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Monday, March 21, 2016


I'm slowly but surely sharing snippets of a few big trips that we took- even though it's been almost a year and a half ago now- and the Borough Market in London was definitely a must-see!

After spending the first part of our day touring the Tower of London, we took a short walk across the London Bridge to the Southbank of the Thames to reach the Borough Market.

It is an open-air market with a delightful combination of fresh food and produce booths, as well as food stands where you can purchase ready made food for a snack or meal.  This place is a foodie's dream!  After a long morning of walking and touring, we couldn't choose what we wanted to eat fast enough.  I wasn't brave enough to try the Wild Game or Wild Boar Pie,

but the plethora of artisan breads was a different story... yum!

Our friends insisted that we must try the raclette while we were there, and they didn't steer us wrong!  Since I had never heard of it (which isn't saying much), you might be wondering what it is too.  Raclette is a cheese that is broiled until it's melted, then scraped off the wheel onto boiled potatoes and served with pickles.  Y.U.M.  We watched as they made everything right in front of us...

This stand fascinated me.  In my neck of the woods you just don't see a pig's head in the market every day...

We were there in the Fall, so all of the seasonal pumpkins and gourds felt so festive, and of course all of the fresh flowers were gorgeous.

If you ever find yourself in London, be sure to add the Borough Market to your list of places to visit, and make sure it's lunch time when you go!

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  1. Jennifer this was an absolutely delightful post. The photography is truly wonderful. I have pinned this for a future trip I am planning.

  2. Okay the pigs heads? Eeeew. But the market looks fantastic! I have never heard of raclette and clearly I need that in my life......cheesy potatoes, yes please. London is such a great city, I haven't been since I was 16 and would love to visit again someday!

  3. Beautiful! There is a restaurant there called Wright Bros. that has great fish and of my husband's favorite stops!

  4. Oh fun! We eat raclette at home all the time. I grew up with it and we have a little cooker with individual pans that they now sell at Williams and Sonoma. It's such a fun family meal.

  5. Love all of the cheese - when I was in Paris, I ate my weight in bread and cheese. But since I walked everywhere, my caloric intake was completely justified. :)
    Those pigs :(


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