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Monday, June 23, 2014


Did you enjoy your weekend?  I got to meet the sweetest reader who came to buy some furniture from me, and we celebrated Father's Day since we were out of town on the actual day.  He received a gift that I'm not sure if it was really for him or the kids...a longboard.  Emily's been having a blast riding hers, so he actually wanted one too to ride along with her.  Funny!

Yes, we've been back in town for several days, but I'm wrapping up this installment of My Favorite 5 Guest Posts today.  I had to bump this one last week when I realized I had scheduled it for the day of the Summer Style Soiree project link party, and Elizabeth of Little Black Door was ever so gracious to agree to switch to today.  I'm pretty sure if Elizabeth and I went thrifting together, we would fight over all of the same things.  :)  She too loves pattern, color, and unique things!  Enjoy her Favorite 5 projects!

Hello everybody! I'm Elizabeth from little black door and I'm excited not only to fill in for Jennifer while she is off on vacation, but also to take this little trip down memory lane with you. I'm not one to take a look back at old posts, so this was really fun. But before we get ahead of ourselves, how about a quick primer on me. I live in St. Louis, MO with my hubs and two little girls (and dog). To throw some numbers at you - I've been working on our house for 8 years, blogging for 3 years, helping other homeowners make over their homes for 4 years, and I have 5 old posts to share with you today. So in no particular order...

 1. Wrap it up. I love projects that come from off the cuff problem solving.

 2. High gloss dresser tutorial. Still one of my very favorite pieces in the house.

 3. Good enough to eat. No, it's not a recipe, but one of my first attempts at sharing a craft. It is just...funny, in a rookie blogger way.

 4.  Very first birthday. This was a good party. I can't believe she's 3 and 1/2.

 5.  I wear my sunglasses at night - deck reveal. In honor of summer. This is certainly one I'm proud of as I HATE outdoor projects.

Thanks Jennifer for having me over. This was great fun!

* * * * * 

That glossy dresser makes me want to paint something today, and seeing Elizabeth's pretty deck reminds me that I have some outdoor work to do!  Be sure to spend some time over at Little Black Door.  Her basement is still one of my favorite makeovers ever, and if I ever found a light like this one in her adorable dining room I could just die happy.  :) 

I hope you all enjoyed this little guest series and made some new friends.  OK, I'm off to VBS...I have hungry teachers to feed!

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  1. Oh the glossy dresser is new to me. So pretty

  2. So many great projects :) Love Elizabeth :) xo Kristin

  3. Thanks for having me over my friend, and welcome home! :)

  4. I love Elizabeth and her talented self!! And wear did you get a longboard? I've been looking for one for Taylor!

  5. Love Elizabeth's style and blog!

  6. I love Elizabeth's style and am glad she shared some posts I hadn't seen before - am off to check them out!

  7. One of my fave bloggers, Elizabeth has so many fabulous and creative ideas!

  8. That girl oozes style, and is one savvy thrifter! Love the hip traditional style of her home, too!

  9. I love those stairs! It makes me want to rip the carpet off of my basement stairs and start painting! Love them!

    1. I know! Can you believe the transformation? One more fantastic example of the power of paint!

  10. What a great find! That's a really nice table lamp, and looks like the perfect piece for your room.

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