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Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I've shared the construction plans for our patio makeover with you, but I've been dying to get to the pretty part... the design!  With the generous size that the competed patio will be, we'll have room for 2 "zones" that I'm planning in my head, one sitting/lounging/outdoor living area, and a dining area will be on the other side.  

Here's the direction we're headed for the living area.  Remember that we plan to add an outdoor fireplace, which will match the brick on the exterior of the house and my indoor fireplace, so I included a photo of that for reference.  

For the dining side of the porch, we're thinking along these lines...

Actually, I'm catching you up today!  We've had the concrete completed for almost 2 months, but nothing has changed since then as we've been waiting for the framer to start.  No surprise here, but I couldn't wait to start furnishing this space! So, we've already been collecting our new pieces and using what we have for now.

Even thought it's just a big slab of concrete right now and things aren't located where they eventually will be, we've already enjoyed many mornings and evenings sitting right there.

I'll give a source list in a later post, but I bought these chairs in the Spring at Ross. Even though they have not really been in continual direct sunlight, they haven't weathered very well.  Maybe I should have sprayed them with a sealer when they were new, but who knew?  I really think they'll get painted, along with the rattan table serving as a coffee table currently but will be used as a side table eventually, I'm just trying to come up with a color!  I'm not sure what kind of coffee table we'll use yet, but I'm thinking of trying the old one we had out here previously, but giving it a more natural makeover.   

This isn't our final landing spot by any means, there will still be lots of changing around and I'll have more layers and accessories to add.

Last week I shared a few patio dining furniture options that I came across in my search.  I hinted that we might have ended up with a few things I posted, and we did!  

We bought these chairs from Ikea and this table from Target (kind-of).  I've actually had the table for a few months.  After a family gathering where I was discussing our plans for the patio, my sister texted me a pic of the table that her husband found at a thrift store just a few days later.  Sold!  So, I was surprised to find the same table currently still for sale last week when I was researching other patio furniture.  I looks like wood, but it's really aluminum.  I'll have some more details to share with you about that in the future, it's already had a little makeover.

And with that, I think I've finally caught you up to real time on this project.  The framer arrived yesterday and began the demo portion that he needed to do.  He'll start the new construction today... yippee!  He expects to finish by the end of next week probably, then we'll need to get the roof completed, electrical wiring done, and the masonry work.  It's slow-going, but at least we're moving forward!

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