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Friday, March 14, 2014


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Did you know that washi tape could very well be crafters everywhere new favorite thing?  It doesn't take long to see it popping up everywhere if you're a fan of crafting blogs or a frequent visitor to craft stores. 

Recently Duck Brand® challenged me to make something with their new Washi tape, and since I've never really used it before I was excited about the possibilites! Since I'm working on my son's room right now, that's naturally what I chose to create a project for.  I decided to spice up a few pictures that I'm using for his gallery wall by adding the striped tape to them.  The colors were perfect for his room!  

I only needed a few supplies: a frame, mat, ruler, and my Duck Washi® tape

Time to measure and mark.  My mat was for an 11x14 frame with an 8x10 opening, so I started by making a mark exactly in the middle of the top and bottom side (1 inch).  Then, it worked out perfectly to do another mark every 2 inches in between those.  I made several marks all the way across the mat to insure that I kept my lines straight. 

Apply tape in desired pattern, and wrap the ends around the edge to the back for a clean finish.

Center desired photo in mat and I even used a few more pieces of washi tape to secure the photo to the mat on the back.

Put the mat back in the frame and fasten the back together, and you're done!

One of my favorite things about this Duck Washi® tape is that it tears easily, and it's re-positionable if you need to adjust placement.  If my lines weren't quite straight enough, I could gently peel the tape up, even off of the mat board, and try it again.

I was so happy with my first washi tape project that I started looking for other ways I could use it around the house.  I wanted to use the cute red heart design and I knew it would be a perfect little touch in my daughter's room.  So, I went for......her switchplates!

This project took way less than 5 minutes.  

I removed the plates and wiped them off good, then just placed a few strips of tape where I wanted them.  

After rubbing the tape down nice and smooth, I wrapped the ends around the edges and re-installed the plate.  So cute!

I'm also keeping a few rolls in my kitchen drawer.  It's so handy to pull out and more fun to use than plain old clear tape!  It was perfect for a special little touch to a recent Valentine's Day gift.

There is a wide variety of Duck Brand Craft Tapes along with the Duck Washi® tape, including Duck Fabric®, Duck Glitter®, and Duck Prism® Craft Tapes.  It's easy to find at Wal-Mart, Target, Lowe's, & JoAnn's, among many other places. 

Do you have something that would look much cuter with a bit of washi tape?  Try out your own #DuckCraftTape project and share it on Pinterest or Instagram!  Remember, creativity is never stifled by the Duck! If you need some great inspiration ideas, you can also follow @TheDuckBrand on Twitter.  I'd love to know what great ideas you come up with!

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  1. Super cute! I like it on the wrapping paper, usually you try to hide the tape but this is even cuter! xo Kristin

  2. these are great ideas! love the matts! i haven't used washi tape at all! gasp!

  3. I love washi tape! I didn't know Duck brand was making it now - how fun. Your projects are great!

  4. Love the washi tape matte! Such an easy and fun change!

  5. Ok, I'm inspired and really thinking of a project here of tearing a part some cheap framed pictures. These are paper backed prints.... How should I close it back up? Brown paper bag and hot glue gun?

  6. Great ideas - I'm a big fan of washi tape but haven't used it in a while now. I'll have to check out the ones that Duck brand offers!

  7. Beautiful! I love the new duck designs!
    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  8. I've used washi on gifts but not on these examples! Thanks dear, I have to try it on the mats!

  9. I recognize that frame! Still kicking myself for not buying more. The tape is such a nice touch!


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