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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Last year when I rescued this cute dresser from my neighbor's trash, I always imagined it styled with a giant piece of abstract art hanging over it.  Although the dresser was free to me, I still didn't want to spend loads of cash for the type of piece I envisioned.  So, like any good DIY blogger, I made do with something I painted myself.  I used the largest canvas that I had on hand (even a plain big canvas is expensive, too!) and was happy with the vibrant colors of the painting I made, even though I'm fully aware of my limited abstract painting abilities.  ;)

Since the canvas didn't fill the space as much as I would have liked, I compensated by filling in the space around it.  Here's what it looked like for last year's summer home tour:

vintage chest, antique dresser, styling, white hydrangeas, layered canvas artwork, polish pottery

I'm always keeping an eye out for a larger canvas that I can replace that one with, but in the mean time, inspiration struck to give this canvas a little more presence on the wall.  Using the same premise that I did for my layered silhouette artwork, I thought I could add a piece behind the canvas to make it seem bigger.

I thought about having a piece of plywood cut to size, but then I remembered I had left over insulated sheathing that I used for the DIY Airplane Art in my son's room.  It wouldn't be as heavy as a large piece of plywood hanging on the wall, and it was already in my garage, so yay for free!

To cover the sheathing, I almost defaulted to black and white striped fabric, but then this navy and white polka dot in my stash caught my eye.  I've used it as a make-shift runner on a few tables here and here before.  I really liked the mix of the polka dot polish pottery plates that I had hung on the wall with the canvas, so the navy polka dot fabric quickly won out.

navy polka dot fabric, green paisley fabric, tulips, zebra plates, blue willow, spring table setting, easter tablescape

This was such a simple project!  I started by cutting the sheathing to the size I wanted.  It's easy to cut with a good straight edge and utility knife.

Then, I layed it down on the wrong side of a piece of fabric, leaving several inches around each side.

Next, I wrapped the excess fabric around each side.  I knew that hot glue would not work well on the foam, so I used good 'ol duct tape to secure the edges.  Just like replacing the fabric on a chair seat, I secured all of the sides first, then tightly pulled the fabric at the corners for a sharp edge.

That's all there is to it!

Rather than thinking about a way to attach hangers from the back of the foam board,  I just used a few nails and tapped them straight through the front of the foam board to attach it to the wall.  The foam board was a little bit bowed, so I used about three nails so it would all be snug against the wall.

Then, I used two more nails through the foam board to hang the canvas (my trick for making sure that pictures don't shift and get crooked).

layered canvas, abstract artwork, navy polka dot fabric

vintage dresser, marble top, blue and white lamp, styling, vignette, abstract art, layered canvas artwork

vignette, layered canvas artwork, abstract painting, brass bells, head planter

Side view, nice and flush with the wall:

diy, abstract art, styling, vignette, polish pottery, head planter, blue and white

What do you think?  Love this project?  I'd appreciate it if you'd pin it!

diy, abstract artwork, insulated sheathing, dresser vignette, bust head planter

 photo jennifersignaturetwo_zps56f3de87.png

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  1. this is so fun and so you! it's layered perfection! oh and my friend just bought a house, sent me a pic of a bathroom she loved and wanted to do something similar and it was your bathroom!!!! i was like "YAY that's my friend! she's amazing and a color master!"

  2. What a really great idea! It makes your artwork stand out even more. Thanks for sharing. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  3. What a fantastic idea. So easy to do with big impact

  4. I can not believe, your neighbor would trash the chest!!!!...

    1. I know! The original marble top was broken and the back two wheels broken off, but... I got a beauty!

  5. That is a fantastic idea! Looks great!!

  6. Love this idea since I have so many fabric I LOVE! Thanks Jennifer!

  7. Fun idea, Jennifer! I love the abstract art with the old dresser. Mixed to perfection :)

  8. Love this idea! And so simple too!

  9. This looks great! I don't see how to pin it though. No PIN IT button is showing up for me. Help!

    1. Oh no! It should show up in the top left corner when you hover over the photo for a second. If it's not there, I'm not sure what's going on. I see it on my page. Sorry, thanks for wanting to pin!


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