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Monday, September 17, 2012


First things first,

Monica Smith is the randomly chosen winner of my Blogiversary Giveaway!  Congratulations Monica, check your e-mail for a message from me!  Thank you all for leaving such sweet comments on the blog.  You all are the reason I keep blogging and I'm looking forward to the next year! 

Typically Fall is my favorite season.  We've had our first few days with a chill in the air, but I'm having a hard time this year getting it in gear to think about decorating for Autumn.  So far our dinner last Friday night is as close as we've come to anything Fall related:

Maybe some pretty Autumnal eye candy will help...

This is my favorite mantel from last year, I'm trying to think of a few ways to incorporate some of these details in my mantel this year.

Finding Home

Better Homes and Gardens

Even is you don't have a fireplace mantle, you can still get in the spirit of the season with a wall ledge or bookshelf.

I love Pam's fun little spooky corner here, especially the old floor lamp with the shade and some bulbs removed for extra creepiness...

Simple Details via Primitive & Proper

Dramatic, readily available, free, and endless options of what to do with them!

Better Homes and Gardens

Pretty outdoor table:

Country Living

How clever is this?  Use mini pumpkins for outdoor tablecloth weights.  I totally need these in blustery Oklahoma!

Better Homes & Gardens


Martha Stewart

2 things in this space caught my eye: the orange hanging lanterns and the sweet potato vines.  Our sweet potato is still going strong, love how that bright pop of green is worked into the autumn decor! 

Better Homes & Gardens

Nell Hill's

Have an old sweater that you don't wear or that your child has outgrown? Make a cozy candle!

A few fun Fall treats-

Growing in Grace

I pinned these last year and am determined to make them this year-wouldn't they be cute to take to Sunday School? 

If you missed my Fall decor from last year, you can see my mantle here,

the rest of the house decorations here,

and my front porch here.

I usually recycle mantles for a few years, but since I'm blogging now I feel like I need to come up with something new.  Hmmmm....

Have you decorated for fall yet?

Would you like to comment?

  1. If ever there was a post to get a person in the fall spirit, this is it!! Looking at your gorgeous inspiration pictures makes me want to venture down to the basement and pull out the fall decor. I have been craving boots and sweaters and big pots of soup, but my house still for the most part says I don't want to let go of summer! Thank you for inspiring :)

  2. Great inspiration, Jennifer!! My mantle is finished, but my front porch is calling and I happen to have potato vines, :) Love that idea and the fun color with the orange! Thanks for the sweet shout out!

  3. These images get me so excited for fall. Your front porch if fabulous!!

  4. I've slowly started to decorate - very slowly but it feels good to get a start. I love your front porch from last year - it's so pretty! Well your entire house is beautiful but I love fall and infusing those fall touches makes it really nice. That taco soup sounds delicious too - I need to work on my meal planning.

  5. I recycle also!!! I have no motivation to pull out my fall stuff. It's still packed from the move!

  6. Girl I'm getting my Halloween decor out already! Wait, that sounds like I'm getting stuff done...I've thought about it a lot, and started a couple of projects. Really the best I've done is made my fall wreath and hung it on the door! :)

  7. My mom always made big batches of taco soup in the fall and it always brings me back! Can't wait to make it this year.

  8. Congratulations to Monica!

    The taco soup looks sooooo good. I tried that cake last year and it was horrid. Not sure what I did wrong. :/ I've seen it on several sites and it always looks beautiful and tasty. Guess I need to try again! :)

    All of the photos are beautiful. Your decorations are definitely stunning! At times like this, and Christmas, I always wish I had more space to decorate. However, when it comes to cleaning, small is better!

    Have a wonderful week ~

  9. I started fall decorating a week ago, but I just can't seem to get it finished up. Hopefully this week I will have the time to put a bow on it! I can't believe we are already half way through September already!!

  10. Hi Jennifer, I loved your mantel from last year, you don't need to do anything new! I started my fall decorating even before the kids went back to school, I absolutely love this season, and couldn't wait. Happy blogiversary, sorry I missed your post, I have been dealing with some issues here. Hope you have a great week, and keep the cool weather coming.

  11. Decorated for fall yet? You're funny. ;) Sorry, my friend, it's still 95 here. I am not-so-patiently waiting to hit the 80's when it gets cool and I consider getting out my leg warmers. :)

    But I do LOVE fall. I just don't have a lot of memories of being exposed to a REAL one.

    I love Miami. I love Miami. I love Miami. (I have to keep telling myself that. Ha!)

    Aside from the fact that you have some gorgeous inspiration on here, you very much made me want to eat my computer screen with your first picture.

    Note to self: make taco soup and EASY pumpkin spice cake. :) With a latte.


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