping.

    1. Holly, I'm so sorry your home was damaged! I hope you're getting back on your feet and getting the help you need. What a challenge! I have heard such wonderful things about the Ikea sofas, my sister just got one and absolutely loves it! Take care.

  4. Oh, I wish I lived near an Ikea! They have such fun stuff! I only get to go once a year or so and then it's kind of overwhelming. I'm going to use your post as a shopping list for my November pilgrimage!

  5. I have the Stockholm velvet pillows in navy and white instead of black and white. They are a great buy for sure!!


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