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Monday, October 8, 2012


In my last post, I showed you my son's room.  Today I wanted to share with you how I hung his window treatments-the quick, cheap, and easy way.  For years we have had the valance with only the blinds, but have needed to add some panels to help block out the intense morning sun that this window gets.

First of all, for the valance, I had metal stars that I think were meant to be candle holders (maybe?).  They had a hole in the middle and I knew I wanted to use them to hang the valance.  I glued a dowel that fit in the hole- wrapping some fabric around the end for a tighter fit- and used a dowel screw in the other end of the dowel rod.  

I glued a wooden plug to the front side of the star to cover the dowel rod and add some color.  Then, the dowel can be screwed right into the wall.  An anchor may be needed if you do not have a stud in the wall where you want the piece to go.

When I made the valance I sewed some ribbon along the top, and used that ribbon to just tie over the dowel rods.
I used this same method for my dining room panels in the past, but with some Christmas ornaments to make a medallion type hanger.

Really, you can make anything that has a flat spot in the back into a hanger for window treatments using a dowel rod and dowel screw.  The sky's the limit!

Since the valance was covering the top of the curtain panels, I knew it didn't matter what the rod looked like.  I used a length of sturdy plumbing pipe cut to size, hung it with some old brackets, and used some random ring clips to hang the panels.  None of this shows so it didn't need to be pretty or expensive.  

There are no finials on the ends of the rod, so I got all fancy and hot glued a piece of a paint stick to the ends to act as a stopper.  Simple!

So, this little window makeover cost me $12-the cost of the panels!  Everything else was found from shopping my house and garage. 

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  1. They look great, Jennifer! Great idea for a boy's room! This is the same technique I used with cabinet hardware and dowel screws to hang curtains in my dining room. The possibilities are endless…..wouldn't crystal doorknobs look so pretty in a bedroom for curtains?

  2. Very clever! I'd much rather spend my $$ on the things you see! :)

  3. Great idea! I don't think I would ever think of doing this...but neat idea. I can imagine different "things" to hang curtains from in the future. :)


  4. I love the creative use of the stars! Great job!


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