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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


After the Christmas Tree came down, the corner where it had been needed some attention.  I used my new chair,

and found an old carved frame at Goodwill that I put next to the painting that was already there.  Then, I brought in a tall mirror that's been waiting in the wings and leaned it against the wall.

The little side table comes back and forth from the attic depending on where and when I need it, and the garden stool is a new find that I'll tell you about later. ***Updated-go here to read about the garden stool.

When I showed you all some possibilities for the chair, I couldn't get that last glossy green one with the leopard cushions out of my head.  Since this is right across from the green china cabinet though,  I didn't want another piece of green furniture there.  I decided I wanted to keep the color as-is for now, and used some left over leopard fabric from my pillows for the seat cushion.  My touch of green was added with the pillow.  I like how the green ribbon ties in with the deep greens in the painting.

By the way, my sister did that painting for me about 5 years ago for my birthday.  We took a photo at one of our favorite vacation spots in Red River, New Mexico, and she painted the landscape from the photo.  I've told you that girl is talented!  

A Reader's Digest off of the bookshelf  adds a pop of pink on the side table.

I removed the print that came in the oval frame and am waiting to find just the right thing to put in it.  I don't mind it open for now, it's pretty on it's own.

So, if you need me, I'll be in that chair over there with a good book!
(The sofa is obviously taken.)

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  1. i love that corner and can see why it is your favorite! it's very you and special with the touch of the painting, too!

  2. That looks fantastic! Love how it seems collected over time and the colors you included are fun. The pops of pink in that room are wonderful.

  3. Very pretty corner :-)
    Cheers, Gee

  4. Where to start...the painting, the leaning mirror, all your fun pops of pink for spring, your pretty diys...all such a fun statements that made that little corner come to life! Oh, and I spied the jack! :)

  5. Gosh I just adore everything about your house!

  6. Very pretty corner -- you've inspired me to shop for an oval frame. And don't you lovve how decorative those old Reader's Digest books can be? (But I love the book on the bottom even more!)

  7. I love the chair "as is" and not painted! And I can't help but notice those great dipped-leg barstools- love them!

  8. Your house is gorgeous! I love it!

  9. Your house is so beautiful! I love that little reading spot. The pillow with the green ribbon is super cute and I spied a houndstooth pillow - I love that! Pinning this! PS - I saw in your bio that your husband is a southern baptist husband is too (the student ministry kind haha).

  10. Perfection ~ as usual! I love the touches of pink. By the way, when did you do the floor lamp? The oval frame and mirror really call my name. :) Love the leopard cushion...well, all of it!


  11. Oh, I love the way you put a room together! It's so colorful, cozy and HAPPY. Thrifting is so much fun and you feel so jubilant when you score. I'm looking at your brick fireplace in the mirror. I have a similar brick -colored hearth and now I'm thinking I need to find that mirror on the cheap somewhere! Thanks for stopping by Farmgirl Follies - I'm eager to explore more of your site!

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  13. Beautiful! I love how colorful and cozy that corner is. I want to sit and read there.

  14. That is SUCH a pretty spot….I'm calling it when I come visiting!!
    I can't believe your sister painted that gorgeous scene….so talented!
    The grouping looks great on the wall, and I also love the pops of pink here and there, so fun for spring!


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