June 2013 - Dimples and Tangles


Thank you all so much on your oh-so-nice comments on my blue dresser!  I'm really surprised at how much I'm enjoying the color...it's such a departure from my go-to color picks.  You all are so sweet, and more than anything I hope my projects inspire you to go out and try something new, whether that's a new paint color or trying a DIY that you would have never done before.

There are so many incredible projects happening with design bloggers right now!  Here are a few of my favorites from the past few weeks.

Emily's fireplace

Emily style is impeccable.  Check out what she did to their two-story high fireplace that had an impractical niche over the mantle.  Now her mantle is full of texture and loads of character!

Kristin's blog is a constant source of inspiration for me.  She took a new-in-the-box table from Ikea that she found at Goodwill and dressed it up with some gold spray paint.  How could I not love it?

These are the cutest personalized towels, made easy with a freezer paper stencil and a little bit of craft paint.  I had these exact towels in my cart at Ikea a few weeks ago, and put them back.  Bummer!  You can bet they're on my list for next time!

 * * * * * * * * * *

And, I have a bit of blog housekeeping to address with your today.  If by some chance you haven't heard, Google Reader is shutting down as of July 1 (that's Monday!).  So, if that's how you get my new blog posts, you'll have to choose another way to follow me...in a hurry!  There are so many ways to make sure you never miss a post, so hopefully you'll choose one of the following.

Cassie wrote a great post here full of reader options and instructions on switching over from your Google Reader.  Click on over and learn from someone who knows what she's talking about!

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I hope you have a great weekend!  I'm heading out to some garage sales this morning and we're taking the kids to see Monsters University this afternoon.  Thank you, thank you for your loyal reading here!  You all are the reason I continue with the crazy huge little hobby, and your encouragement keeps me going!



Almost a month ago I filled you in on my plans to break up the brown along the window wall in my living room.  Well, the work is finally done and after hardware dilemmas, waiting for chosen hardware to shipped, and weeks of being away I finally have it ready to show you today!

Just to refresh your memory, here's the before that I showed you last month when I was trying to decide what color to use.

And now:

I was trying to branch out of my go-to paint-everything-black habit, and I came across this piece from Jenny on my Pinterest Furniture Inspiration Board.  That's the beauty of Pinterest.  It allows you to explore options you may never have imagined!

I picked up this frame from the 80% off aisle at Hobby Lobby.  The cut out design was perfect for layering in front of the window.

On a side note,  I tried something different when arranging this space, but with my sister's input decided that the mirror blocked too much of the view outside. I might try it again in the winter, though, when there's nothing green outside to look at.

I used Behr High-Gloss paint and the color is Peacock Tail.  The color doesn't read exactly right in the photos, but it's a really deep turquoise with the tiniest hint of green.  For most of the piece, I used a small trim roller and then my Purdy paint brush for the nooks and crannies   I'm pleased with how smooth the finish turned out.  I also used my trick of applying a few coats of polyurethane to the top only, to seal it up faster and cut down on the curing time.  This time I used the wipe on gloss poly, and it stayed tacky somewhat longer than the polycrylic that I used on the china cabinet, but I still think it was better than leaving only the paint.

My Instagram friends helped weigh in on some hardware choices, none of which were quite right.  Believe it or not I couldn't find one thing that worked from Hobby Lobby, my go-to hardware source.  Finally I found these at Lowe's, but they had to be special ordered.  They only came in bronze and silver, so when they arrived they got a few coats of Rustoleum Metallic Brass spray paint.  I love the variation in shape and they are a bit more hefty than a tradition ring pull.

I will say that I am finally coming to a place where I am happy with my living room!  Rather than looking around at things I want to change, for the most part I'm pleased with what I see.  And my husband says Hallelujah to that!  Not that there aren't a few projects still spinning in my head...

One more...here's the before and after we all love to see:

Happy Wednesday!  


A few weeks ago we drove from the north border of Texas to the border on the Gulf.  Along the way, we made a stop and the huge Outlet Store Center at San Marcos.  There's an outlet for just about every store under the sun there-Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Coach...too many to list!  My time was limited, so I chose to hit a few favorite stores that we don't have at our outlet here.

Here are a few things that caught my eye:

I acually saw this table at TJ Maxx, but I really liked how it was a mix of rustic and modern.  If I had $300+ to spare, this Michael Kors green bag would be really fun!  And, I enjoyed a cruise through the Tory Burch outlet-there were super cute (pricey!) flip flops.

Next, I walked around the Restoration Hardware Outlet.  Nothing super special, but this funky chair was cool.  The inside was leather and the outside reminded me of an airplane.  Not right for my house but I still think it's awesome!  The Pottery Barn Outlet had some great things, but nothing I couldn't leave without.  I really liked that shallow wooden tray/bowl with the metal trim and horn (or shell?) handles.  The whale bottle opener was adorable too-should have bought that one.

On the way back home, I mentioned yesterday that we made a stop at Ikea.  I hadn't noticed these polka dot rugs before.  They would be super fun for a kid's room or game room!  They also had a great selection of baskets with a plastic lining-perfect for larger plants to keep indoors.  I also liked these sleek cabinet pulls and am filing them away for future possibilities.  Also for a future project, I'm 98% sure I'll be getting some of the black and white striped fabric on my next trip to Ikea. My sister had me pick up 6 of those new panels for her Florida Room.  They were very slightly sheer and the graphic grid is so stylish!

Want to see what I did come home with?

I already showed you my new clock from Ikea yesterday:

Vintage alarm clocks are all the rage right now, and for $5 I thought this little guy would be a great accessory.

I've realized that I have NO cute dish towels, so I picked up a few at Ikea-

along with this basket to corral clutter on my kitchen cabinet.

Finally, I bought my Christmas present.  From last Christmas.  My husband wanted to get me a Michael Kors watch, and it took me this long to decide for sure which one I wanted.  

What about you?  Did you see anything from my window shopping selections that you would have purchased?  Or have you had any great outlet purchases lately?



Hello hello hello!  Whew!  I've been out of town for two weeks for a family graduation, vacation, and then I went to help cook at youth camp last week.  I feel like the last two weeks have been a blur and am ready to finally get into somewhat of a normal summer routine this week.  I fully inteneded to have several posts ready to go for you while I was at camp, but you know how it goes and that didn't happen.  So, I have lots to tell you about and show you coming up!

While driving through Texas, we passed an Ikea north of Austin that I didn't know was there!  I sort-of keep a running list of things I have my eye on at Ikea, since we don't have one close to us.  So, after promising my family that it would be a quick in and out trip (I made it in less than an hour...that's quick for Ikea, right?), I got to make a stop on the way home from our vacay.  

One thing that I've wanted to check out since seeing it highlighted on Pam's blog was the Bravur Clock.  I loved it's large size, and it had two choices in color, white or black with silver trim.  Pretty, but silver's not really my thing so I had an immediate upgrade in mind.

I planned to tape off the face and outer rim, but that would be a LOT of taping, and I hate taping things off!  There are 4 screws around the edge of the inside ring, so I thought I'd just check to see what happened if I unscrewed them.

I fully expected the entire clock to fall apart, but happily, the screws just allowed me to remove the ring.  So, in a few seconds I had that ring off and ready to paint!  

After a quick spray, the ring was very easily re-assembled and the clock was ready to go.

Not a huge change, but much better for my decor.  I love the warmth of the gold ring.

There are so many color combos that you could do with this clock.  It would be  fun to do the larger outside rim and the thinner inside rim two coordinating colors...orange and hot pink, kelly green and gold, navy blue and yellow, turquoise and coral...the sky's the limit!

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Hello Friends!  We just returned from our vacation late last night, so Friday Favorites is on hold until next week.  I didn't spend a lot of time on the computer this week, so I'll have lots to share with you next Friday.  

However, I won't leave you completely empty-handed.  I am SO thrilled to be over at Savvy Southern Style guest posting today.  Kim was so gracious to invite me to share my favorite room with her readers today.   Can you guess which one I chose?  

If you're not familiar with Savvy Southern Style, you've been missing out!  Kim has a gorgeous home and property and is right at home with a paintbrush in her hand.  You never know what color her furniture will be the next time you see it!  :)  

If I remember correctly, Kim's beautiful dining room hutch filled with gorgeous ironstone is one of the first pieces that drew me to her blog a couple of years ago.  She's recently given some things in her dining room a facelift.  Isn't it pretty?

I'm sure I could cook for hours in her kitchen.

And, if this sunroom was in my house, I'd never leave it.

She has such a talent for styling and her home has a cozy, comfortable, yet so stylish feel to it.  Be sure to visit, you'll find one fabulous project after another!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  We'll be playing catch-up from the trip, trying to finish up a few projects that were delayed before we left, and getting our boy ready for his first time at youth camp next week (I'm going too!).  Do you have any fun weekend plans?  



Good Monday Morning!  This morning we're waking up to this...

We had a great weekend celebrating our niece's graduation (way to go Kaydee!).  My instagram friends already saw it, but did you notice her cake...that green high-top?  SO cute!

Also, relaxing in their beautiful back yard.

We stopped by to see Ray's 94 year old aunt...she's as spunky as ever!  Funny story-she said that the doctors have told her with all of the advances in medicine and healthcare, she could live to be 110.  She said she told them, "Well who would want to do THAT?"  Ha.

Then, we headed south for a few days of R&R on the Texas coast.  We're staying here and VRBO came through for us once again!

I'm taking this week off, but you can follow along on Instagram (jenniferdimplesandtangles) to see what we're up to.  I'll check back in on Friday!



It's FRIDAY!!!  And, so far I'm sticking with my little Friday series.  Which doesn't say much, because it's only the second one.  Here are some fun things from this past week.

This Cozy Coupe Makeover... almost makes me wish I had more little people around so I could make them one of these!  I completely love every project from Dwellings by Devore-check them out if you have a few hours to kill.  :)

Jill directed us to this post from Karianne, and I just about cried my eyes out before I finished reading it, and I don't do that very often at all.  So sweet.

On Sundays, I either wear my hair down and curled or up in a messy-ponytail-bun (which is how I wear it almost every day).  Lately I've come across Kate's blog and have been inspired to try some new things.  Last Sunday, I tried the High Bun.  I was running late and didn't have a lot of time, so it turned out o.k. but definitely could have been better.  Kinda hard to see at this angle (selfies are hard!), but it was a fun change.  Kate's tutorials are fabulous if you're not familiar with her blog.

This came in the mail a few days ago.  The green is gorgeous!  This post from last week has the details.  The red is for my son's room and I'm not sure where the black and white will go yet, I just loved it and wanted some before it was all gone.  

Last week my sister Sarah and I had to run into Hobby Lobby while the boys were at home working on the big project, and we found this:

It is SO great!  It's almost 2 inches wide and comes in lots of colors.  It's exactly what I wanted when I was transforming my thrift store lamps, but couldn't find something like it in town.  Well, it's new, and I couldn't resist!  So, the re-done lamps already got a little tweak.  This trim would be perfect for the edge of some curtain panels, also.

Speaking of the big project, I've hit a few snags this week and didn't get to show you two projects I was really hoping to!  Let's just say the kitchen project involved a piece of broken glass.  It took a few days to get a replacement and put me behind.  However, I'll give you one more little tease...here's what we're working on!

They are BIG:  18" wide and 31" tall.  Oh, and there's two if you didn't catch that.  I can't wait for this one!

I also had a delay with finishing the dresser.  Believe it or not, there was not one knob at Hobby Lobby (or Home Depot or Lowe's) that looked right.  I did find some but had to special order, so, more waiting.  I'm LOVING the color, though!

OK, that's it for today!  We're off to our niece's High School graduation, so no projects except enjoying the family will be happening this weekend.  Have a great one friends!



The last time you saw the work we're doing in the front of our house, I left you with this:

Pretty, huh?  Just as a reminder, we removed all of the bushes that were formerly there to start fresh.  

We finally mostly finished the front beds and in between all the storms and torrential downpours that are washing away all of my new mulch, I took a few pics to share.  And,

12 Indian Hawthorne Bushes
4 Privet Holly Bushes
1 Colorado Spruce
1 Mug Pine
2 Hicks Yews
3 Crape Myrtles
3 Spreading Yews
3 Daylillies
12 Variegated Liriope
3 Hydrangeas
3 Knockout Roses
3 Dwarf Grasses
2 Pots of Daisies
3 Foxgloves
3 Salvia
4 Purple Hearts
2 Flats of Pentas
40 bags of Manure/Compost
21 bags of mulch

I kept a very few things that we already had, but every single thing was either new or relocated in these beds.  

We had a Golden Deodar Cedar tree in this bed, but in the 4 years or so it was there it never did very well.  So, we moved the crape myrtles from the straight side beds and put them all together in the center of the large bed.  The blooms will be white, hopefully soon!

(Notice the shingle samples on the roof?  Yeah, getting our second roof in 8 months. I think we're going with the dark ones.  Don't look too closely at the shutters, either...still need to repaint those from the hail damage.)

I tried to add mostly perennials, and there's still some room in the large middle bed to add a few more things.  I'd like to add a little evergreen tree in the spot marked by the rock next to this group of perennials.

After a full, long, HARD day of work we're pleased with our results and look forward to things growing and filling out in the future.  Hopefully we've added some major curb appeal!

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