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Friday, May 20, 2016


It's's the last day of school for us...the weather is beautiful... what could be better?  How about some cute clothes???  ;)  I honestly don't shop for clothes very often, but when I do I buy several things at once.  I found some great pieces lately that are pretty classic and versatile and wanted to share them with you.  Several are from H&M.  We finally got a store in one of our local malls, and last week was really the first time I've spent a good amount of time in there.  I found some winners and I think I'm hooked!  Now if they would just add a home section to our store...

I bought this dress the other day (actually 2, they had it in navy too), and I can already tell it will be a favorite throw-on-and-go dress.  The sleeves are long, but the fabric isn't too thick to wear through the summer (at least for me, I'm usually chilly).  It's loose and roomy, but I would say not quite as full as some other swing dresses I have.  It's been cool here the past few days, and I've wanted to pair it with a lightweight scarf and booties.  I think it's a versatile piece for just about every season.  I could have sized down, but my shoulders are a little broad so I stuck with my regular size, and I'm 5'7" and it wasn't this short on me.  Oh, and by the way, it's less than $20!

I'm sharing this shirt because it is almost identical to one I just bought that I absolutely love.  Mine is just a tad longer (covers the bum) and has a rounded tulip hem that curves up on the side seams. The fabric is thick (almost like a sweatshirt).  It's been a little cool here so I've been wearing it now, and plan on it being a staple for our mountain vacation later this summer.  Even though I can't find it online, my exact shirt might still be available in stores if you're interested.  It's the same fabric and price as the one pictured here.  Or, your might like this one that's a shorter length with the straight across hem.

I've got my eye on these two dresses next!

After seeing several other bloggers recommend them, I tried these white jeans.  They were right, I love them!  They are mid-rise, so you don't have to worry about tugging them up all day, and the fabric is nice and thick so you can't see through them at all.  They have a bit of stretch, and although I felt like they loosened up just a bit when I wore them, it wasn't at all like they were stretching out and losing their shape.  They are skinny, but the legs aren't tight.   Most recommend sizing down.  I bought 2 sizes and ended up keeping the smaller size (we don't have a local Nordstrom, so gotta love free shipping and free super easy returns!).  I know I'll wear these all summer, often cuffed at the bottom for an even more casual, summer-y feel.

I stumbled on this shirt when I was returning a few things the other day, and I'm so glad it caught my eye!  The cut is slightly fitted and a little clingy so I sized up for a looser fit.  The fabric is pretty thin and lightweight on this one, so even though it's got long sleeves I plan to wear it through the summer.  It comes in a cute taupe stripe too, and it's under $7 with an extra 40% off right now, no code needed!

Lastly, even though I can't give links, I wanted to share that I've found several fun new tops within the last week at Ross.  If you have a local store, you might want to stop in and check!  All of the pieces I bought were Juniors- which I never buy- but they have some really darling styles right now that weren't too tiny, skimpy, or flimsy.  I bought a range of sizes from small-large depending on the piece, I just had to try them on.  I found a couple of dresses that I'm actually wearing as more of a tunic- they're too short to be worn as a dress for this 5'7" 40+ girl,  but they're darling with skinnies and wedges!  These pieces won't last forever, but for a range between 8.99-14.99, they're great for a few trendy, seasonal pieces.

Speaking of too short, can anyone give me a heads up on where to find cute shorts for my 13 year old daughter that do more than barely cover her bum?  Seriously, I've looked at several stores lately and now that she's moving out of kids' sizes, even though they're cute, they are all so. short.  Where are all of the good ol' bermuda shorts?

And, speaking of that 13 year old, we're off for a fun girls' weekend to wrap up her birthday celebration.  She doesn't know it yet, but one of her besties is coming along with us and her Mom... I can't wait for her to find out the surprise!  Join us on Instagram to follow along with the fun!

Have a great weekend, friends!

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  1. I might have to try those white jeans now too. Good white jeans are so so hard to find. I had a pair but gained weight and don't fit into them anymore. So I'll either have to lose a couple of pounds or try these ;)

  2. I understand the shorts problem for your girl for sure! Old Navy typically carries longer inseam lengths-5". Or at least they did last year. I haven't been in this season to know if they have them now.

    1. I'm on their website right now! They do have a few options, thanks!

  3. I hear you about the shorts. I always have good luck at J Crew factory and just the other day some cute shorts at Target of all places caught my daughters eye.

  4. My son is going on 12 and aging out, but I find that Lands End kids goes up to 16-18, and that's were I buy my boys swim suits. There girls clothes always seem cute to me and I'm sure they have longer shorts

  5. I agree with Target for shorts for teens too. My 14-yr-old found some there last year that met with her approval and mine ;) I let my daughter roam the store at H&M because everything is so cheap there. I don't have to worry about her falling in love with a $50 flannel shirt.

  6. American Eagle has a short called the midi that is longer in length. I had the same problem with my daughter. They also carry short shorts & Bermuda lengths. Abercrombie also has a longer length short, but I find they run bigger than AE.

  7. My favorite shorts are the chino shorts from J Crew. They have a couple inseam length options at the store, but there are several more lengths available online. J Crew Factory also has good sborts, but I think the material seems better on the shorts from the regular J Crew

  8. I can't believe you've already hit the end of the school year! I can't even wrap my brain around summertime yet! Your fashion finds are super cute, I'd like to see you model these with your fun jewelry! This age is SO hard for girls clothes, in general that topic makes me crazy but the Daisy Duke shorty shorts especially! Sometimes the tweens can get away with adult small or xs at H&M, JCrew, etc. that don't have the excessively short inseam!

  9. I loved this post!! Thanks for sharing!


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