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Thursday, December 17, 2015


Some day I'll get a bit more creative with the Christmas cards we receive than piling them in a snowman holder after we've read them...  these ideas have my wheels turning for some different ways to display them next year!  There are so many cute DIY Christmas card displays that you can make, but today I'm highlighting a few that are super simple and take little to no effort to do.

I loved Andrea's simple display from her Christmas tour- just wrap a door with ribbon and clip cards on.  

Life Love Larson

I know I for one have several old shutters sitting around in the garage.  How cute are they with cards clipped on them?

Pretty Handy Girl

Attach cards to garland that's already part of your decor... can't get much easier than that!

Nine and Sixteen

This one requires some assembly, but I love that the mirror can be used year round, and the cards look darling tucked in at Christmas.

Simple Stylings

Lastly, once Christmas is over and you're not sure what to do with all of those sweet family photos, here's an idea.  One year we cut them out and glued them to craft sticks, then kept them near the breakfast table where we drew one out each day to pray for that person and family.

That awful last photo was from a really old post just months after I started blogging... but it has one more cute craft to do with your Christmas cards, especially if your kids are really young, or it would be a fun project to do with grandchildren!  

What's your favorite way to display Christmas cards, and do you have anything special you do with all of those beautiful family photos after the holidays?

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  1. I adore your last idea - we may use that after Christmas. And Nine and Sixteen's garland is gorgeous!

  2. I love that shutter display. And praying for each person and family from holiday cards is a beautiful idea, Jennifer :)

  3. I love the garland display. I always use mini clothes pins to attach them to ribbon I hang on doors all over the house, but this year I just corralled them all on a tray. After Christmas I take pics of the cards with my phone and use them as caller ids.

  4. I love these ideas! I always struggle with how to display my cards!


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