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Monday, November 12, 2012


I can't stop thinking about Jenny's post last week, where she showed her new found chandelier and this inspiration photo:

                                 Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Ray agreed that we could take the ceiling fan down in our bedroom if we use a freestanding tower fan, which I am totally ok with!  So now, my wheels are turning for lighting options.

I'm not sure what color I would paint mine yet, but I love the twist of the round bulbs (although I would use clear) and bright color to make and old brass fixture look more modern.

I'm clearly not afraid of paint or colored light fixtures-this thrifted chandy got a transformation and proudly hangs in my laundry room.

Here are some other painted brass beauties-

                                                                         Source: via "Grateful" Kim on Pinterest


Vintage Revivals

Centsational Girl

Apartment Therapy



Faith, Trust, & Pixie Dust

Vintage Revivals

I'm hoping something similar to this light won't be too difficult to find while thrifting.  
The hunt is on!


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  1. A chandelier will look great for your bedroom. You will definitely be able to find a nice shiny brass chandy to work with! Although after seeing your brass lamp - I don't know, I think I'm back in love with brass!

  2. i know!!!!! we are looking for a light for our dining room and i have seen that first one before with the funky bulbs and wondered if i shouldn't just do that.... argh decisions.

  3. Oh, I see those all the time! Love the whimsical look a fun color adds! Great compromise for the ceiling fan ~ I'm going to try that one! :)

  4. Love all the bright chandeliers I've been seeing everywhere, especially the one that hangs in your laundry room, so fun :)

  5. Oh I can't wait to get my hands on one of these babies! They are so GORG! I love the first photo of the living room...hmmmm if only I had multiple houses for all my styles!

  6. First off, I agree with Sarah above. Multiple homes for multiple styles. Definitely the answer. Lol. :)

    I got Justin to agree to the removal of our bedroom ceiling fan about 2 years ago Haven't missed it AT ALL! Replaced it with a budget-friendly Home Depot chandelier and I love it. Annabella's chandelier was a yard sale find...$10. Hideous shades, but great bones. It went from black to white. I love spray paint.

    Those pictures are gorgeous. Love the pale turquoise. (I'm kind of addicted to all shades of turquoise.) Loving the painted look. Very fun. I'd love to add one to the kids' playroom, but the electrical doesn't work...go figure. There's a ceiling cover plate where one COULD go, but there's no light switch for it. Wonder if one day I could get Justin to tackle that project. [Twiddling thumbs. Tapping foot.]

    I would think a thrifted/yard sale chandy wouldn't be too hard to find. Fingers crossed. You already accomplished the hardest part, though...the husband's consent! :)

  7. Since we have our furnace in I'm really thinking I wont' need the ceiling fan in our living room anymore!! Not sure what I want for a new light yet but I'm looking for inspiration!

  8. Hey, if you find 2, I'll take one! I've decided I need one in my bedroom...and the prices are just too high.


  9. Have you tried home depot or lowes? I used to have a light fixture in my old house (that did not work BTW) and it always reminded me of an ant body for some reason, anyways, when I switched it out, they had the same ones with more arms in stock, and who knows, you might find it on sale. good luck, like always, I'm sure it will turn out beautify. Oh, and once you switch out the fan, you will realize that you won't miss it as much ;)

  10. I know of one at my local Goodwill that is $30. It has been there for quite a while. No oneis buying it! I live in Bridgeport, WV. I have looked at it a few times, but it is a little too big for anywhere I want to put a chandy right now.

  11. WOW...I came across your blog from a Pinterest project and I just have to say you are amazing!! I love your style. God bless!

    1. Well, thank you very much! Glad you've enjoyed looking around.


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