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Friday, July 15, 2016


Hip hip hooray for Friday!!  I have a few things I'm excited to share with you today.

Here's today's super sale special... get yourself to Gap!  I know every fashion blogger in the universe is promoting the Nordstrom Anniversary sale right now, and I love to buy from them online occasionally, but since we don't have a local Nordstrom it's not quite the same as dropping in and trying things on.  So, I'll tell you about where I shopped this week... Gap!

They have a great in-store clearance going on right now, with an extra 40% off of the lowest marked price.  I got this cute lightweight striped popover for less than $20 (and the pretty turquoise green is even cheaper online), and am wearing it today as a matter of fact!

Be sure if you're shopping online to enter code TGIF for an EXTRA 35-40% off of your purchase (Friday only)!  If you're in OKC, Penn Square has the best clearance selection left, and don't miss the hidden room at the back with tons more women's and girls' clearance.

I also got this super comfy sweatshirt in gray (who cares if it's July???), a pair of unbelievably soft clearance pj pants that aren't online, some staple lightweight $9 sweaters for my guys (cheaper in my store than website price), and multiple sweaters and dressier t-shirts for my girl that were all less than $5 each (also cheaper in store than website shows).

My Lipstick.  I've wanted to share this with you for a while because I often get asked about it, but when I just told a friend about it and she loved it too (more than a super pricey version she had tried), I was reminded to share it with you!  Let me preface this by saying for the most part, except for a few Mary Kay items I like, I'm a drug store make-up girl.  Other than some Clinique in high school and college (that dates me for sure!), I've never used fancy or expensive brands.

So.... I've always been a bright colored lipstick wearer.  When my first baby was born, who just got his driver's permit this past Monday(!), I realized that I was going to have to figure out another option when I was leaving lipstick all over his cute cheeks when I kissed him, and occasionally smudging it on his clothes as I held him on my shoulder.  Way back then I tried the kiss-proof lipstick, and have worn it nearly every day since!

Several brands have come and gone since then, but now my go-to is Cover Girl Outlast.  The box comes with 2 tubes, one is the color that you apply with a wand, and the other is the clear topcoat that is like a traditional lipstick.  I always make sure that my lips are completely clean and dry before applying the color coat.  This is probably just a weird thing I do, but right after applying the color I rub my lips together a little, and then stretch them out (like I'm showing all my teeth) for several seconds to let it dry.  I think it helps it dry more evenly and prevents cracking.  After the color is dry (and your lips WILL be dry with just the color coat), use the clear top coat for shine and moisture.  I usually reapply the top coat once or twice throughout the day, but the color stays from morning until night.  It's nice too that you can just purchase single tubes of the topcoat, since you'll likely run out if it long before you do the color tube.

One more application note:  I NEVER use just one color!  I always start with a base color and then layer another color on top.  My base is usually pretty dark, then depending on what I'm wearing I use a red, pinkish, or even something more neutral on top.  Then, sometimes I add just a dot of this color to the center of my top and bottom lip (then rub them together to blend it in) for a little extra dimension and variation.

Here are my favorite colors:
#661 Cinnamon Stick-my hands down favorite and usually my base coat
(that photo doesn't look true to the color, but this one does)
#542 Brazen Raisin-another base color sometimes
#507 Ever Red-Dy- a true red lip
#559- Plum Berry- pinkier tone
#577 Spiced Latte-used for center dot explained above

Tip:  I keep a photo on my phone of all of my favorite color numbers to refer to when I need a new tube.

covergirl outlast lipstick

OK, I'm sure that's more than you ever wanted to know about my lipstick!

Homemade pizza dough.  A couple of times over the summer we've had make your own pizza night.  I've tried several different dough recipes, but this one is BY FAR my favorite, and my entire family agrees!  It's super fast and the best tasting of all I've tried.  The first time I made it, I doubled the recipe and the 4 of us each made our own good-sized pizza.  I saved the left-overs in the fridge and made breadsticks out of it the next day.  Yum, YUM!!

Finally, today is so exciting for me...  I've "known" this sweet lady through our blogs since we both started around the same time almost 5 years ago, and today I get to hug her neck for real!  I'll post a few pics on Instagram and Facebook if you want to follow along with our fun!

Have a great weekend, everyone.  We're actually living it up in the mountains on vacation, but I've got several great posts to share with you next week.  See you then!

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  1. Great post! Pinning the pizza dough recipe - we love make your own pizza night but I don't always remember to plan ahead and make the dough, so this is great! I'm so excited you get to meet Pam! How fun! Have a great week!

  2. Hi Jennifer- We were in Red River the end of June for a family reunion! There were several families from Oklahoma at the place we stayed at! Did you hike up the ski run? We also did a huge family reunion photo with local photographer at a nearby park. Have fun! Laura {not a trophy wife}

    1. Isn't it so fun? This is a popular vacation spot for Oklahomans and Texans for sure. We hiked up to the lift house the last time we were here. The guys are planning to hike up to Wheeler peak this time, but we'll all do some lighter hiking too. How fun that you got a great family photo. Was it at Malette Park? That's one of our favorite spots, too!

  3. we adore make your own pizza night however I don't never forget to prepare and make the batter, so this is awesome! I'm so energized you get the chance to meet Pam! How fun! Have an awesome week! Samish leather


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