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Friday, September 4, 2015


I'm working on a list of books to share with you for a Friday Favorites post soon (did you know I LOVE to read?), but today, just one book gets all the attention.

And no, it's not about decorating.  It's about leadership and connecting with those around you.  Because like it or not, every one of you is a leader in one way or another.  You might be the CEO of a company.  You might be a nurse giving expert care and advice to those on your patient schedule.  You might be a teacher.  You might be a store manager.  You might be a Sunday School worker.  You might have a listening ear and a few words of wisdom for a friend in need.  You might be the owner of your own business.  You might be a Mom, a sister, or an aunt.  YOU, my friend, are a leader.

One reason I'm so excited to share this book with you is that it was written by my dear friend, Jeremie Kubicek, and his business partner Steve Cockram.  In fact, we were sitting at their darling kitchen table in England last October when Jeremie came in the room and said "Well, I just got off the phone with a publisher, and we have a book deal!" referring to THIS book!

To us, Jeremie and his wife are precious friends who we've known for over 20 years, have shared different seasons of life together, and have too much fun re-telling old stories with.  To the business community, though, Jeremie is a brilliant businessman and entrepreneur, who has a heart for leadership and teaching others to lead and relate to one another well.  

This book is a by-product of some of those leadership classes that he has taught.  My husband has been a part of some of that training and so we know first hand the impact these ideas make on how you relate to and connect with others around you in your work environment, as well as with your family.   The sub-title really says it all...  "How to be Present and Productive When There is Never Enough Time"...  I bet it's safe to say that in the midst of crazy schedules and commitments, most of us would like to figure that out!  It revolves around such a simple concepts that effectively change your way of thinking about how you do what you do.  Our copy is on the way, and I can't wait to read it myself so I'll have a full understanding of all of the ideas my husband's been telling me about.  There's a more thorough, detailed summary of the book here if you'd like to know more.

5 Gears will officially be released next week (9/8) but you can pre-order at a discounted rate now on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble.  We are so happy that it's already been named one of the Best Books of the Month on Amazon and will be widely available in-store at B&N next week.  

I whole-heartedly recommend this book, and since it's not too early to think ahead, it would be a great stocking stuffer or Christmas gift (especially for all of those guys who are always so hard to buy for, am I right, ladies?)!  I truly believe that anyone who reads it will quickly recognize the value in the principles they will learn.

Because I couldn't resist, and he realllly wanted his picture on the blog holding my giant disco ball... here you go Kub!  

So proud of you, friend, and thankful for all you and your family do to be amazing leaders!

Happy Weekend, Friends!  I hope you all have a fantastic holiday squeezing in a few more days of summer fun!

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