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Thursday, June 6, 2013


The last time you saw the work we're doing in the front of our house, I left you with this:

Pretty, huh?  Just as a reminder, we removed all of the bushes that were formerly there to start fresh.  

We finally mostly finished the front beds and in between all the storms and torrential downpours that are washing away all of my new mulch, I took a few pics to share.  And,

12 Indian Hawthorne Bushes
4 Privet Holly Bushes
1 Colorado Spruce
1 Mug Pine
2 Hicks Yews
3 Crape Myrtles
3 Spreading Yews
3 Daylillies
12 Variegated Liriope
3 Hydrangeas
3 Knockout Roses
3 Dwarf Grasses
2 Pots of Daisies
3 Foxgloves
3 Salvia
4 Purple Hearts
2 Flats of Pentas
40 bags of Manure/Compost
21 bags of mulch

I kept a very few things that we already had, but every single thing was either new or relocated in these beds.  

We had a Golden Deodar Cedar tree in this bed, but in the 4 years or so it was there it never did very well.  So, we moved the crape myrtles from the straight side beds and put them all together in the center of the large bed.  The blooms will be white, hopefully soon!

(Notice the shingle samples on the roof?  Yeah, getting our second roof in 8 months. I think we're going with the dark ones.  Don't look too closely at the shutters, either...still need to repaint those from the hail damage.)

I tried to add mostly perennials, and there's still some room in the large middle bed to add a few more things.  I'd like to add a little evergreen tree in the spot marked by the rock next to this group of perennials.

After a full, long, HARD day of work we're pleased with our results and look forward to things growing and filling out in the future.  Hopefully we've added some major curb appeal!

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  1. your landscaping is so fresh and pretty! and i love the ferns y your entry- gorgeous!

  2. Holy cow, Jennifer! Seriously, fabulous transformation. For real. I cannot handle how awesome the front porch is. Those ferns are a showstopper! I love it, can you tell.;)

  3. It looks so great!! I also love those pots the gerraniums are in are your porch! Did you paint those or did they come that way? xo Kristin

    1. Thanks Kristin! They came that way...a lucky find at Ross one day last year!

  4. It's looking so nice. what a nice area to see when you roll up to your house!

  5. Wow, you impress me with everything you do! Love it!

  6. All your hard work made a beautiful front entrance!! Your gardens look lovely, lush and colorful, and they will only get more so through the summer. Your house is so so pretty, I love the style of it.

  7. It's gorgeous now, but it will be no time before everything is mature and blooming! You'll have your own little oasis to cut from! :)

  8. It looks so gorgeous. I can't believe the size of your ferns.

  9. The ferns are amazing! How in the world did you get them to grow like that? I love the small pots & gold. Did you paint them? The entire front looks beautiful! It will become full in a short time with all the rains you've had. I know that's a lot of hard work but it will pay off. You'll be on the cover of House & Garden, etc. :)

    P.S. I like the darker shingles too.

  10. I LOVE your curb appeal! Wonderful! And I would highly recommend a metal roof :)

  11. I bet you've fallen in love with your home all over again!?!


  12. It looks so pretty, I especially love those ferns by your door!

  13. Hi Jennifer! You have such a beautiful home. The landscaping looks great. You've given me a lot of great ides for my own yard.

  14. Your front yard looks great, and you seem to have picked out just the perfect pop of color for every location. So, since we have the same type of weather, I wanted to ask you, how do you keep your ferns alive and full? I used to think that was the only plant I couldn't kill, but not the case, even the ones I have indoors are not happy...pretty soon I will just replace all with fakes ;)

  15. Everything looks lovely! I especially love the brick border!

  16. The yard is beautiful, Jennifer! The row of shrubs under the window gives good emphasis to your home's exterior while the crape myrtles add a nice touch of privacy. Have they bloomed yet? -Matt @ Meridian Landscaping

  17. You have a beautiful front yard, Jennifer! And it sure will become even more beautiful once the flowers are in full bloom! I can’t wait to see them grow. Anyway, I like how you landscape your yard. Simple, yet it gives a nice curb appeal to your home. Kudos!
    Jeremy Beauregard @ Flowers' Gardens & Landscapes

  18. Your yard is absolutely beautiful!! Would you happen to know the names of the plants in the erns by your front door as well as the shrub type plant lining one of the walls with the small grasses in front of it?

  19. Yes I an curious in also knowing the plants in the urns next to you door??? Please.

  20. Hi Lori, they are Kimberly Queen ferns. Our Lowe's sells huge ones every year for around $30.

  21. Hi Jennifer, can you tell me where you got those urns? They are beautiful!!

    1. Thank you Ann! I bought them at Sam's 9 years ago, and haven't seen them since. Sorry! And, out of 3 I only have 1 that has survived this long. They were the perfect size and shape!


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