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Thursday, October 1, 2015


I don't talk much here about fashion or accessories (would you like to see more of that kind of thing from me?), but I've always loved putting together outfits and finding fashionable combos, using something new here and there mixed with classic pieces that I've owned for years.  I was just talking with some friends the other day about a dress that's in my closet that I KNOW I've had since before my son was born, so it's at least 15 years old, probably closer to 20.  And the great thing is, I could pull it out and wear it tomorrow and it would be right on point. There's nothing better than a classic, timeless addition to a wardrobe!

When Jord Wood Watches contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing their watches, after spending some time looking at their products I knew right away that these would fit right in that "classic" accessory category, and will never go out of style.  They are truly stylish pieces of heirloom quality artwork that I knew you'd love to know about too.

Jord, wood watch, natural accessory

Jord graciously sent my husband and me new watches, and from the moment I opened the shipping box I was impressed with the packaging and quality.  They come carefully wrapped in a sleek re-usable wood storage box, and it doesn't hurt one bit that there's a "J" engraved on top, just for me (wink wink). Presentation is everything, right?  The member of our family who is the keeper of all the things has already claimed one of the boxes for his personal use.  ;)

Jord, wood watch, natural accessory

I selected the Fieldcrest Zebrawood and Maple watch (don't those wood selections just sound exotic?). Although photos offer a good depiction of the real thing, this watch is even more stunning in person.  The pattern of the grain is so unique and interesting.  I've grown up with a Dad who is a master wood-worker, and really, every time I look at this watch and the grain detail it makes me think of him and all of the different pieces of wood he's worked with over the years.  

Jord, wood watch, natural accessory

Other than it's obvious beauty, the thing that is the most surprising to me about this watch is that it's super light-weight.  I would have thought a wood watch would be heavy, but it's as light as a feather!  Several of my other watches are just so heavy (and hot in the summer!) that they come off as soon as I walk in the door.  I hardly even remember that I'm wearing this one and it's comfortable all day long.

My husband chose the Dover Koa and Black watch.  He has worn his almost every day to work and church, and receives multiple compliments and questions about it every time he wears it.  And as a friend who appreciates finer things pointed out to my husband, this isn't just a watch, it's a timepiece.  It's so cool to see the craftsmanship through the face and watch all of the inner parts working. 

Jord, wood watch, natural accessory

One helpful service that Jord offers is that they will size your watch for you before sending it out, which saves an extra step to visit the jeweler to have that done.  We used the convenient wrist sizer from their site and our watches fit just right when we received them (be sure to allow a little extra room if you want a looser fit).

wood watch, Jord, natural accessory

You can view the entire line of Jord products here.

Wood Watches by JORD

Many thanks to Jord Wood Watches for providing these his and hers watches.  I only share things that I personally use and think you will love too.  Thanks for checking out and patronizing the companies that collaborate with Dimples and Tangles!

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