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Thursday, September 17, 2015


Hi friends!  First of all, I want to start off by thanking each of you who took the time to comment on my last post!  I've read each and every one, and as I suspected there were differing opinions, but you all also gave me some really good points to consider.  I've selected a sofa frame, but am still looking at swatches of each color, changing my mind every 5 minutes.  I'm hoping to choose something in the next few days, can't wait to make this decision and move on!

A few weeks ago I shared one of my latest Craigslist finds with you, this pair of navy stools/ottomans.  

You saw them looking all puffy and pretty,  but after I picked them up they were looking a bit saggy and sad-

Today I wanted to share the quick trick I used to fluff them up!

Thankfully, one side of the cushion edge has a zipper to access the cushion, so I was able to unzip it and check out the situation.  The cushion was in decent shape, just a bit flat from use.  I planned to wrap it with a few layers of new batting, but then I had a better idea I wanted to try.

We have a dense memory foam pillow that neither one of us really liked sleeping on, but I've kept it because it is such a supportive, hefty pillow.  I thought it would be great to just add another layer of foam inside rather than batting that would eventually just flatten again.  

The pillow was much too thick as-is to add to the existing cushion, so I cut it to the same size around as the top of the stool (it was almost a perfect match, just a little too long on one end), then I sliced it in half length-wise (like a loaf of French bread).  Did you know that an electric serrated knife is the fastest and easiest way to cut through foam?  Works like a charm.

With my pieces cut to size, I simply slipped them inside on top of the existing cushion and adjusted them until they were well-placed, and zipped the cover back up.  That's it!  

I love the beefier presence of the top now, and they are super comfortable to sit or rest your feet on.  

I'll see you tomorrow when I'm happy to be participating in a new series from At Home with the Barkers and Daisy Mae Belle called "Hospitality Filled Homes."  They've rounded up a group of bloggers to share projects throughout the year that inspire you to share your home with those you love.  Tomorrow, we're sharing Fall Centerpieces... you know I never turn down an opportunity to do a good tablescape!  Actually, this one is taking on a life of it's own... I'm still tweaking and the jury is still out as to how it will turn out- come back and check it out!

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