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Monday, July 16, 2012


I had the house all to myself last night for about 6 hours, and guess what happened?  Loads of lurking laundry? Nope.  Work on the chairs that will never be finished?  Nope.  Finishing a friend's sewing project that I've had for 4 months?  Nope. (I'm a bad friend!)

Here's what's going on-

Don't expect a big reveal tomorrow...this project's going to take a while!  I painted two interior doors black about a year ago to see how I liked them (LOVE them!) and am finally getting around to closing the loop.  All *10* of my doors that line our hallway throughout the house.  Not counting some doors I want to do inside my bedroom/bathroom.  
Whew!  See you with that reveal in about three years.

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  1. Dangerous to leave you home alone! I LOVE them, they'll be such a pretty statement with all your black!

  2. Wow - you're doing all the interior doors? You are a hard worker my friend! I have been thinking about doing the inside of my front door black and I'm tired just thinking about it. The detail on your doors is so pretty - can't wait to see the dramatic after!

  3. Good for you! It will be gorgeous with your decor although I do realize it is hard work. Actually, I've been thinking of painting some doors here...just plain white and not pretty doors either. Hang in there!


  4. Oh yes, it will definitely look great with all the black accents you have. I have been meaning to do my front door in black for over a year now, and still nothing...I am just not as motivated as you.

  5. That is quite an undertaking. Love the idea and look of black doors. Have been seeing more of those lately. Good luck!

  6. I love how the door is black and it has a golden handle.


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