May 2012 - Dimples and Tangles

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Ever since I saw Mandi's Great Wall of Mirrors almost 2 years ago, I knew I wanted to do something like it someday.  Well, someday has come!  

I started collecting mirrors here and there, but a few weeks ago had a great thrifting day where I found several of the final larger pieces that I needed to pull it all together.  I gave you a sneak peek  of what I was up to earlier this week, so here's the whole thing!

When trying to decide where to locate this wall of mirrors, I finally came up with this wall that frames the laundry room in the hallway that leads to the kids' rooms.  It's pretty dark, even with the can lighting, so I thought a mirror (or 23) would help to bounce some light around and lighten things up.  Also, I've always had a large mirror in the breakfast room, but since adding a botanical gallery wall in that spot we've missed having a mirror handy to check before walking out the door.  This spot in the hall serves that purpose perfectly. 

I tried out lots

and lots

and lots

of different arrangements before deciding on the final order that I wanted.  Even once I began hanging them up, I switched a few things around from the intended layout.

I was craving a project using kelly green rather than my normal more mossy green that I have in the rest of my house, so I went for it on the frames here.  I think I'm liking it but it's not too difficult to change some day if I want to.  

The hazards of spray paint-and that was after 2 scrubbings!

This was a fairly budget friendly project.  All but the 3 little round ones and the Victorian type frame in the bottom left corner came from thrift stores, garage sales, or my attic.  I probably spent more on the 4-5 cans of paint than any of the individual mirrors.  

By the way, the paint is Valspar's Luscious Green.  This is the first time I've used Valspar spray paint, and honestly, I didn't really like it.  I thought the nozzle was too hard to spray and it dripped a lot.  Just my opinion...I'll probably try to stick with Krylon or Rustoleum in the future.

I've told Emily to watch out, we can keep an eye on her in her room from all the way around the corner now.  :)

Here's the view from closer to the front door:

And, I really liked Mandi's photo of her cost breakdown, so I'll do the same here:

Pretty big statement for less than $100, huh?

Many were regular frames that I added a mirror to, which brought the cost up a bit.  Hobby Lobby had some of the sizes I needed, but I had to get 3 or 4 cut at a glass shop.  I used the method I showed you for those I added the mirror to myself.

*Edited to add:  Here's an updated photo of the wall with my doors painted black.  Click here to read more about that project. 

**Edited again... one more photo with the current wall color...much lighter and brighter!

If you're not familiar with Mandi's blog, Vintage Revivals, you're missing some fantastic inspiration!  Visit her soon, you won't be sorry!

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How To Do Your Own Framing

I'm a little slow on my post this morning, trying to recover from the long weekend!  
I hope you had some time to enjoy with your family, and maybe even accomplished a project or two.  

In the thousands (and thousands I'm sure!) of blog posts I've read through the years, I don't know that I've ever seen a post on how to frame your own photos.  So, either I'm very naive and everybody already knows this, or maybe I'll teach you something new today.  Sometimes it can be reasonable to have your framing done at a shop, but often I find myself needing lots of things framed (think gallery walls) and all of that framing adds up quickly!    And, with the frequency of how much I change my mind on decor, I don't like to spend a lot for a professional framing job, because whatever I'm framing most likely won't stay that way for long.  However, probably the biggest reason I started doing this myself is when I start a project, I want it done RIGHT NOW and waiting to have something framed takes way too long!  :)

First, you'll need some of these.

I bought mine at Hobby Lobby but I'm sure any store that has framing supplies will have them.  You'll also need a wide tipped flat head screwdriver.

My frame didn't have the hangers on it, so I started by adding those.  I really like this kind that you just hammer in, not like the others that have a teeny tiny nail that you have to hammer through the hanger.  I prefer to install one in each top corner so that my frames stay straight on the wall and aren't constantly shifting.


Add your glass, photo, mat, and backing, or whatever you want to frame.  I was framing a mirror here. 

The number of glazier points will vary depending on how large your frame is, but I like to space mine out every 3 or 4 inches.  Basically you lay them flat against the edge of your frame and use the screwdriver to push the sharp point into the wood.

It takes a bit of firm pressure, but the points should slide right into the frame.  This works really well with older wooden frames. You want the pointed section as far into the frame as you can get it, and the two prongs out the back will hold your picture in place. 

This frame was purchased recently, and was made out of some composite material that was really dense.  I could only get some of the points in a bit, but as long as they're solid and you get some in good every so often, it should be fine.  I had an entire side of this frame that was too hard to push in to, but all of the other sides were secure so I didn't worry about it.

DO NOT hold your frame like this, where the screwdriver is pointed toward your body or your other hand.  Sometimes it slips, and I don't want anyone injured in this process!

So, that's it!  Quick, easy, and cheap!  This is a little sneak peak of a big project I can't wait to show you!

OK, confess, is this all something you already knew?

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Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Just popping in to wish my mom a very Happy Birthday!  It was actually over the weekend but we're celebrating today.

Mom, I am so thankful for all of the things that you've taught me and how you continue to take such good care of our family.  
I love you!


Memorial Day



I am so thankful for all of those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.  May we always remember what a blessing and privilege it is to live in this great country, and remember in our prayers those who are currently serving.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend, however you plan to celebrate!  We will be helping my sister move into her very first house, Ray is officiating a wedding, celebrating my mother's birthday, hitting our neighborhood pool on opening day, and cheering the OKC Thunder on to another playoff victory!  

Enjoy your weekend, friends!


A Commoner's Castle and DIY Balloon Weights

I am so honored to be guest posting today at Lauren's fabulous blog, A Commoner's Castle.  She is celebrating one year of blogging and has completed some awesome projects.  Check out this adorable monogrammed cornice box that she made for her daughter's room. 

I'm sharing a cheap, easy fix for tired lamp shades over at Lauren's place today.  Go visit her and look around a bit, I know you'll find something you like.  Thank you Lauren for inviting me to share my very first guest post, and I looking forward to seeing many more great projects from you in the future!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I had a post *almost* all ready to go Tuesday evening and then had computer difficulties...grrr!  Then, Wednesday was a blur of last day of school activities.  Oh well, I'll save that post for another day.  Today I just wanted to tag on a quick little project.

First of all, this is why I had this little project:
We have a graduate of fifth grade!

And guess who was responsible for decorating for the ceremony?

I decided to go simple and fun, just right for an elementary graduation.  I recruited 2 friends who are pros at making these fabulous balloon arches and then filled the rest of the space with balloon bouquets.   

 All 185(ish) graduates!

I had 2 long lengths of this geometric fabric that I brought up last minute to cover that background board.  It was with the remnants at Hancock's, and I found two pieces at two different stores to make a little over 6 yards.  Don't be surprised if you see this somewhere else in the future!  (hint, hint!)

Here's where my quick little project comes in.  (Picture quality isn't great, I was doing this late at night in the garage.)  Trying to keep costs down, I made some weights to anchor the helium balloons.  You can purchase these for $1.29 each at Hobby Lobby or even at Dollar Tree, but I wanted a bunch and that one dollar each would have added up fast. 

Supplies:  1 small bag quikrete concrete mix ($1.80)
1 box jumbo paperclips ($1.00-Dollar Tree)
Plastic (solo-type) cups ($1.00-Dollar Tree) Paper cups work well also.
old mixing tub, stir stick, and water

Follow directions on the package to mix.  Insert paper clips so that you have a good portion of an end sticking out the top, you will secure your balloon ribbon to this.  

After dry, tear cups away.

I used some scrap burlap to wrap around them, and secured it with small hair rubber-bands (you want to still be able to easily get down in to the fabric to reach the paper clip hook).  One batch of mine ended up a bit too dry and crumbly, you want it pretty wet when you mix it.  But, they turned out fine when they dried. 

I ended up with 24 weights for under $4, and now I'll have them on hand for future events.

We also put together our end of the year teacher gifts, which you may have seen floating around on Pinterest.  The teachers loved them!

Bundle includes MS Living Magazine, insulated cup (I bought the 6-pack from Sam's and we have a few to keep for ourselves) filled with instant lemonade packs , a new beach towel, chocolate, a small tube of sunscreen, a thank you note from each child, and instructions to relax this summer!

Whew!  We had a huge race to the finish line for the end of the school year.  
The kids have requested a pj/movie day today for the first day of summer vacation, and I happily obliged.  

Head on over to visit Lauren here.


Spring Luncheon {Stage and Table Decoration Ideas}

A few weeks ago the Women's Ministry at my church organized our annual Spring Luncheon.  The theme was "Wildflowers and Whimsy" and I was asked to head up the decorations for the stage.  This is the first year that we have held the luncheon in our gym, so we had lots of room to move around, but aesthetically,'s a gym!  We did the best we could with what we had to work with.

The committee offered me a bit of money for decorations, and I spent it on the ferns and hanging flower baskets, which we gave away as door prizes.  The black urns filled with geraniums were brought from my house to use for the day (I wasn't giving those away!)   :)  

If you've been around this blog for long, you'll start to catch on to some of my tricks!  I like to use what I already have and transfer many items from my home into whatever event I'm decorating for.  You'll recognize my patio table,  some of the place settings and flower pom picks from one of my Easter tables, and hanging pom poms made just like those in my daughter's room. I pulled the pillows out of my living room to add a pop to the chairs, which were really just blending in to the black background curtain.

The stage was already set up for one of our worship services that would be held in here the next morning, so I had to work around a bit of equipment and the drum set.  Hence, the wildflower mural!  I taped several sheets of butcher paper together and painted away.  I was going for a semi-impressionist wildflower look, but eh, well, it is what it is.  It served it's purpose of disguising the drums.

Ladies volunteer to decorate and host a table for the event, and this year I believe we had close to 30 tables.  The variety was amazing!  You're about to get an overload of photos, but I wanted to share lots of ideas with you if you're ever needing tablescape inspiration.  Actually, I'm only sharing about half of them.  Just couldn't get them all in!  I'll keep the comments to a minimum and just let you observe for yourself.

My favorite thing of the day-The mirrored centerpiece is actually a wall mirror from Hobby Lobby!  I think I really need one of those!  And how cute are the balloon flowers?

Each hostess is to include place cards and a favor for each guest.  I loved this one, a metal bucket filled with Pottery Barn ceramic flower measuring spoons and a dip mix.  Oh, and those napkin rings are to die for!  I'm not sure if she purchased those, but they would be a very simple DIY. 

Each seat at this table had it's own set of butterfly wings!

The fun!

Oops!  How'd that get in there?

I like the mix of the natural mats and the burlap placemats here.  The floral runner and centerpiece are sweet too!

My friend that did this table actually had help with her color scheme and selections from Mary Carol Garrity of Kansas City's Nell Hill's fame.  Do you know Nell Hills?  Oh my.  All of that goodness is a post for another day.

My friend that did this table is a MASTER seamstress!  Her sewing machine probably cost more than a car :).  She made these adorable slipcovers for the chair backs, and I believe those are quilted placemats in the photo above.  And heart shaped biscuits.  Bet those were good. 

I forgot to photograph this table until after the luncheon, so you're missing the full scene, but isn't the milk glass and black and yellow stunning?  She's been collecting for a while from thrift stores and garage sales.    

Whew!  You win the gold star!  You made it to the end!  I love the women of our church so much.  It's so interesting to see a little of each one's personality reflected in their table setting.  

See you tomorrow!

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