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It's one of my favorite weeks of the year... another round of Blogger Stylin' Home Tours!  Many thanks to Lindsay at The White Buffalo Styling Co. for hosting this tour.  If you're coming over from Britt Kingery, welcome!



We arrived in NYC yesterday and are already having the best time!  I'd love to see you over on Instagram for some peeks at what we're up to.   Today I'm thrilled to have Rhoda from Southern Hospitality here to share her Favorite 5 with you.

I finally met Rhoda in person last month, and what you see is what you get!  She is the kindest, most down to earth, encouraging person and I'm privileged to call her my friend.   I've been following Rhoda for 7-8 years probably, and am always inspired by her projects, her journey, and her wisdom as a seasoned blogger.  She has had some challenges as well as triumphs in her life, and she has weathered it all with courage and grace and heart.  Enjoy getting to know Rhoda today!

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I'm so happy to be here with Jennifer today! I've been a big fan of Jennifer's style (and her heart) ever since I found her blog several years ago. In case you don't know me, let me tell you a little about me. I've been blogging at Southern Hospitality for almost 10 years now (yep, I'm a pioneer in this blogging niche) and still love talking about decorating and house stuff. It's just in my blood. I love seeing a house transformed into something beautiful.

 In fact, my own house has gone through a major transformation in the last 4 years. I'm a single lady, for now anyway, and 4 years ago bought my fixer-upper 1979 home that was in dire need of updating. It had never been touched. My 85 (at the time) year old dad helped me bring this house up to the 21st century with lots of paint, sweat, and elbow grease. It's been a very fun journey watching this ugly duckling house turn into a beautiful swan. She has come a long way, baby!

 So, I'm very excited to share with you my favorite 5 rooms and projects at my home. Keep in mind, my home is not big and fancy, but I've made it over to its fullest capacity with a lot of paint, DIY projects, and hard work! So, if you happen to have a fixer upper house, you may get some ideas from my house journey. Probably my first favorite transformation is my kitchen. I was definitely on a budget redoing this kitchen and I didn't have unlimited resources to spend, so I went with Ikea cabinets in here and still love them to this day. I'd do it all over again if I was doing another kitchen with a tight budget.

These rustic shelves are a fave of mine in the kitchen and you can see all the Before and After pics on that link above.

  fall tablescape026



Hi friends, I hop you all enjoyed your weekend!  We were scrambling to clean house and do laundry and stock the pantry and write out kid instructions and pack and go to church and finish blog posts, because as this post goes live we're on our way to NYC!!!

I'll be attending the Better Homes and Gardens Stylemaker workshop on Thursday, but we're headed in early for several days to ourselves to enjoy the city.  While I'm gone I'm so happy to have a few friends visiting to participate in My Favorite Five this week.

Today I'd like for you to meet my friend Stephanie from Casa Watkins Living.  I've fallen in love with Stephanie's colorful, eclectic style, and I think you will too!  I was thrilled to meet Stephanie in person at a conference this summer, and spent a nice evening visiting with her over dinner.  Enjoy getting to know her today and reading about her smart DIY ideas and gorgeous styling.

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Hola! I'm Stephanie of Casa Watkins Living and I am so thrilled to be here at Dimples and Tangles today! I'm so honored to be invited to share my 5 Favorite posts with you all. I'm a firm believer of living a global, eclectic life as a whole. What does that mean? Well, I incorporate several worldly and cultural influences in my home, DIY projects, cooking, and other factors of life. When it comes to home decorating, Jennifer and I can't avoid incorporating lots of colors. So, here are my 5 Favorite post that also show my love of global flair and color. Enjoy and hope to see you around my casa!   

One of my biggest pleasures is remaking or repurposing items into something new. One of my favorite repurposing projects are these easy DIY copper wire wall mirrors and you're not going to believe what I used to make them! You probably already have this in your home or boxed up in your garage.



Did you see Sarah's bathroom renovation?  Wowzers!!  Sarah, would you and David please come re-design my master bathroom???  And do all of the work?  ;)   (Please pin from original source.)



I have partnered with At Home as a member of the At Home Inspiration Team for this sponsored post and am happy to share some of my favorite products with you!  All opinions are mine alone.

Now that we have a great outdoor dining area on our new patio, I thought it would be so fun to set up a Fall harvest tablescape outside.  I headed to my local At Home store for some seasonal inspiration, and I wasn't disappointed!



I'm noticing a trend lately that I can totally get on board with... green cabinetry.  I know that sage green and more muted tones have likely been popular for years, but I'm talking GREEN green.  My green.  Bold green.

While looking through this month's HGTV magazine, this kitchen stopped me in my tracks! I studied each detail and was SO drawn to that gorgeous green island.  Right then and there I got up and looked at my kitchen and wondered if I could do the same.



Hi Friends!  Thank you all so much for your kind comments on the first part of my Fall Home Tour.  If you missed it, check it out here, and then go back to the beginning of the blog hop party for 29 more beautiful homes to be inspired by.

15 Secrets to Decorating Like a Pro- good tips to remember!  (Please pin from the original source.)



Hello friends, I'm so glad you're here today!  I'm delighted to be a part of the 2016 Fall Home Tours hosted by Marty at A Stroll Thru Life.  If you're visiting from Setting for Four, welcome!  Didn't you enjoy Heather's tour?

If you're visiting for the first time today, let me introduce myself.  I'm Jennifer and I live in Edmond, Oklahoma, where my husband is a Baptist minister, and we have two teenagers, a son (dimples) and a daughter (tangles).  I adore bold color and mixing patterns, get excited about a great Craigslist score, and am not afraid to get my hands dirty with a DIY project.

It is still a bit early to be fully decked out for Fall, but I added some small touches around the house to usher in the season.  I wanted to keep things very simple yet interesting, so I focused on bringing in some cozy colors, accessories found in nature, texture, and mixed metals.

fall home tour



The litter box has been the thorn in my decorating side for years, and I can't believe I didn't come up with this idea to hide it sooner!  I told you about it a few weeks ago when I shared our freshly organized laundry room, but I today I wanted to share just how simple this little design challenge solution was.  

litter box cover, cat, hidden litter box, cat cave,


I had to run into Hobby Lobby the other night for a few things, and of course found myself veering off track from what I originally came in for.  I walked down the aisle full of packaged pillow covers, and couldn't believe my eyes!  I had to call my sister (who works at the HL corporate offices) and say, "Have I been under a rock, or are these new???"  They had the BEST new patterns, especially right now if you're ready to start thinking about making a few changes for Fall.  So, I did what every good blogger would do and sat in the aisle for 20 minutes and took photos to share with you! ;)

I'll show you the ones that I really liked and list the price too, because I know you'll want to know!   Just remember, discount the price by 40% if you use your coupon (did you know there's a Hobby Lobby app you can get to always have a coupon on your phone?), which makes the prices hard to beat.

Fall decor, pattern mix, pillows, brass trunk, autumn decorations



I think that simplifying and downsizing will continue to be a trend in the future.  I enjoyed this article about a fellow Oklahoma family (not too far from me!) who downsized and built a 1,000 square foot home from the ground up. They did some smart space planning and the home appears so spacious from the photos.  A family of 4 sharing one bathroom though...not sure I could do it!



I've had the itch to rearrange the furniture in the living room lately, but in order to do what I'd like I could really use a sofa table.  I sold the sofa table I used to have a while back, so I've been keeping an eye out for another one.  I came across this one on Craigslist over the weekend, and it was absolutely perfect!  It's a good height and length, narrow so it won't stick out too far, and the huge bonus is that it came with two darling stools!  We can never have too much extra seating around here.

console table, bamboo table, sofa table



I've been vacationing at Red River, New Mexico nearly every summer since I was 12 years old.  It's the perfect mountain getaway for the Oklahoma/North Texas region and we notice that a majority of visitors are from those areas.  Nestled in the Sangre de Cristo mountains, not only is it a skiing destination in the winter, but it's awesome to escape the heat of the summer and spend some time in the cool climate of the mountains.

The past two summers our family has done big road trips (one to each coast), so we were all ready to head back to our familiar happy place this summer to relax.  The majority of the time we visit in the summer (we've never been there in the winter to ski!!), but we've been multiple times at Fall Break as well and it's gorgeous with all of the golden leafed Aspen trees covering the mountainsides.


Our standard lodging spot is The Riverside Lodge and Cabins.  There are a variety of accommodations available, but we really love the location (center of town) and the grounds at the Riverside.  That being said, the rustic decor hasn't changed in 30 years, but the rooms have always met our needs.

We've stayed in almost all of the different kinds of rooms at the lodge.  This time we were in one of the two story units, we enjoy the deck and porch and it gives us a little more room to spread out.  There were lots of families on property too, and apparently some family reunions because there were several big family groups there during our stay.

We usually take a few balls, gloves, a frisbee, etc., as well as some extra folding lawn chairs to use on the porch and around town.  There are several parks in town in addition to the grassy lawn at our lodge and green space to play along the river.

There's a playground in the center of the complex that was fabulous when the kids were young.  There's lots of fun for all ages on property, including a hot tub, shuffleboard, basketball goal, horseshoes, ladder ball, and corn hole.

We got a big corn hole bracket going with the whole family participating.  My little sis and her game winning shot... she's not competitive at all. #onoppositeday

 Ultimately, in a showdown between my husband and my Dad, Ray pulled off the win for the grand championship!

Other than The Riverside, there are a few other place I can recommend.  My middle sister's family stayed at La Casita earlier this summer and they highly recommend it.  The Riverside used to own World Mark by Wyndham,  and I've stayed there in the past.  Now it's mainly timeshares but I believe they still have units to rent out.  It's nice because all the units back up to the river.  We have dear friends that always stay at Copper King Lodge & Cabins (particularly riverfront cabins) and highly recommend it.  Although I haven't stayed at these two, they are supposed to be great too- 3 Bears Lodge,  and Edelweiss Condos (has a pool).  For a full list of in-town lodging, go here.  There are also many vacation home rentals available, here's a list to start with but there may be more available with some searching.  Lastly, there are abundant campgrounds and RV parks in the area if you're wanting to camp!


Honestly, we don't eat out too much when we're in Red River.  We always rent a unit with a full kitchen to save a little money on meals.  We do grab lunch out a few times.  The Dairy Bar makes a good burger among other things, with excellent ice cream and shakes! 

We did eat dinner out once this trip, at the Sundance Mexican Food Restaurant.  I've been going there since I was a little girl and it's always delicious.  It didn't disappoint this year, either, the sopapillas are to die for!  A few other places to recommend:

The Pit Stop at Go-Kart City- sounds fancy, right? ;) Good for a quick serve snack or meal

There are several other restaurants in town, those are just a few that I can vouch for.  :) 


Red River offers plenty of summer activities to choose from, including horseback riding, off-roading (Jeep and ATV rentals available), fishing, bicycle rentals, shopping, chuckwagon dinners, and many other family activities.  With plenty of "free" entertainment, you can spend as little or as much as you want on this vacation.  Even with a small budget, there's plenty to do and enjoy around to keep busy.  Even with all that is available, Red River is where we go to do absolutely nothing.  We never have a set agenda.  We generally decide each morning something we want to do that day, and the majority of the day is spent roaming the town, sitting on the porch reading, exploring along the river, and taking it easy.  It's absolutely what we need to relax and re-charge.

Another thing we especially love about Red River is the size of the town.  It's totally doable to walk the length of the town, so often we park the car when we arrive and don't use it again.  We like to take our own bikes when we can, they make it a little easier to get around town.  It's a place where we're comfortable turning the kids loose and letting them roam on their own. 

The Community House offers a wide variety of activities throughout the summer, including guided hikes and tours, kids' activities, s'mores on the lawn nights, movie nights, line and square dancing, crafts, and church services on Sunday.  If you go make sure to get a schedule for the week so you can see all that is going on.  One of the kids' favorite activities is the bi-weekly boat races, where the kids make their own boat from wood scraps then race them in the river.  We grew up going to the Community House in the evenings to watch all of the square dancers... decked out in their dancing clothes with layered petticoats and all!  It was always fun to see where everyone was from.

There's a go-kart track in town, it was a happy day for each child when they were finally tall enough to drive their own car.

At the base of one of the lifts the town has put in a Summer play area, complete with the nicest ropes courses I've seen, and two tubing courses (one for little guys and one for older kids/adults).  There's also the "Playhouse" (white roof in distance) with roller skating, pool, some arcade games, and mini-golf.  My sisters and I grew up living at the Playhouse playing outdoor mini-golf, Ms. PacMan, and air hockey, but honestly, it's seen better days.  OK for some activities, but it's sadly getting run down.

The kids enjoyed the larger tubing course that winds down the mountains, they actually spray the bottom of the tubes with cooking spray to make them go faster!

There are a multitude of hiking trails at various degrees of difficulty.  The Community House offers a variety of guided hikes, or there are trail maps available around town if you'd like to set out on your own.  Any hotel or shop owner is always a good resource as well.

Lots of jeep and ATV trails are in the area, but there are a few picturesque spots you can drive most vehicles to, even though the roads are a bit rough.  One that we love to visit is Cabresto Lake.  It makes a good picnic and fishing spot and there are trails around it if you want to do some hiking while you're there.

This year Ray, our brother in law Micah, and Caleb completed a one-day hike to the top of Wheeler Peak at 13,161 feet, the highest point in NM.  It's a hard push to make the summit and back down in a day from Red River, but they did it!

Caleb looking down at Lost Lake on the trail to the top of Wheeler Peak.

We often enjoy day trips to neighboring towns Taos (about 45 minutes away), and Eagle's Nest (20 minutes away).  Eagle's Nest actually has one of our favorite thrift stores, Angel's Attic.  It's only open Thursday-Saturday and there is always a line of people waiting at the door when they open at 10:00 (don't miss the barn out back, too!).  This time, I spent $18 and got a pair of ski pants, a wool ski hat, a 4 capacity car bike rack, a brass pot, 3 hardback books, 6 bamboo handles, and a new sweater!  Bargains galore, and as I mentioned, it's the BEST place to buy ski gear... I think I outfitted my kids with snow clothes from there many winters as they were growing up!  The Rio Grande Gorge is also nearby and interesting to visit, although if you do any rafting trips that's likely where they will be.

My parents and youngest sister and her husband met us in Red River for vacation this year, so it was fun to hang out with family!  Aren't my Dad and Mom cute?  :)

Shout out to my family- they were good sports to dress nicely and let me get in a little family photo shoot the morning that we headed home.

One note, Summer and Winter (through Spring Break) are peak seasons. We really enjoy being there in the Fall, but just know that it's off season and some restaurants/shops/activities might not be open, and the town is extra quiet, however most hotel rates are discounted.  We don't mind the sleepy town at all, but just so you know!

I have a feeling some of you have been to Red River.  I'd love to see some of your favorite memories or things to do there in the comments!

mountain vacation, what to do in Red River, Red River New Mexico travel guide

*Thanks to my sister for sharing her photos with me, several of these are hers.  :)

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My blog friends Pam of Simple DetailsLisa of Shine Your LightKris of Driven by Decor and I are back today (and the first Tuesday of every month) for this month's feature of My Favorite Five.  Today we're sharing our favorite kinds of artwork!  

This month we're happy to welcome our guest host Jennifer from The Chronicles of Home.  Jen has been a friend for years and I enjoy following her projects on her blog as well as on Instagram.  Let me tell you, this girl can do it all.  Like, she builds FURNITURE and things from scratch!!  And, I'm dying to pull up a chair at her table some day to sample all of the wonderful recipes she creates.  I'm swooning over the guest room she recently completed in her home she's been renovating a little at a time.  Can't you see why I love her style so much?  Be sure to visit The Chronicles of Home today, I think you'll love it there as much as I do!



Hello there, everyone!  Thank you all for such kind comments and remarks on my last post, be sure to go back and check it out if you missed it for a great giveaway opportunity!

I referenced this briefly in my last post, but one of the things you all suggested that you might like to see here was a regular weekend post.  It seems like you'd like more new material to read while you're drinking your Saturday morning coffee.  Well, ok!  I can do that!  I will start regular posts on Saturday mornings, and will call these posts Sweet Saturday (because isn't that what Saturdays are???).   Most of the time you'll find snippets of things I thought you would enjoy, quick tips, or bits and pieces of things that aren't enough material for their own post.  So, I hope you enjoy the randomness of them!

We are heading to NYC at the end of the month and I've been making our arrangements for where we'll be staying, I always forget how teeny tiny those spaces are!  This pretty apartment has a ton of serious style packed into 500 square feet!



It honestly hardly seems possible, but yesterday marked 5 years since the very first time I hit "publish" for this blog.  These years have gone by in a flash, but it's hard to remember what life was like before the blog now!  Today, 763 posts later, it's amazing to look back and see all the things that have changed and the progress we have made with our home over these years.  And, although we've done a lot, there's still always another project on the horizon!

So,  I just wanted to stop and say thank you today.  Thank you for reading.  Thank you for sharing your encouraging comments.  Thank you for telling your friends about the blog.  Thank you for becoming my "online friends." And to those who read who I actually know in real life, thank you for being my cheerleaders and always having a kind word to say about what you're enjoying on the blog when we meet in passing.  It's been a privilege to share our home and a peek into our lives with you.

I also wanted to thank you all again for taking the time to give me your feedback on the blog a few weeks ago.  Here's a few highlights of what I gathered from your comments:

-You all are generally happy with the way things are around here!  Which duh, I guess I should have known that if you continue to visit!  :)

-You don't care as much about the name/ look/ layout as I think you do.  You just want good content. I am planning a little re-design to freshen things up and most likely a move to Wordpress, which shouldn't affect you at all other than you might need to add me to your reader again.  I'll let you know in advance if and when that happens so you can look for me.   I will let you know that I have come <this close> to changing the name in the past few years.  I thought I wanted something a little more specific to what I blogged about, possibly even just my name, but do you know how many Jennifer Griffin's there are in the world? A lot.  Most domains/user names were already taken there, and I would have had to alter my name too much to make it worth it.  So, Dimples and Tangles is here to stay.  You're right, it IS catchy and memorable, and although my kids aren't included as much as they might have been before, they're still a big reason why I do what I do!

-You guys love color as much as I do, or at least appreciate my use of it.

-You don't mind too much if I post new topics here and there, as long as I stick with home decor the majority of the time.

-You don't care for repetitive "sale" posts or pop ups.  Me neither!  Although I am carving out ways to make an income while sustaining the blog (which takes many, many hours to create), I will try to be discreet with links, ads, etc. and treat you all the same way that I like to be treated as a blog reader myself.

-Several of you made some great suggestions for topics you'd like to see, so I'll be working to add some new features in soon, too.  One of those is that you all really enjoy a few fellow bloggers who post on the weekends, so I'll try my hand at a Saturday post too starting this week!


As just a small token of my appreciation, I wanted to share a treat with a few of you.  I recently did some shopping for Fall, and I bought a little extra to share some treasures with you just to celebrate this occasion!  So, I'll be giving away this gorgeous Michael Kors rose gold with tortoise accent hinged bangle bracelet to one blog reader.

Although the bangle bracelet fits closely around the wrist, it's hinged so it's easy to get on and off.

Not only am I giving away this bracelet to those who enter on the blog, but I have 2 MORE bracelets you can enter to win, too!  On my Facebook page, you can enter to win this silver studded beauty, perfect for stacking with other bracelets or your watch. (Facebook post will be live by 10 a.m. CST)

And, if you follow me on Instagram, you can enter to win this pretty gold bracelet with marbled accent.  It's the perfect accessory for a Fall wardrobe! (Instagram post will be live by 10 a.m. CST)

To enter to win this rose gold and tortoise bracelet, just complete the automatic entry in the rafflecopter below.  That's it!

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Enter below, and don't forget to visit my Facebook and Instagram pages for a chance to win two other bracelets as well!

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