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Thursday, July 23, 2015


It's that time again, and DIY Summer School is back in session!  This is a fun summer series that my friend Beth from designPOST Interiors has organized and I'm delighted to have been invited to participate.  

Apparently in this series, I have a thing for vases!  I'm back today featuring another one.

DIY, floral arrangement, Cane Webbing Vase

Sometimes I tuck away inspiring project ideas that I think I might want to re-create or adapt in the future.  I'm sure you do too, and that's the whole reason I blog... to inspire you to embrace your own creativity!  

This project today was inspired by my friend Emily at Gold and Stripes.  As I did my project, I worked from memory and thought that Emily had wrapped candles in cane, so I planned to make a vase with mine.  Well, as I looked her project up to link it here, I found that she did a vase too and just slipped a candle inside of it.  Rats! I guess my project ended up a little closer to the original than I intended for it to!  *oops*  So, Emily gets all the credit for this one, I just made my own version and did a different color. 

This is such a simple project, it almost takes longer to gather your supplies than to actually create the vase.  

I began with some straight, clear vases from the craft store.  Then, I purchased a piece of caning material (I bought mine at Woodcraft).  It was available in a 24" wide roll and you purchase by the foot, so I only bought one foot and it was enough for several vases.  

The natural cane is very light colored, and I decided that I wanted to add a little more depth to the color of mine.  I simply used some wood stain that I had on hand and rubbed down both sides of the caning.

DIY, Minwax stain

After the finish dried, I decided how tall I wanted the caning to go up the vase, and snipped it to size with scissors.  It's hard to tell in the photos, but I wanted some of the glass still showing around the top, so I left a bit uncovered.  

Then, I used hot glue to secure the caning to the glass.  You'll want to use enough to secure it, but you don't need to go overboard.  The hot glue holds everything in place well. That being said, I like this project because it's easy to peel hot glue off of glass if you want to take the caning off and use the clear vase again.  You know I like to change things up and things don't stay the same for long around here!

DIY, Cane Webbing Vase, floral vase

This project is very forgiving.  Because of how I cut the cane to make it work for several vases, I had a few pieces that ended up short of being able to wrap it all the way around the vase.  I just cut another piece to fill in the blank spot and it's not even noticeable.

DIY, Cane covered vase, upholstered headboard, floral arrangement

I love the natural, rustic, vintage vibe this piece has.  It's great for summer and I really think I'll keep it in heavy rotation in the Fall, too.

I also wrapped a piece around a small votive candle, but one thing I do know is that dried hot glue WILL melt again if you use it on glass votives and then light the candle!  *lesson learned*  So, this one is just for looks.  

DIY, Cane webbing covered vase, floral arrangement, unique vase

I can't wait to see what everyone has done for their craft store project today, head over and check them all out!

We want you to join our class!  Here's what's up next time... we want you to do a project to share with us, also!  

August 6th: Tool Store
August 20th: Found in Nature

And, today we'd love to see your best work, so link up your project here, or on Instagram using #DIYSummerSchool to tag your photo. 

Before I leave you today, I wanted to thank you so much for all of you who voted in the Lamps Plus Design Duel!  I appreciate everyone who supported me and all of your kind comments!  

gallery wall, master bedroom, sitting area, fireplace, wingback chairs
Master Bedroom

Alright... pick your favorite craft project and link it up with us!  Your link will automatically be posted on all 8 blogs.

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  1. love these! i love the texture of the caning!

  2. Big fan of caning! I made cane candle luminaries 2 Christmases ago: I used E6000 glue which the candles didn't melt. A high heat melt might work too.
    Love the look of the greens/flowers peeping over yours!

  3. What a great idea! I love the look of these (and am crushing on all things tropical!)

  4. I love this idea! They look amazing and expensive.

  5. Beth @ designPOST interiorsJuly 23, 2015 at 10:14 AM

    Oh my gosh Jennifer I love these!! So so pretty!

  6. Cute!! I love caning - fits with so many different styles. Thanks for sharing!

  7. darling!!
    can i link up my fruit fly trap? ;P Its' sort of a craft! ha ha!

  8. I love how these turned out!!

  9. Such a great way to update a vase! I love how the cane can lean both traditional and modern... So versatile!

  10. Love these!!! I just might have to paint the caning gold for mine! :D


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