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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Recently while browsing Marshall's, this orchid arrangement caught my eye (sorry for the bad photo). I almost bought it for $19.99, but then my thrifty nature got the better of me and I thought surely I could make my own for much less.

Our Ross stores have had a great selection of blue and white pieces lately, and the prices can't be beat, so I was sure that I could find a great container.

Here's what I came up with:

blue and white pot (Ross): $3.99
2 white orchid stems (1/2 price at Hobby Lobby): $4
1 stem faux orchid leaves (Michael's with coupon): $3.60
styrofoam brick and assorted moss: already had

After I had gathered my supplies, it took about 5 minutes to put this arrangement together.  I cut my foam just bigger than the opening so I could just wedge it in and not have to use glue to secure it.

Then, I placed the stems where I wanted them.  I like to separate the orchid leaf stem (like I did here) and just use a few, so really that one stem is enough leaves for 2 arrangements.

Finally, to mimic the look of a real orchid, I use a wooden skewer alongside the stem to stabilize it.  Tying them together with a small piece of raffia gives a natural look.

So, for a grand total of just around $12, I saved enough to make two for the price of the original.

Now, if I could just find one more pot to match!  Enjoy your Wednesday, friends!

 photo jennifersignaturetwo_zps56f3de87.png

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  1. looks gorgeous! i need some faux orchids- i have killed the real ones before.

  2. I love orchids, but they are so hard for me to keep. I'll have to look into some faux ones myself! Yours looks perfect!

  3. Gorgeous! I love that planter. I have a faux orchid in a blue and white vase on my mantel, too! Love it!

  4. Our Ross has great blue pots too.
    I might be able to do this with my real orchids after they are done blooming. I stick the faux flowers in them to wait and see if I can get them to re-bloom. Love your arrangement

  5. Great idea...I think I kill every orchid I buy...I need an orchid whisperer....xo K

  6. I saw all those pretty blue pots at Ross several months ago, I need tot check back! Pretty and thrifty idea for the orchid!

  7. I have that exact blue pot from Ross! My husband bought me an orchid for my birthday, and I put it in that pot, let's hope I can keep it alive;)

  8. Yes, you definitely did a great job on your faux orchids Jennifer, I should try this project since I have a bunch of faux orchids at home too!

  9. Love it Jennifer! You always do the coolest stuff and it looks so great with your style!

  10. So pretty. I think I may have to try the fake route. I just cannot keep orchids alive!

  11. I've never heard of Ross before but you sure find some great stuff there! Love how it turned out!

  12. Wow! It looks so real! Had you not said anything I woulda been none the wiser. Our Ross stores have great blue and white pottery as well:)

  13. Love your new orchids for cheap....

  14. I love it! I don't really have a green thumb but have always wanted orchids. This would be an affordable way to have them and insure they would last!


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