July 2012 - Dimples and Tangles


Did you get caught up in the excitement of the Olympics over the weekend?  We did!  Our friends (I showed you their lovely home tour here) invited several families over for a watch party for the opening ceremony, and threw in a little Olympic competition family style!

We kicked off the evening with a shrimp boil, enjoyed by young and old alike...

and then the games began!

First, there was the "Which Dad Can Fling His Shoe The Furthest" event...

And then, the "Blindfolded Moms Find Your Children" event...

Followed by the hard fought "Family Tug-of-War"...

The ever popular "Three Legged Race"...

And our events concluded with a spirited game of "Family Kickball"...

After the games were over, we gathered to light the Family Olympic Torch.  The igniting of the torch was similar to the Opening Ceremonies of the 1992 Olympics...fun for all!  The torch flame burned long into the evening...

Thank you to our gracious friends for such a fun-filled evening!

And, to leave you with some pretty images today, here are some of my favorite rooms inspired by the colors of the Olympic Rings.

                                                                     Source: traditionalhome.com via Jennifer on Pinterest


                                                                         Source: lifeingraceblog.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

                                                                      Source: tobifairley.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

                                                                      Source: ourfifthhouse.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

Go Team USA!

                                                                     Source: theprepheritage.tumblr.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

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While thrifting recently, I came across this little coffee table.  I've been looking for a new one for a while, and something about this one drew me to it.  I left it there that day, knowing that it would most likely be 1/2 off in two more days when the sale cycle at that store changed, so I took a chance. 

It worked!  I left with the table for $20.  

Originally when thinking about if I would purchase it or not, I had grand ideas in my head about how to redo the table.  But after I actually bought it, it grew on me as is.  Of course I loved the green top and the bamboo-style legs.  I didn't even notice the brass trim around the top until I was buying it (it was really discolored and gunky!).

All I decided to do was clean it up good.  I started out with some Brasso on the rim, and after 20 minutes of vigorous scrubbing had about 3 inches clean.  At this point, I could almost hear the Keno brothers screaming in horror as I scrubbed off the "patina".  But, I decided this wasn't really a good patina or really an antique piece (at least I don't think so!), so I continued on. 

Time to call the pro for advice...a.k.a. my dad.  He said that the brass most likely had a lacquer coating and suggested rubbing it with a bit of paint remover or lacquer thinner, then scrubbing with a fine steel wool pad.  I didn't have any paint remover, but I had nail polish remover!  I rubbed a saturated cotton ball over a section at a time, let it sit for a few minutes, then went back over that section with the steel wool and Brasso.  It still took a while to work my way all the way around, but it came off clean.  

I also ran a super fine piece of steel wool along the wood edge and rim on the top just to clean off a bit of waxy build up, then went over all of the stained parts with Old English Scratch Cover.  That stuff works wonders!

I couldn't resist one little upgrade...the feet were begging for a gold accent!


If you've never used it, Rub 'n Buff is such a versatile product.  It is a waxy type paste that comes in a large variety of colors.  A tiny amount goes a long way and it can be used on wood, metal, frames, and many other surfaces.  I loved it for this project because I didn't have to tape anything off, I just used a little from the tube and it spread very easily and dried to a permanent finish quickly. 

Now those are some pretty legs!

My spiffed up tray has a much larger scale on this little table than my old coffee table, but I think it still works.

Now, if I could just come across this kind of a deal on a china cabinet for my dining room, I'd be set!

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I had the house all to myself last night for about 6 hours, and guess what happened?  Loads of lurking laundry? Nope.  Work on the chairs that will never be finished?  Nope.  Finishing a friend's sewing project that I've had for 4 months?  Nope. (I'm a bad friend!)

Here's what's going on-

Don't expect a big reveal tomorrow...this project's going to take a while!  I painted two interior doors black about a year ago to see how I liked them (LOVE them!) and am finally getting around to closing the loop.  All *10* of my doors that line our hallway throughout the house.  Not counting some doors I want to do inside my bedroom/bathroom.  
Whew!  See you with that reveal in about three years.



Well, about a month later than I wanted, I finally got around to "summerizing" some of my accessories.  Sometimes there are benefits to procrastinating...
I came across some succulents at a local hardware store that were 75% off
for the end of season plant clearance. 

I've been wanting to try some out since they're all the rage in the blogworld.  So far so good!  I do think it's funny how they are so obviously growing toward the light.  I'm having to turn my containers around occasionally so they'll even out.

Tiny little baby one-


This tray sits on the end of my kitchen counter.  See the darling new little owl vase that Bonnie at Uncommon tipped us off to?  $2.50 in the Target Dollar Spot, and it also comes in brown, black, and lime green!  My Target was just putting them out a few days ago, so they should still have some.
(To my owl-loving sister Sarah...there may or may not be one in your stocking at Christmas!)

 Sand from the beach at Perdido Key-

I picked up the iron crab at a thrift store, it's a door knocker and I love it!

Remember when I told you that I NEEDED one of these mirrors?  Well, I didn't buy any souveniers for myself in New Orleans so I bought this when I got home!  
Much better than a t-shirt.  :)

More succulents-actually, I guess that taller one is a tropical, but I think the care is the same for both.

Don't you agree that just about anything looks better under a glass dome?

I added just a touch of summer to a shelf in my built-ins with a pewter tray full of natural objects...shells, some small antlers, and one of my heart shaped rocks picked up on one of our travels.

Entry-I did a blogger no-no and used silk flowers, but I think they look pretty real!

Another Reader's Digest book picked up during my last thrifting trip.  Check out the awesome blue and green Chevron cover!

My coffee table, and a new project I wanted to show off!  I bought this large wooden tray at Goodwill for $3 a few years ago, have since painted it several different colors, and it just got a major upgrade!

Inspired by Jenna's Monogrammed Chevron Pallet Tray, my tray got a quick coat of gold spray paint around the edges and some left-over chevron fabric on the bottom.  
I cut the fabric to size and used mod-podge to adhere it.  Then I ran a thin ribbon along the edges to cover the cut edge. 

I considered coating the top with mod-podge to seal it, but didn't want it to be tacky and wanted to be able to switch out the fabric later if I'm ready for something different.  So, I took the tray to Michael's and they cut a piece of glass to fit inside.  You can't really see it in the photos, but the glass adds the perfect finishing touch, and will be easy to keep clean.

I stacked the tray with some more books from the thrift store.  I was specifically looking for larger coffee table size books with a summer theme.  Found Summer, The Pacific Coast, a great 3-D kids book with the cute rainbow spine, and the Character Sketches was just a cool big book.  Can't beat $2 each!

Well, what do you think?  Hope you found some inspiration, although I'm sure I'm the very last person to put out summer accessories!

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Last weekend I spent an entire day with my sister shopping at thrift stores.  I've had my eye out for some vintage Reader's Digest books for a while, and I hit the jackpot!  
All of these plus a few more books were purchased for less than $7.  

You may even have this hot decor item hiding in a closet or your garage.  
Everything old is new again!

The covers of the older books are beautifully designed.

Wouldn't these be great inspiration for a line of fabrics?

A few more images of Reader's Digest books making a fashionable statement in decor...


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