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Tuesday, November 22, 2016


When I decided to use a new color scheme for my Christmas tree this year, I knew I was going to have to find a different tree skirt than I've used in the past.  Not finding what I had in mind in stores, I browsed Pinterest for inspiration to make my own.  As soon I I spotted this skirt  (no longer available to purchase) I knew I found a winner, and even more so when I knew it could be done quickly and with no sewing involved!

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I used the design as inspiration for my own, but selected colors that complemented my tree.  The process could not have been easier.  If you can cut and glue, you can make a tree skirt!  I used extra wide felt from so I could get the whole skirt made in just one piece.  The beauty of felt is that it has a nice weight and does not fray at all, so cut edges stay clean, and it's available in just about any color imaginable.

For this project, I used felt by the yard that is 72" wide.  I got 2 yards of  Peacock Blue
for my main color, so that the material would be large enough and I wouldn't have to worry about piecing anything together.  After determining the size that I wanted my skirt to be (I wanted about a 60" diameter, so it would come out about 30" from the center on each side of the tree), I used some super high-tech tools (a sting and piece of chalk) to mark out a circle.  To trace a perfect circle, I cut the sting a few inches longer than my 30" radius, tied one end to the chalk and pinned the other end in what would be the center of the circle, making sure that my chalk line would stay on the fabric all the way around.

After tracing the circle and cutting it out, I traced a small circle right around the center point and cut a slit opening down one side.  (By the way, that fold crease came right out when I hovered a steamy iron just above it.)

At this point I did a quick check under the tree just to make sure the size was what I wanted.

I used a plastic cup to trace the size of polka dots I wanted, and was able to cut through 2 layers nicely at once to make the process go a bit faster.  Rainbow Red is the perfect Christmas red, and I also cut the same size circles out of Apple Green for the scalloped green.

To assemble the pieces, I simply used Fabri-Tac glue to attach the polka dots on top.  After cutting the green circles in half, I glued them underneath the edge to form the scalloped border.

And... done in about 30 minutes!  I didn't feel it necessary to use any type of closure on the skirt seam, but you could glue some ribbon pieces down the sides if you'd like to tie the seam closed.

I think this whimsical pop of bold color is just what my jewel toned tree needed to finish it off.

What do you typically use for a skirt?  For years I used a plaid fabric shower curtain wrapped around the bottom, and in recent years have used faux sheepskins layered around the base.  Have you seen the new "tree collars" that eliminate the need for a skirt?  I love that there are so many chances to be creative when trimming the tree, even with the finishing touch of the tree skirt! provided materials for this project, but all project ideas and instructions are mine.  They have been one of my go-to fabric sources for years, the selection is incredible!  

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  1. Love your "colorful" blog - way too much beige out there in blogland for this girl who loves color too!
    So glad that I found you. Best wishes for a very nice Thanksgiving!

  2. Wow, beautiful!! Never disappointed looking through your blog
    Happy Thanksgiving


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