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Monday, June 11, 2012

Cane Wingbacks Update

Thank you all for your sweet comments after my last post.  You all are so encouraging and it's nice to know you'll hang around even if I'm slowing down a bit for the summer.  But, I couldn't stay away for long!

It's been a few months since I've posted about my chairs for the dining room.  And for good reason...NO progress!  I've still been undecided on the fabric, so I've just waited.  But, things are close to coming together.  My friend Pam at Simple Details and I are in the same boat working on our dining room chairs, and she threw out some fabric options last week which encouraged me to follow suit.

Back in January I showed you several black and white options I was considering, and was planning to paint the frame black.  Well, here are my thoughts now.

I'm painting the frame gold, and I can't wait.  I just about abandoned the black and white fabric idea because I feel like I'm getting too much of that combo everywhere else, and it's already on the curtains.  So, I was almost 100% resolved to upholster the entire chair with dropcloth fabric, which blends together nicely with the tufted side chairs I've already purchased.

Then I remembered this:

                                                                                     Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

And saw this:

                                   Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

And this:

                                              Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

And this: (see it peeking out on back of the white sofa?)

                                             Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Incidentally, I was browsing some blogs the other day and came across this photo-
Ha!  I KNEW those chairs were good! Erin's have yet to be recovered, but they look pretty great in that color anyway.

I've loved that first photo of the big wing chair ever since it graced the cover of Country Living.  So, I thought maybe a bright floral is what I need, but just for the back panel of the chair.  And what could be better than Chiang Mai Dragon?  Actually, I love the Chiang Mai but not so much the dragon part, but maybe he'll grow on me.  I had never heard of this fabric before I started reading design blogs, so many designers think it's overdone, but that's ok with me.

However, it's VERY expensive.  Like BIG splurge.  I only need a little over a yard, so I'm searching for a good source if I decide to purchase this.  I've never seen it in person, so it makes me a little nervous to spend that much money and not be 10000% sure that it's what I want.  I've searced high and low for some good alternatives, but nothing quite measures up to the bold scale and bright colors.

Sooo, all of that long back story to show you where I might be headed.  Here are some options.  This is a really rough mock-up but it helps me to see things together, and you can see the houndstooth curtains in the background.  The plan is to add a painted (green!) china cabinet and artwork on that blank wall, and the table I'll be using in here will have a much darker stain than this one.  

I'm still considering a black and white pattern since it will only be on the backs of the chairs.  Maybe the zebra, maybe not, but I had it on hand so I did a sample just to live with it for a while.

I am also considering this fabric for the backs, love it and must use it somewhere in my home:

                                                  Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

(Told you this was a very rough mock-up...use your imagination!)

Here's a scrap of a bright floral that I had, just to get a vague idea of what something multi-colored, possibly the Chiang Mai, would look like.

Or maybe some black and white welting on the back?

And, I also have this fun bumpy textured fabric that matches the front but gives a little surprise on the back to consider.  It reminds me of a vintage chenille bedspread.  I like the texture but it may be a little too blah.

Thoughts?  Anyone know of where I can get 40" of Chiang Mai Dragon for a steal?  
I'm ready to get these chairs D-O-N-E!

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  1. Even though what you like is what counts...I'll weigh in. Love all except for the smaller black/white print that you used your suitcase as a sample. The print is to close to the drapes in terms of scale so it doesn't jump as much. And the white texture is too safe! Go for bold and fun! Good luck and can't wait for the finished project!

  2. LOVE that bold floral, who needs Chiang Mai dragon?! I can't wait to see the gold, which I do think would look really pretty against a black & white print, but I agree the small print is too similar to your houndstooth and the caning pattern. Thanks for the mention, sweet friend! :)

  3. Oh girl, I love your mock ups!! That suitcase killed me. So funny. But, it really did help, so hey! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the floral which in turn (of course) means I would love the Chiang Mai. I figure eventually I will cave and put it somewhere in my home. I love this idea as it's not a ton of it, but it makes a big impact!! And, I love the gold. Perfection! Need a large print for sure.

  4. Bright colors would be my choice! If you don't like the dragon,(I don't) use another. I guess that's the problem right now though isn't it??? Trying to decide? If you're going with the gold for the chairs and you have the houndstooth already, use bright colors. I know it will be gorgeous, whatever you select.

    By the way, I've almost purchased that black & white about 3 times now. I probably will before it's all over. :-) I'm a bit tired of the zebra but that's just me. Don't tell anyone I said that, they won't believe you! LOL


  5. I vote for the bright floral!! that is just my humble opinion :)

  6. I like the florals with the black trim.

  7. Good for you for tackling this project. It's worth it to save.. and spend a little more if it's really what you want. I like the floral as well :)


  8. I like the floral with the trim!

  9. You are so smart to shop your house for your mock-ups!!!! That creative mind of yours!!
    I LOVE the big floral on the back of the chair for a contrast to your drapes and a bold pop of color. I have seen Chiang Mai Dragon pillows on Ebay so maybe you can find a remnant or two on there for a steal!!!

    I think I'm more excited to see your dining room come together than I am mine!!! (seeing as mine is moving at a snail's pace!) :)

  10. I loved the floral that you tested!!!!

  11. I love the floral! It's so refreshing, and those inspiration pictures are drool worthy. Very smart of you to "test" the look of the fabric before purchasing. Good luck with that fabric, I always have said though, that if it is something you love, then go for it! Don't spent money on something that you are not 100 perent in love with.

  12. I love the floral with the black and white trim. Anyone you pick though will be have great taste : )

  13. Wow!~ What an ambitious project, I personally am loving all of your inspiration pics with the floral backing, the pops of color are just so great!!! Enjoy your family time this summer ... I bet the right piece will find you at just the right time. :)

  14. I love the floral with black and white trim! It will give a great pop of color to the room!

  15. New reader weighing in--the floral all the way. Or hobby lobby has a hot pink and gold zebra pattern. It's to die for!

  16. OMGoodness. ever. Totally hilarious, but it worked. I could totally picture it! LOL! You're awesome.

    How to choose? Love all the options! Honest opinion, like you, my least fave is the "vintage chenille". You need more punch than that. I'm loving that colored print (aka Chaing Mai in disguise...haha) and the Luggage fabric. Ha.

    But, as I always tell you: You can do no wrong. You always end up with just the right touch.

  17. I saw this today and thought of your chairs...

    Did you go to the Pastor's wife's luncheon this year @ convention? I was hoping maybe you'd so the tablescape :) I wasn't able to attend this year...

  18. You should definitely try eBay! I scored just enough to do the backs of my chairs. Did the front and seats in faux ostrich leather. BEST.THING.EVER. They wipe completely clean with a wet paper towel and I still get to have a little bit of drama with the backs. I call them my mullet chairs...y'kmow, business in the front... :)

    Posted about them here:


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