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Thursday, October 4, 2012


What do you get when you have an 11 year old boy who collects everything in the world, can't bear to throw things away,

and loves to display it all?

Or, would this officially qualify as a HOT mess?  I think so.  :)

After spending 8 hours last Saturday and filling two big bags full of trash, I'm ready to give you a little tour!  Nothing is perfectly styled or "finished" yet, but here's where we are right now.

This was the room when we moved in, after promptly removing the old carpet.  Quite the blank slate, no?

So far, all you've seen of my son's room on the blog is this (click here to read about it):

I have some plans to make a few more drastic changes in the spring, but actually I'm pretty happy with his room as is, it just needs a few tweaks.

We did some rearranging in order to try to fit the drum set in.  He has been asked to play the drums for a little youth group praise band, so we needed to set them up so he can practice.  The only other space to put them in the house would be my bedroom (no) or the office (full already) so we had to just make it work.  His room is tiny, but by pushing the bed against the wall we were able to take advantage of some floor space. 

I've also wanted to add some panels to his window for a long time.  This window gets LOTS of sun in the mornings and the wood blinds just weren't helping enough.  I've had plans to make some, solid khaki-even had some sheets that I was going to make them with-and then I came across these at my favorite sale the other day.  $169 regular price (what?!?) for the pair and I got them for $12.  That's like 92% off! Score!  And, I didn't have to make them...double score!

We cleaned off most of the shelves and I left some empty on purpose, because I know more Lego ships will find their way up there.

My dad made this chest when I was a baby and it has lived with us since we've been married.  When we were newlyweds it was our tv armoire (our tv was tiny!) but when Caleb was born we moved it to his room.  Last year I painted it black and added new hardware.

I tried to corral a few of his favorite things, like putting his mini football helmets in an apothecary jar.  We also used large under the bed storage tubs for Legos, Nerf guns, etc.  He can easily slide those out and find what he's looking for.

We went through a big Nascar phase.  These were pages from a calendar that I matted and framed myself.  Inexpensive, easy artwork!

Here you can see his black door that leads to the hallway.  I left all of the doors inside the rooms white for now and am just fine with the mixed look.

So, this room is "in progress", more to come in the Spring!

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  1. it is looking awesome- love the colors! i have a 7 yr old who has toys toys everywhere- legos, playmobil, etc. when i clean his room it looks great, but when he cleans it he doesn't quite get it.... and i don't get mad because he seriously plays with ALL of it. so i guess as long as it is used it's a little more tolerable!

  2. It cleaned up very nicely!! :) What a steal on those drapery panels, yay for not having to make them! My favorite is the over-sized monogram, such a fun custom addition! Can't wait to see what you planned for spring!

  3. I remember the days of a boy's room. Actually, I used to feel it was a bit scary at times. I'd give my son a week to clean up, toss and donate. If he hadn't done it, that was when I went in. :)

    Your son's room looks great! I especially love the monograms in frames, the fan and the stars used to hang the valance. The Nascar photos are great too.


  4. What a great color on the wall, and I love how you corral his collections into jars. Looking forward to seeing how you tweak this room! Lucky boy to have you for a decorator!

  5. Looks good - I'm not showing my 9 year old daughter that you got a drum set in this room though. I'm insisting we do NOT have room for a drum set and she is just going to have to be fine with piano lessons!

  6. Yo también tengo niños hombre. Me encanta la decoración de tu niño!

  7. The room looks great now, but I must admit - those first few images made me snicker because I have a collector who displays things the same way. Thanks for the inspiration! Thank you for joining "The After Party"!



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