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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


A few weeks ago we drove from the north border of Texas to the border on the Gulf.  Along the way, we made a stop and the huge Outlet Store Center at San Marcos.  There's an outlet for just about every store under the sun there-Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Coach...too many to list!  My time was limited, so I chose to hit a few favorite stores that we don't have at our outlet here.

Here are a few things that caught my eye:

I acually saw this table at TJ Maxx, but I really liked how it was a mix of rustic and modern.  If I had $300+ to spare, this Michael Kors green bag would be really fun!  And, I enjoyed a cruise through the Tory Burch outlet-there were super cute (pricey!) flip flops.

Next, I walked around the Restoration Hardware Outlet.  Nothing super special, but this funky chair was cool.  The inside was leather and the outside reminded me of an airplane.  Not right for my house but I still think it's awesome!  The Pottery Barn Outlet had some great things, but nothing I couldn't leave without.  I really liked that shallow wooden tray/bowl with the metal trim and horn (or shell?) handles.  The whale bottle opener was adorable too-should have bought that one.

On the way back home, I mentioned yesterday that we made a stop at Ikea.  I hadn't noticed these polka dot rugs before.  They would be super fun for a kid's room or game room!  They also had a great selection of baskets with a plastic lining-perfect for larger plants to keep indoors.  I also liked these sleek cabinet pulls and am filing them away for future possibilities.  Also for a future project, I'm 98% sure I'll be getting some of the black and white striped fabric on my next trip to Ikea. My sister had me pick up 6 of those new panels for her Florida Room.  They were very slightly sheer and the graphic grid is so stylish!

Want to see what I did come home with?

I already showed you my new clock from Ikea yesterday:

Vintage alarm clocks are all the rage right now, and for $5 I thought this little guy would be a great accessory.

I've realized that I have NO cute dish towels, so I picked up a few at Ikea-

along with this basket to corral clutter on my kitchen cabinet.

Finally, I bought my Christmas present.  From last Christmas.  My husband wanted to get me a Michael Kors watch, and it took me this long to decide for sure which one I wanted.  

What about you?  Did you see anything from my window shopping selections that you would have purchased?  Or have you had any great outlet purchases lately?

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  1. how fun! love your new watch! i love your highlights, too! i am much more a window shopper these days. ;)

  2. I recently discovered your blog and love it. Window shopping is the best, and sometimes you find the perfect item. More often, it's fun just to look and get inspiration. I love the little clock. An item like that looks perfect in many spots. I have one tucked in among books on a shelf.

  3. I was eyeing that table at TJ Maxx a couple weeks ago ;) Also love the brass reading lamp. One of the best things about going to a new place is checking out the shops ;) xo Kristin

  4. I LOVE the San Marcos outlet!! I could spend a whole day there - or two!! Love the polka-dot rugs, but then I'm a sucker for polka-dots :)

  5. I do love that TJMaxx table and there's a handful of items I need to grab at IKEA. The dishtowels are way fun!

  6. I live in northern Ohio with the nearest IKEA in Pittsburgh, PA. We're going there this weekend. I'm thrilled after viewing blog after blog writers' wonderful items they have purchased from IKEA. I really like your gold on the IKEA wall clock. I guess my daughter needs to find and display her old Holly Hobby alarm clock now that its fashionable.

  7. Fun stop...I usually have time for only one store...and always end up at the pottery you by any chance remember how much the lantern's were? I have been eyeing them, but refuse to pay full price! Funny thing, I have already told my husband I want a MK watch for christmas...I have so far used up all of my allowed gifts for the year...I say you are doing much better than me ;)

  8. Hopefully your family likes the meatballs ~ they're always good for a bribe to stop at Ikea! I've already shown my client that polka-dot rug for her daughter's room, and I love that hardware, including your watch! :)

  9. That alarm clock would be perfect for the project I've been wanting to do for a year now. Did they come in different colors? And I always buy new dish towels when I'm at IKEA!

  10. What a pretty watch! I have to tell you that I couldn't have left the whale bottle opener behind ;) Love it!

  11. Oh you made so many fabulous discoveries on your trip!! I love the panels for your sister's sunroom - so cool!! Makes me want a sunroom. I have to send you a photo of my watch….the face is so similar! Great minds……fabulous taste, my dear!


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