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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


While running errands over the weekend, I ducked into a local vintage mall, The Rink Gallery.  My parents (booth #26) and my sister and brother-in-law (The Den) both have booths in this mall, and it's one of those where you never know what you'll find!  As the name suggests, it used to be an Ice Skating rink that was converted into a vintage merchandise mall filled with around 100+ booths.  I gracefully skated barely survived many laps around that ice back in the day!  The pair of ice skates that I use to decorate with at Christmas came from the Rink when it was sold.  <today's fun fact!>

Knowing there would be some great stuff, I went with camera in hand.  Rather than just show you some of the neat items that caught my eye, I thought I'd also share a great way to style the item in your home.  Often it's hard to see the potential in items that are crammed together in small booth spaces, or at a yard sale, or on Craigslist, so I hope this gives you a little peek into my thought process as I consider items from sources such as these, and to see how these things might work in real-life spaces.  

So, today I'm kicking off a new semi-regular little series I'm calling...

Here we go!  The first photo is the item that I saw at The Rink a few days ago, and the second includes it (or a similar item) styled in a beautiful space.


Boho Weddings


Liz Marie Blog

Midwest Living

Burlap and Lace by Shannon Claire


Flea Market Fab via Instagram

Our Fifth House

Home Stories A to Z

Miss Mustard Seed

I found all of these great things in just about 10 minutes, I didn't have time to really scour the entire building that day.  However, I may or may not have come home with one of these items, stay tuned!

 The Rink is a fun place to pop in occasionally if you're in the OKC metro area, and you can also follow them on Facebook for the latest new additions.  If you go sometime, let me know what you think, and if you find any fabulous treasures!

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  1. How fun, so many great things. I love, love, love that gold/glass leaf coffee table. Fabulous.

  2. Love The Rink! Can't wait to see what you brought home! :)

  3. I love this new series, Jennifer! Great idea. I'll be looking forward to it each time.....

  4. How fun, I love how you showed how to use the items for people :) That looks like a super fun place to shop! xo

  5. This is awesome! That wheat sheaf table is incredible, and an amazing price. I love the camp blankets, and I'm considering taking a road trip to pick up that gold trunk! It's exactly what I'm looking for in a new coffee table! Such a great post!

  6. I am from Oklahoma - living in Texas now, whenever I go home and get to go shopping with my sisters we go toThe Rink often. Thanks for posting - brings back good memories!

  7. Julia @cuckoo4designJuly 1, 2015 at 7:01 AM

    OMG that trunk

  8. Wow! Jennifer, you have a CRAZY good eye for the details! I need to shop with you -- I get overwhelmed in antique malls... well, all malls. I love those striped Canadian blankets!


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