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Monday, June 4, 2012

My Biggest Project This Summer

We're in the midst of summer, and I'll never forget The Nester's post last year about only having a limited number of summers left with her children at home.  That is ringing in my ears this summer as I try to balance projects, blogging, and wanting to have all the time in the world with my family.  I want this time with them to take precedence while it can.  This time is fleeting I'm already wondering where those darling little babies have gone.

So, I'm determined to make the most of our time together this summer.  That means being willing to sit at the pool with them, play games, linger around the living room together in the evenings, rather than me filling my time working on projects to write about, and photograph, and edit the photographs, and sitting at the computer.  Oh, there will still be plenty of that going on, but I'll be slowing down on the posting for the summer.  This blogging is a hobby that can take over every second if one isn't careful, and I'm remembering that it's just that right now...a hobby.  

So, I'll still be popping in whenever time warrants, but for now we have camps and vacations and pool parties and play dates and 8 and 10 respectively more summers to enjoy as a family, so for now, they are my #1 project.

Thanks for understanding and allowing me to share my heart here!  
You all are the sweetest readers and I truly appreciate the time you spend reading and commenting on my posts.

I love you guys, but this summer's all about them!

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  1. Good for you! Enjoy your summer with your "babies."

  2. I am with you!!! These summers are so fleeting and you and I both need to make the most of them!! Hope you have a summer filled with happy times and good things, and look forward to hearing what you've been up to every now and again. Your kiddos are SO adorable by the way! Love your daughter shooting the ball with the bow in her hair - a girl after my own heart :)
    PS I'm linking to you today - if I ever get my post up!

  3. You're an awesome and inspiring mom, blogger and friend, Jennifer! Hope your summer is filled with fun times lounging at the pool, bike rides and homemade Butterfinger ice cream! xoxo Pam

  4. Enjoy your kiddos! Sounds like a fun summer is in store for them. I hope they will realize what a blessing it is to have a Mom who will do this with them!

  5. Hi Jennifer, I totally understand! I remember reading that same post, and it really struck me, at how fast time really does fly by! This is the reason why I have not signed up my kids for any camps yet (they also begged ;) But I want to spend every single minute of their summer with them, I may be praising a different tune in a couple of weeks, today is our first day off, but in the end, I truly just want to enjoy them. Take as long of a time as you need to enjoy your children as well, hope you all have a great summer.

  6. You are such a wonderful mom ~ and believe me, time is precious with them. My grands are teens now and it's all so you blink your eyes and 3-4 years have passed!

    We will all still be here when you have time to return. Your family is the most important and you will be making cherished memories! Believe me, they will remember. There are so many things that kids remember...being there with and for them ranks right up there as #1...laughing, listening, joining in their activities, etc.

    Have fun, take tons of photos and above all, enjoy!

  7. You have beautiful kids and I totally understand the need to spend quality time. I have 4 and 7 summers left. We are not done with school yet but heading into final exams with my oldest. Enjoy your summer, Jennifer!

  8. So cute!
    you have such a nice blog!!
    like to follow each other? we could stay in contact!!
    i already do it in GFC!
    kisses sweetie!

  9. Amen to that. Your children are precious. :)

    We bought the kids bikes and we are spending as much time as we can outside(dodging the terrible mosquitoes and thunderstorms). They are loving it!


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