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Friday, November 30, 2012


Ugh.  I'm still decorating.  It's going to be good, though!  I'm changing things up from what I've done for the past few years so it's just taking some time to work it all out.  Soooo, I'm giving you my first ever re-run post today.  I wanted to show this one to you early on in case you want to make some for gifts this season. 

I'm amazed every time I see it pinned.  This is by far my most pinned project.  Just goes to show that you never know for sure what people will like!  I'm sure that when I originally posted this last year I only had a few readers outside of my family, so hopefully this will still be new to most of you.

Before I get on to the project, I wanted to give a HUGE thank-you to several people who featured some of my projects this week.  Please check out these lovely blogs-they will be great weekend reading!
Lindsay at Better After - Office Re-do and Dining Room Host Chairs
Cassie at Primitive and Proper and Tami at Curb Alert - Faux Deer Head (Both of these ladies made their own unique!)
Apartment Therapy - Dining Room Host Chairs (I'm still freaking out about this one a bit!  I had NO idea and happened to stumble across it.  Apartment Therapy is one of THE home design blogs!)

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While on vacation I saw some ornaments similar to these in a gift shop and thought "Those would be really easy to make," and they were!  If you need a last minute gift or just a little extra something to accompany a present or even a few more ornaments to fill out your tree, give these a try.

I purchased a box of glass ornaments and used paint and ribbon that I had on hand.

One trick that I like to use when painting dots is to cut one out of a sponge.  I sponge the dots on (remember sponge painting walls and t-shirts in the 90's?) and then go back and fill them in with a brush.  The sponge gives me somewhat of a template to make the dots uniform and makes the process much quicker since I only have to do a few swipes with the brush to fill it in. 

See my fancy handy-dandy drying rack?  The kids saw them still hanging there in the morning and thought I should leave them.  Maybe that would be a good addition to the decor next year!

My lovely assistant even painted one of her own.

After painting the dots I used a black paint pen and free-handed an initial.  When that dried I went back with a wooden skewer barely dipped in white paint and lightly added the white dots.  Done!

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  1. They are so cute - I can see why they are pinned and repinned and repinned!

  2. I love them and what a pretty little assistant you have! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. So beautiful! I love them hanging from your chandelier. Megan

  4. love the ornaments! and thank you for the shout out, but more importantly for the inspiration!

  5. You are just all about the initials!! I am going to have my Christmas gifts done thanks to your blog!!

  6. You know I love I love a pretty and simple project ~ they'd make a great personalized gift for a family! Congrats on all your features talented friend! :)

  7. Jennifer, these are great! They really would make great gifts. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love this idea! Now I'm looking at my plain, boring ornaments and want polka dots on ALL of them ;). You are so talented.

  9. I was reading your blog last year, but this one must have escaped me. Love always. :)

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  11. I really like the idea..its another great way that I found today to creating personalized Christmas ball, and these could be used all year round for gifts also...would definitely try these ornaments


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